Hi all,im a professional indian guy from lancs seeking genuine cpls and or ladies for nsa adult fun and friendship. I can travel to meet given notice.

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

Im a Clean & discreet guy in lancashire, I'm after some good old fashioned adult fun with likeminded people, broadminded, horney & willing to try most things once, age & looks arent important but a desire to have some fun is.. .. Im 6ft musc/large build, short hair ,average looking, nice, clean experienced guy who knows what he likes & likes to please others. Interested ? Then why not drop me a line. Cheers & thanks for looking

Lancashire, BB1
info about us and not just a one liner either ,, some info that will be in this will be in the add/profile so make a brew sit down get comfy and get ready for a long read. this letter is trying to give you as much info as we can then you can make your own mind up if you can read between the lines and look further in to the letter. you will find that we are either a , happy frendly educated couple just up for some fun or ( were totally fucked up and perverted ,, and thats for you to decide upon........) we are a genuine couple & we are also 100% discreet... cleanliness & discretion is assured and expected at all tmes. we also like to make an effort to look good , well it takes nigel a lot to look good these days , ...ah bless him.....well he tries....... we are fed up with timewasters ,,,,,,, well what ever flicks your switch i suppose.... firstly the names we have put are just screen names because on the net we have to be very discreet and careful . so for the time being we are anne / nigel.. we hope you do understand this........ if you do respond back to us you will know that we are telling it how it is , good , bad or indifferent but allways 100% truthfull.. ( god loves a trier but he may not be so happy with what we are trying to do now. lol )(" fancy an evening of rampant sex...well maybe only slightly rampant" ) if you want to be treated with respect and not messed about you have found the right couple. we hope this has got your attention by now ,,,,,,,,,, Ok then ???? questions , answers , & details. A lot about ourselves volumes 1 to 6 ha ha ha. well we feel that being straight with people from the start is the most important thing because when everybody is straight there are no misunderstandings along the way......... we live near blackburn ,, lancs . we are not into endless emails. we like to make phone contact pretty early we have found in the past that endless email in the most part do not go anywere. early phone contact semes to cuts out the timewasters & messers.. and as you are genuine you will know this and understand it.. also anyone can just download a pic and send it off.. but if you speak to someone you know if it's a man pretending to be a lady or a couple.. because you can speak to all parties and get a bit better feel of the people that you may meet. we have had a man pretending to be a couple but she was just in his mind ,,, as she did not exist in the real world... after all anyone ,can be anyone on the screen / net ...if you catch my drift..''we can all down load pics and send them''........... well thats out the way now ill get off the box ??,,,back to us 2 then nigel straight / male 42/6ft medium/to fat lol. build 46'chest / and he has short dark hair and blue eyes. loves sex in all ways and he just loves the taste of pussy ( well thats a man for you ) anne female bi 45..and a size 14,,5ft3in . With blue eyes and brown hair vs are 36~26~36.... shaved and into women especially if they are shaved. anne has tried bisexual stuff and likes it whit the right lady. ( smokes ,) and Only one bad habit, nigel SMOKES , anne some times with a drink ?? if your not ok with this "don't" e/m us please, thankyou...... The nitty gritty the sex bit we are looking for a couple or female to help us have a 3/4 some and fulfill our fantasies and yours also. safe sex or wearing the wellie as thay say... some saturday nights we go to a clubs likes/ dislikes. likes. Swing clubs ,pubs, clubs, in and around town, music, films, nice clothes, good food and more ,sometimes being silly, nigel especially as he has not grown up yet.(but you know what men are like ) ha ha ha . (sex ) all the regular stuff oral, kissing,feeling ,fingering tasting, licking, fucking, sucking, and all the ing's, if you know any more that would be great. and also a little bit of blind folding and being tied gently to the bed. dislikes rude, pushy,or obnoxious people with no etiquette or manners. ( well thats me out ) ( sex dislikes ) anal sex, pain, w.s., and all the sick stuff........... our ideal meeting would be a few drinks / good food, good conversation with plenty of laughs and then back for some adult fun and especially sensual foreplay with own partner and then blend in to a swap and just go from there . in the morning coffee/breakfast and have made a new friend / friends. family life we have a nice family life i.e. 2.4 children , a dog ,,and have been together for 21 years (well its been a long time i forgot sorry..) dont tell anne ???. in a strong open and honest relationship. ups and downs over the years ?? yes . we are not quite the little house on the prairie family well not yet. more like ( the simpsons ). we are not film stars ,,sorry for that ,,but not 2 bad either . we think that we are just an average looking couple, you may see everyday walking down the street , but we do like good fun and times within a no pressure atmophere.. we are not looking to buy you or pay for it ???sex that is. ( but you can get the beer in) i thankyou"""ha ha ha nigel likes to make all ladies feel very special and to make the times we meet up extra special for all and have some good memories of exciting and fun times we had together. ( why do we want to spoil you & us ??? and have the best ??? ) because there are too many mundane days that are all the same. and because we work very hard and dont always take the time out that we should do. and sometimes we even take ourselves for granted and miss out sometimes. hope all this helps you get a bit of a sense of our personality and the kind of people we are . as they say if you work hard ???? why not play hard ???( now we are). we would like to have the good things in life now and again. ( the corny bit ?? ) but this is also the truth of what we are looking for. ~ likes ??? . champagne and strawberries and not just half a lager and a packet of crisps. going to a nice restaurant and not just the chippy down the road. fresh flowers instead of the weeds in the garden. expresso instead of mellow birds. candlelit dinners in , and not just beans on toast . new white satin underwear instead of the old grey bra.?? thats just me not him , ha ha ha ?. because if you are lucky you only have about 75 summers and winters each in your life time to have some fun .................. and when you look at it like that its not very much time to have fun is it ???.( and we only have 35 left , " o buger "lol. ). so we would just like to make sometimes that bit more special for us and you if thats ok by you. girls just wanna have fun well we do ??. do you ??Yes or No if we ever meet we ( can't ) promise to give you ten orgasms but we will try our best.lol. however we can promise you a night of intrigue and passion that will make you smile to yourself every time your mind wanders back to that night. (as they say a night to remember. we are more for meeting than just sending pic's out as thay say don't judge a book by it's cover they may just be the nicest person you could wish to meet. ( well thats me covered..lol ) and at least you get to go out for a few drinks somewhere a bit different . so if you find any of this appealing. or you feel the same way please feel free to contact us . can you send email back with some of your thoughts and ideas and explaining why you may like this ,,, and not just one liners please ..as we have put the effort in to this, not a book " but more than 5 lines .please, thankyou. some details about yourself ,,,as we have ,,,if you are interested about us or this ?????? On the other hand if you that feel that we or that this is not the right thing for you please tell us as we can move on. Just a Thanks but no thanks will do if you are not interested please dont just leave us in the dark ... we will understand and respect your wishes... ( discretion is assured at all times ) well the ball is now in your court as they say ,,, xxx Nigel/Anne if you have all of this we can only say good luck to you and have a nice fun life. and ( bugger i wrote all this for nowt )...lol..
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
beginners -
help us.we r complete begginers...lil xperience please...prefere couples aged between 25-40...we are an adventurous couple who think the world of each other...we have been together for 3yr and its been great so decided to spice things up a litte...hate being boring...its not in are vocab!!! F/ Bi curious...has tried girl on girl and enjoyed it,such a massive turn on,love toys,dressing up and down and will experiment...never been with a couple/s M/ Strait but open minded and is up for alot..loves playing and fooling around. We both love chilling out and watching porn,proper porn not designer...as we watch we get more n more randy then its no holds barred fun and action...we both talk about wot we want and wot we fantasise...we both have tattoos and piercings(not intemate)so if you like wot u read and have any questions,no matter wot they are dont be afraid to ask...we are honest and will reply...get in touch luv k&f xxx
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

Funny happy open minded male looking to satisfy those spontaneous moments of pure hot passionate needs

Would love to meet a female who is up for NURU/naturist massage ,sexy fun experience and laughter too , i would also like to experience tantric .

I like to chat and work up to that moment where you just want each other

I like to see a pic or a profile and feel that I want to explode with her

I like to wine dine and look across the table and know we both know what's gonna happen next

I like to go away for the weekend and never leave the room

I like to go away and party and laugh and share those moments of dirty no holds barred passionate sex

I live and love it all but I hate fantasy , live it out , there are books and toys for fantasy ;)

Peter Kay on stage and unique in bed , unique to you because no two are the same xx

K ik Model_citizen

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Buzzing Anaconda -
Hello girls , just ended a relationship with a girl after nearly 12mths, just had a little 3 month break , & now I'm ready to go again. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just need some female company, whether it's just for the odd night out, the odd night in, a dirty weekend, a one night stand, whatever it may be , just send me a message. I enjoy a bit of cycling , in the summer I like to go out in my canoe, and I like most sports , if I understand the rules. I'm a carpet fitter by trade, and the odd night a week , I like to get a few frames of snooker in aswell. My weekend leisure time is usually spent in dance clubs , love my old skool music & house music . So girls , if you are interested , please send me a message , and I promise to reply to all messages I receive. Come on girls , don't be shy , let's have fun ??? xxx.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
New to this -
Where to start lol. I'm just me I'm a nice hard working guy, in a full time job. Love my job. Many girls tell me i am true gentleman. In my spare time I like going to gym and chilling out with friends and family,Just 1 thing missing in my life now and that my special girl ;), I know how to treat a girl and make a girl feel special if getting the chance to. I don't cheat. I don't take drugs. I'm a nice guy and if you talk to me you will see that. Also learning to drive ATM. Anything else you want to know about me feel free to ask ? For all you negative people out there,Stay positive and good things will happen well thats all for now lol thanks for reading. Chow for now :) All booked in for my 2nd tattoo! Bring on 2nd September wooooo :)
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Sensual and Sexy ;) -
Couples and single women who are naturally sexy, experimental and fun loving. Ideally the girls will be confident, have a nice body and a wicked SOH, boys with sexy bums and a six pack are a massive bonus and will receive the attention they deserve! :) Girls you have no worries we both love sexy, feminine types xx We'd love to push the boundaries with the right people and maybe get to know them first, so an introductory babycham may be necessary before commencement of any activities either on top of or inbetween the sheets/wardrobe/door frame. We are both new to this and would love to experiment with the right couple. We'd prefer to take things slow and will respond to all genuine and like minded couples.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
easy going couple looking for fun with ncouples and maybe a single male -
hi were a couple looking for no strings attached fun maybe club meet or pub meet then if things go well more.we have been swinging for a while now but are by no means hardened swingers.we are discrete and clean and expect the same we have been to clubs mainly cupids and infusion and have enjoyed the experience but now maybe fancy something different we would like party invites fran is nervous but excited.and loves giving /receiving lots of oral we dont do anal, water sports, or pain and fran does not meet anyone alone so please dont ask thanks.we are new to this kind of swinging so be gentle with us lol thanks for looking.single men must have face pic.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
No Strings, Good Sex, fun and hopefully friendship with the right couple -
I\'m single and not ready to get attached again yet.I want to find or be found by a sexy couple (couples) who want discreet, sensual, safe, sexy encounters. I am a generous lover, love the thrill of sex and would like to be met in turn by friendly imaginative passionate people who know how to enjoy themselves, give and receive pleasure. Swinging-party invites also welcome. A few physical characteristics: I have short dark hair, thinning, olive skin and very little body hair, I have an athletic frame. Cleanliness is important to me, otherwise I am easy going and dress well but on the whole casually.
Lancashire, BB1


Thanks for looking at our profile.

About ourselves;

We are a BBW couple in our 30's looking for fun and games with other


K likes oral, DP/spit roast

We have attended a number of clubs in the Northwest.

We do like to take photographs for our own pleasure and stimulation.


Happy to engate in three/group scenarios with the right individuals.


K would like to explore her bi-curious side with the right lady.

If you would like to get in touch, please do.


couple lookng for a guy who likes panites and stockings etc -
We would love to meet a guy who loves dressing up, stockings panties etc. Doesnt have to be bi, just like all that stuff, my gf loves watching and having fun, if you just like wearing panties thats fine, we both love that as well Prefer a more mature guy, we cant accommodate due to family cmmittments but can travel reasonbable distances, we are not vastly experienced at this although we have had some fun times, we realize this isnt for evreryone, but if u fancy it give us a txt and thanks for looking
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

Single male, no ties- well apart from the woolwich ! Great humour, great company. I am very very laid back and willing to try most things within reason.

Looking for females or couples who are not after a pram being filled or standing in front of Father Ted, more friends with mutual, regular and lasting benefits for us all.

i can accomodate or travel no problem and depending on work commitments this could be weekends and/or midweek.

look forward to hearing from you..

Lancashire, BB1
Shadsworth Meets Have or Own Flat anyone? -
Hey guys! We are looking for some possibly straight but gay/bi lads around shad area. Wana have some fun Only 20 and 21! We're not scrubbers either haha We're nice but I can't post photos!! Anyway here's our email - email us anytime and we will get straight back to you within a minute!!! Or you can send us a txt!!Areas available to meet you within walking distance for us. Shadsworth Blackburn Accrington Oswaldtwistle Audley
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
How about it ? -
Professional couple in mid 40's looking for likeminded couples for lots of fun Like lots of intermingling between both couples, but ultimate with own partner. Kay likes to dress to please. Both like giving & receiving oral. Like to meet for a social drink first to see if we all get on. Not into endless emails. So if you like the sound of us please get in touch. Thanks for reading our ad. John & Kay
daytime fun -
Mature, married, intelligent, clean and discreet guy needs a wank buddy. Seeks daytime cock fun with like-minded 60+ yr old guys in the Lancashire area. Loves kissing and bodily contact and the feel of sexy panties. Can travel reasonable distances but cannot accommodate. If you are curious or inexperienced, I am gentle and understanding. If you just want to chat, I'm your man.
NW CPL Seek same -
We are F Bi M St8 Some but not lots of experience. Looking for cpl same age give or take 4 5years. Soft or full same room fun ok for us. See profile for more info. Reply with full body Pics of both M and F desired. We can accom. Can you? Phone call between fems before meet at pub or Club. Will Webcam but you must be a couple. XXX L+S
Shaven Peach Lover / Lusty and Passionfilled pleasure -
I am a single male, Essy going and versatile with females and couples. Looking to meet and enjoy likeminded fun and pleasure with others. Out going personality with good sense of humour and range of conversation. Sexually like to give as much pleasure as recieve. Can accomodate or travel, Open minded and approachable as to enjoyment with others.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

I'm a sane, articulate chilled out guy looking for fun. Happy to chat, get to know each other, find out what turns each other on and then meet up for some fun. Looking to broaden my horizons and i'm open to suggestions.

Best thing to do, just drop me an email. Happy to reply and see where it goes.

Thanks for reading

Rob x

Newish to the scene...erotic couple seeking to widen experiences with likeminded and respectful other. Enjoy naturism and have enjoyed some clubs in UK and abroad. Are well educated and professionals who want to explore our sexuality together or maybe alone. Not interested in cam or phone chat until chats have developed.

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
I wish to meet a younger slim attractive female for loving sex. I am blonde, a size 10, with large breasts and large suckable nipples when erect. Discrection assured.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Looking for more -
Hi, we are Hayley and Paul, and have tried swinging once are now looking for more!! We are a genuine couple who like to enjoy ourselves. we want to meet similar young at heart couples. Do you fancy chating???
Blackburn, BB1
new to this so ........ -
Hi Im very new to this , want to see what the world has to offer. so ill wait and see at the moment Thanks for all your messages, but not bieng a i cant reply afraid, unless you know a way i can ? x
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
every one welcome x -
Hi all x I'm david single and I live and work in the blackburn area. Have been recommended this site as the best for like minded people. Say hi if you fancy chatting looking for regular meets and laughs x
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
hey x -
Looking to meet like minded people couples and singles for fun not wanting a relationship at the moment I just want to explore sex. If you fancy a chat get back I am into every thing except watersports
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
looking for a large woman, or couple with a large woman, the bigger the better -
I love large women. I am looking for a large woman, or couple with a large woman, the bigger the better. Any size, background, age,looks. big boobs are a bonus. I am up for anything.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
No strings fun and friendship -
Hi names Lee, very out going and into most things, looking for women and couples for possible meets and frienship, fit the bill? why not get in touch, hope to hear from you soon.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Looking for a little extra marital fun and excitement -
Tall reasonable looking man with a disabled wife who is looking for some sexual fun, excitement and fulfilment
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
im getting bored of girls round my area, want something different -
hi, im 22 from blackburn.... i cant find anybody in my area that is any good in bed, can someone help me out
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1


Lancashire, BB1
Vicky is looking for -
Hi, I am new to the scene and I am seeking companions to show me the way. Vicky
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
couple seeking female -
Happily married m/f couple seeking bi female to join u. Genuine people only please.
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
horny vampire&norty vixen looking 4 fun -
hi horny couple looking 4 other couples for hot steamy fun
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
I don't bite ;) -
Hmm we'll lets just say you won't be. Disappointed ;)
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Gym Fit Lad -
29 year old. Looking for older masculine guys over 38
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

hi im 30 asian guy from blackburn looking to meet men/women/couples for nsa fun, im very horny and naughty, i also love to crossdress, love the feel of lingerie, turns me on so much, I'm sub bottom so like to meet a people with a cut cock who are top, I can travel within reason, cannot accom, if you like my profile or are Interested in meeting send me a private message on here.

Blackburn, Lancashire
couples for threesomes -
looking for straight couples for threesomes !!! experienced participant with movie making skills and experience !!! I am a big cuddly teddy bear with a decent size cock and good staying power !!!
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
cple wanted -
cple wanted in lancs for dogging or indoor meet, with experienced prof male, clean descrete etc availble daytime or evenings

50 year old male looking for some M 2 M harmless fun

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Joe Gellar -
always up for fun get in touch i dont bite...
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Northwest Toyboy. 29 -
hi I'm Rob 29 yr old guy, live in the North West close to Blackburn. Been on the site for a while with only a couple of meets. Genuine guy looking to meet older ladies for fun and a good laugh. Ideally I would like to meet women over 40 as I do like women older than me. I can't accommodate at the minute but do have my own car and can travel. Added pics to my profile for all to see, hope you like. If interested wink, friend request or mail me to things started. Rob. NOT into guys.. Thanks for the mails but its ALWAYS going to be a NO.

hi guys and gals,after a few years break I'm returning to the site ,hoping to have as much fun now as I did last time round ,I'm bisexual and bottom with men ,obviously I'm str8t with the ladies unless she says other wise,have had many a bi male 3sum with my ex ,all enjoyed very much ,I'm as happy sucking a  cock as I am licking a nice pussy ,I'm by no means a stud or porn star and never try to be one ,but I can garentee a very good time and bend over backwards to make sure my partners or persons get out of it as much as I do.so please feel free to contacting me and ask me anything you want to know,im defo honest and have nothing to hide,iv no skeletons in my closet ,maybe few sexy toys but defo no baggage...lol xx

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

mature guy carrying a few extra pounds, not as much hair as i used to have.and only got a 5.5 in cut cock it still works well though.honest and respectfull of all boundaries.if your still intrested please get in touch. no winks though at least have something to say yourself.

Lancashire, BB1

love to enjoy life and meet groups, couples and single ladies, I like the raunchy nights and nights out for a drink and maybe more. Like to be spontaneous. Discreet but sexy fun! . Have met some good friends but at the same time like to keep everything simple. If you like the same drop me a line.

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1

Hi. My name is Pete.

I am really interested in meeting women who, like myself, are involved in a long term marriage but who are disillusioned with the physical side of their relationship.

I came across this site by accident and joined without any serious intention of visiting regularly.

I haven't taken the decision to be here lightly. I have made a conscious decision to venture beyond the marital boundaries to fulfil my sexual desires, something that I had resisted in the past. I am looking for mutual sexual satisfaction, preferably with someone in a similar position to me.

Since I am married, I'm pretty fussy about who I meet and I don't need to jump into bed with anyone out of desperation. Sexually transmitted diseases scare the hell out of me, so numerous one-night stands and unprotected sex is not for me. I've no intention of exposing my wife to any health risk.

I've always preferred quality over quantity and I'll wait patiently to find the right partner.

I'm not here to hurt anyone or mess them about and would expect the same from you. For me there has to be an emotional as well as a physical attraction. I am looking for someone who is primarily looking for sexual fulfilment but I'm not afraid of expressing my feelings towards a lover.

I have to trust you and want you to trust me so I am prepared to take a risk and open myself up to you.

I work in and around Blackburn and am willing to travel throughout the northwest for the right person.

I am 45, six foot two, weigh around 95kg, non-smoker, not bad looking with crew-cut brown hair and green eyes. I have a passion for life and no emotional baggage.

If you want to know anymore about me, just ask.

Lots of love

Pete x x x

Moreover i play solo however for couples and bi fems looking for something extra i do have a female friend that could join and possibly her partner. Also a Male who is also straight for those who want a black and white MMF experience!

about me: I am an African origin gent who wears a uniform (pm me to find out) therefore discretion is a must… out of work I am regular at the gym and train MMA (mix martial arts) therefore I am in good shape plus my stamina is remarkable, you can try and ware me out ;).

I will not play cat and mouse and chase as that's pretty pathetic, if we click I assure you or you both a great time where we will both be left smiling and eager for more.. I will do things that will make satan blush ;) x

I love meeting couples for cuck relation or a simple MMF. Usually Dom/Bull but can play sub. Prefer regular meets yet one offs are spontaneous too.

I have been brought up to be a true gentlemen and knows how to treat a lady or a person should I say when we are not being naughty x

Finally I live alone therefore I hold regular parties from gangbangs to old fashion swinging orgy.. pm for more details as I can organise one specifically for you

Happy swinging x

Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Couple wish to meet!_ No Likey No Lighty!!! lol! -
Hi friends, Our names are Ray and Deanna. we have been together for fifteen years and still enjoy a very sexual and full on relationship together and are still madly in love. We have reached a point in our lives were we are ready to spice up our love life by sharing fun, sexual passion and play with other couples of a simillar mindset. Ray is 43, 5'8 inches tall of a medium build. He is very strong and has a remarkable skill in knowing how to please a woman sexually. Ray has swung previously attending clubs and parties. I am forty two, 5'6inches tall size 10 and have 34d breasts. Although swinging excites me ,I am a virgin at this but would love to learn the art! We have a loving and passionate relationship but we both have erotic sides to our sexual personalities and now is the time to let our naughty sides develop. We would love to meet happy, like-minded couples(no singles please) Our preference is white british couples, who take their sexual health seriously, and are willing to practice safe sex. If your interested in sharing some fun and pleasure as a foursome please contact us. Thanksx
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
Slim Attractive Blonde seeks another man for MMF threesome & cuckold play. -
Hi. My rather naughty boyfriend has a fantasy to share me with another fella. Well I'm up for it, providing we can find the right person. Although we are both in our late forties, we are slim, fit and, may I say, good looking. We are therefore looking for someone similar. My man likes me to dress up in kinky outfits, nurse, maid, corsets, latex gloves, stockings, etc. etc.So you'll need to be ok with that. Now I'm sorry if this appears snobbish.... but if you're an unfit, overweight, slob type, please dont bother. As i said earlier, we are only looking for someone in a similar league to ourselves. I'm also into guys that are quite smart in appearance,dress & intelect. So that may rule out sportswear, chavy types. At the other end, if you're a very young handsome buck who likes what you see, well that's fine. But remember our ages & consider that i may need to vaseline your eyeballs so you can't see my wrinkles close up. Ha! Ha!
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1
bareback cum lover -
hi female sub 40 looking for strict doms for filthy bareback fun, im bbw so if thats not ur thing move on cant accom at moment but willing to travel local discretion assured and needed x

hello ladies,I am a 35 year old bi lady looking for friends to chat with or possible meet,I have got 2 children and I have got a partner,I am also looking for that special lady to have lots of fun with .I am a bubbly person and likes to have a laugh..I am shy at first until you get to know me..I consider myself a very friendly and trusting lady also I like to relax with candles and soft music with the perfect lady,cuddle up and maybe watch a good film,I will travel for the right lady I am a bi lady who,s interested in meeting or chatting to other ladies.with same interest (woman)lol...I like to have fun,and to explore my bi side as I love the female touch mmmmm .before I arrange to meet any one I like to chat on the phone first ..so I know you are genuine,I am not looking for MEN so please don,t even bother emailing me as I will delete.I am here to find my soul mate,my lover,my best friend it could be you who knows so email me and I will email back hugs 5exy1 xx