fun timea -
Hi we are Debbie and Brian both love dressing in stockings and nice undies both bi curious have both dabbled orally with the same sex am now looking for a cd/tv to join us and take Brian to the next level.
Blackpool, Lancashire, UK
looking for bi or bi curious girlfriends -
We are a fun couple who are looking to meet new bi females for me to play with & share with my guy, we used to live in both Texas and London and travel back and forth to both on a regular basis, now we live in the North West. If you are interested in chatting with us and maybe playing with us in cyber space before we meet then send us an e-mail. We have pics and will swap them if you want to see what we are like. I am still very new to this scene, Lone Wolf and I (we do not use our real names until we get to know you better) met over 10 years ago, and we got married a 5 years ago, so we are very sure of our relationship, however, Lone Wolf was married to a bi sexual girl in the past and was obviously turned on by the two girl one guy scene. When we discussed the idea that we try it, I was VERY nervous, and the obvious thoughts were that he would fancy the other girl and I would lose him etc., so I was really scared, anyway, we decided to set out some rules and we stick to them which makes me feel cool, and also sets the standards for our playing together. We decided that it was ok for all of us to have oral and sensual massage, and toys, and general fun BUT Lone Wolf would only f**k me! That was safe, and kept the full sex for ourselves, which was separate from the fooling around! Lone Wolf enjoys giving pleasure almost as much as he likes to receive it! He has a tongue and technique which does not quit! I hated sex until I met him, now I can't get enough of it (him!) mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! Anyway we started to go to the fetish clubs in London, and I must say it is a real blast, I love to dress up, and we go to watch and dance and maybe meet people, but mostly to have a fun nite! It was at one of these clubs where we met a young girl, who I got talking to in the "loo", and anyway one thing led to another, and we ended up in bed together, and at first it was strange, and I got drunk and really did not know what was happening. That was 4 years ago! We have become real close friends, and we see her about 6 times a year when we can. She came to Texas and stayed with us for a week at the house! That was wild! I have begun to like the feel and touch of a woman, and really want to meet new girls to become both friends AND lovers with, Lone Wolf is and MUST be part of the fantasy, as it is as much for him as myself. We have a high standard of living and health, and travel a lot around the world. Lone Wolf owns his own companies and therefore is able to do what he wants! I am now a corporate director, but I used to dance and was an actress in Hollywood! Oh my God! yes Tinseltown itself, (in reality it sucks!) Anyway, that's where I met him and although I knew him many years ago when he was married to his first wife (the bi one). I am a native American Indian, half Cherokee and half Apache, mmmm!!! a real life Pohahontas!!!!, I'm 39 years old size 8, and like the good life, good music (rock as well as classical) Lone Wolf is 49, 5'11" 210lbs has tattoos (from his wild youth) which he keeps covered up when he is dressed in his City suits, and a perfect English "knight", he is my John Smith! He is VERY intelligent, and fun to be with, I love him to death! and I just know you will like him, every girl we ever meet seems to! I guess that's about all for now!!!! I would love to chat with you maybe on the phone, and just get to know you!!! I know Lone Wolf would love to as well. Maybe we could just meet for a drink or dinner or both, and chat and take things as they cum!!! Thats all for now, I have rambled on a bit, hope you don't mind, and if you are interested we would love to take this further! Please let us know what you think, even if it is to say no! (we hope not but fully respect everyone's wishes and desires!! mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!) LOL waiting for your reply :)~ Bi Bi We ONLY play together, and I am NOT looking for any other male participation, my guy is more than enuff for the 2 of us!!!! :-)~>(|)

Hey there, We are a young early thirties couple who are new to the swinging scene, looking to meet up with some sexy ladies for threesomes.

A bit about us, Im a curvy very busty milf in my mid thirties with dark curly hair and green eyes and 5ft6. I love licking and having my pussy licked! my hubby is 6ft 2" athletic and very well hung - he also has stamina to put 18 year olds to shame!

We're both well educated and both professionals. We like to drink socially and are very laid back and easy going.


We've had our first threesome with another lady off here and it was quite simply sexy, naughty filthy fun. Mrs N couldnt get enough of her pussy and her big beautiful breasts. So after some sexy girl on girl fun she wants even more and would like to set up another meet asap.

Free most weekends to host dont be shy get in touch, we wont bite! (unless you want us to!!)


Saturday just gone my wife was dying for some pussy, and after some flirtatious texting with another member on here we met up late at night, and this is that particular girls blog from her website..............

BLOG By Christina xxxxxx

Well, I had a fabulous surprise this evening!I picked up my phone and noticed that I had missed a text message earlier in the evening.

I texted back to apologise for missing their text and they came back to me. Long story short, we arranged a meeting this evening and I popped round. yum! I was met by a tall, goodlooking fella (S) and his lusciously lovely lady (C). We shared a couple of glasses of wine and giggled and chatted together for a while.

C told me that S had a great big cock and I was very excited about it, but he was too shy to show me straight away; but she sent us up to the bedroom soon after and I found that she was not exaggerating as I revealed a gorgeous big cock that grew even bigger and harder in my mouth. I enthusiastically sucked at him, licking his balls a little, too, for a while and then he offered to return the favour, so I stretched out on the huge bed and spread my legs wide.

He began to go down on me and I was so excited to see C come into the room...When she joined us, things got very heated very quickly! The three of us on the bed, licking, sucking and stroking each other; C's face buried in my pussy, while S straddled my tits and I begged him to fuck my face. He asked me if i actually liked having my face fucked - I think he was convinced by my enthusiasm - a true enjoyment of having one's face fucked is not something I think anyone could fake convincingly and as he did it, C commented on how wet my pussy was and how sweet it tasted!

C was a little shy about having her pussy licked this time, but I think we'll have some fun in that direction another time, as she said afterwards she was thrusting fervently towards my face - but as she'd said previously not to, I resisted the temptation to lick her juicy lovely pussy - although it was very difficult!C had the most delicious boobs, lovely round soft tits with fabulous nipples and I loved playing with them as S fucked me from behind, pushing his cock into me (although C had made me cum and I had got even tighter!!)

We eventually realised that I had stayed significantly longer than we had originally intended but we had had so much fun that I couldn't resist a little longer, especially as C buried her face in my pussy again and I sucked S's cock and balls until he shot a huge, delicious load of hot cum over my face and into my mouth. He even called me a dirty bitch when I told him I wanted to swallow it!! I LOVE that in the heat of the moment....Mmmmmm....sometimes an unexpected threesome is the most pleasant surprise of all....

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
Adventurous, Broad Minded Newbie, looking for adventure.... -
******PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE PROFILE******* Recommended by a friend, looks like it could be the answer to my prayers. Beginning to think I was some kind of deviant, sexual fantasies that weren`t shared by anyone I met on regular dating sites, are commonplace on here. I feel kind of "At Home" Have only ever had sex with Women, but have always thought that fit men, especially well hung (and preferably black) are extremely hot. And the thought of sucking/fucking/being fucked usually does it for me. In an ideal world, I would like a hot couple where he is bi, and big, and she is Bi or Straight. I guess technically, you would call me Bi Curious, I prefer "Bi Tentative" or "Bi Receptive" I am looking for Couples (M/F) single females, and (in exactly the right circumstances)single Men/couples(M/M) You`ll have to promise to be patient/gentle with me, this will be my first foray into a world I should have discovered years ago. In the sack, I am tactile, and let my tongue do the walking. Bigger than average endowment, and a wilingness to poke it into new and exciting places. Personality wise, I consider myself educated intelligent, urbane, and erudite, with a self effacing humour(I`ll happily poke fun at myself) Well aware that I`m no Brad Pitt, more a landrover kind of man, Tough adaptable resilient (Beauty is in the function I`m told) I can happily get dirty, and then scrub up for a trundle to Balmoral for drinkies darling. I do smoke, but I am not fanatical about having to have a fag, can go all day (or night)without one without climbing the walls... The facial hair comes and goes, dictated only by convenience, I have no particular attachment to it, so don`t let that put you off. the rest of me is either naturally hairless, trimmed or shaved. I like to keep in shape, mainly Because it gives me the stamina to live the way I want to. I much prefer being lean and toned than big and bulky. Good standard of personal hygiene, I expect the same (nothing worse than exploring and getting a nosefull of fish) Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, I appreciate it. Looking for like minded friends as well as sex, some come one, come all. My door is open :) One last thing. Attraction is the name of the game, and as shallow as it sounds, I generally will NOT reply if you have no pic(s). Hope you understand.
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

OK So a little about me –

Male – Single Mid Forties (though look much younger I am told)

I am Tall 6.2 or 188cm weight about 13.8st or 87.5kg Athletic(ish) build but alas no six pack. I am not a local as my accent will give away the moment I open my mouth but from the South but now a resident of Sunny Blackpool.

I'm an easily approachable, chatty, down to earth fella, who likes meeting new people, enjoying the social side as much (ok almost) as the hot and steamy side.

I am confident and passionate and Love to use my tongue and fingers all over ;) Very much into licking touching and nibbling and really like to kiss (but understand that some don't and respect that)..

Been going to the local clubs since September 13 and have made some good friends and acquaintances (and had a lot of very hot and steamy naughty fun along the way)

For those ladies who like a more dominant partner I can be Dom- though new to this area and I am not at a master type level (does not really appeal) but can Dom as part of the role play (have a growing bag of toys to aid in this should they be needed for especially naughty girls)

I am also getting quite intrigued by bondage especially the arty Japanese stuff (looks complicated) and have quite a bit of rope, just need a willing subject (volunteer) to practice on (anyone?)

Who am I looking for:

Single ladies and couples not interested in single guys (so please stop messaging me)

Interested in group sex as well and have no issue with being naked around other men or in close proximity while sharing the same lady.

Club meets preferred but can accommodate

Also looking for invites to parties and the kinkier the merrier ;)

Mark x

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

Thankyou for taking a look at our profile, we have been on here for over a year now and decided to have an update.

We are Mike and Carole, and we are looking for couples to socialise with
and hopefully have some fun, ideally with established couples. Yes we
have spoken to the couples where someone is playing away and we can spot
them from quite a long way off. The social side is more important to us
than the wham bam thank you mam routine.

Unfortunatley we can't accomodate very often, but are quite prepared to
meet at a club (Infusion) or even meet at yours. Yes we are members of
infusion and find it a lovely chilled, relaxing atmosphere.

We can't as a rule meet on a Saturday, as we both have work commitments,
but every now and again we are both free on a Friday and a Sunday. We
have an age preference, carole will not meet anyone who is younger than
her eldest child, mikes a bloke so he isn't bothered lol.

Single men...we will find you, as the majority of you cannot accomodate,
so we assume you have a partner in tow anyway, so please stop messaging
us, winking us and putting in friends requests.

If we make an arrangement we will be there unless there is a very good
reason, in which case we will let you know in plenty of time, we would
appreciate the same. We have had our fair share of dreamers and
timewasters, and don't want anymore.

We are a couple, only meet as a couple, and we both read all messages.

Happy Swinging.

Mike and Carole xxx

Blackpool, Lancashire
atractive sexy nw couple -
i am su 21 bi long blonde hair very petite body 34/26/36 and love to dress in sexy revealing clothing lingerie stockings and fantasy outfits p is 41 short brown hair medium build and w/e we are very open minded with bags of imagination we would like to find an equaly horny and open minded couple,bi single female or w/e single man to have fun with on a regular basis we are 100% genuine and are here to find the perfect people for us and we will find you age not important 20 or 50 if you are atracted to us and we are to you its got the right ingredients unless of course you find us first all good in an ideal world we would like to have fun on the first meet after spending a bit of time at a pub restaurant club (home with a bottle) teasing touching then back for hungry greedy hot sex we consider sexual mutual atraction personal hygene and discretion to be the main ingredients for sucsesful evenings or weekends we live in the nw and can accommedate or travel any distance for the right people

Hi we are a long time very happily married couple who have been talking about playing with others for sometime. We love watching porn together and fantasising and are ready to take the next steps. We are looking for other couples with whom we can play and enjoy some same room fun. Truth be known I cant wait to have my first bi experience.

A bit about us, well, I am a size 12 and apart from the tell tale signs of having kids I still get chatted up on nights out with the girls so take that as you will, my hubby has always said that my best assets are right in front of me.....We are both told that we look much younger than our years and would consider emailing head shots (that is a face shots) if we feel that we click with someone.

We would like very much to meet or chat with other couples as this is our first time and want to make sure that we get as much from it as we are hoping.

Not Set
genuine couple for threesomes -
hi guys we are a 100% genuine couple we always meet when we arrange to we are in blackpool we are not in to loads of emails etc.lets meet and have some fun.i am sorry we dont post pics on here we have been swinging for some years now.and we find genuine guys reply pic or what we expect from you sorry to sound bossy but a reply must show a pic of you on your profile no winks etc as we just ignore these.we dont expect loads of text but some thing rather than clicking on the wink.we are not looking for a adonis or some one that can bang away all night just a normal non time wasting guy.i must admit i do have a soft spot for you black guys.hope that hasnt put anybody off guys if you like what you see and you are genuine and looking for some adult fun then what you waiting for reply and we always reply back to every body.see you soon
Lancashire, FY1

Ok guys, straight to the point. We dont wish to make great friendships as we have many of those in our everyday lives. We dont wish to go to dinner or to go walking or any other activity leading up to 3some sex. We dont want to meet at ours or yours the first time as this makes all concerned feel they have to socialise. We are in this for SEX and so the swapping of pics (recent) and a hotel room with a few pleasantries exchanged and then down to action is what is prescribed. So take a look at the profile and the pics then get in touch if you are mature and at least 5' 10" and maybe like to be filmed (occasionally). Will need to see pics or NO reply, ours are here to see. If we are not suited to each other then.....HAVE FUN !!! ...oh and please guys, NO BI MALES or CURIOUS!!!

Blackpool, FY1
something extra Orgy -
Looking to Organize a fun Greedy Girl / Couples Orgy in Blackpool next month. A sat night at a great venue pletely run by ourselves for the under 40sout there. Sexy ps and Games great music to dance or even pole dance too. And plete with play rooms to explore your swinging side. Very Limited for single males and only via personal invite. If your interested im meeting us and others like us and would like to attend then please Message us as we a only inviting 50 guests. Hope to meet you soon Autumn & Raven AKA something-extra.beep
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
fun couple looking for someone to have fun with -
im looking for a lady who will be willing to help me spice things up for my man we are NOT looking for just MEN we would like to meet some couples but we are new to this so we would like to see wot it is like we have been together for 3years and dont think we could sleep with other people but dont maned having sex in same room as someone i dont mined girls giving danny some atensional but i would not let him sleep with any one els but id like to give him a show or me and another girl if u would be up for that please feel free to message us with n e thing u would like to ask and as i said we r not looking for straight men thanks for reading and happy swinging xxxxxx ask for my add if u like the look of us speak soon xxx
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

We are looking for a gent preferably who can accommodate and is in no hurry. I love to watch my wife enjoying herself with another man as well as joining in a threesome. I am straight but am comfortable with repositioning things as the wife directs. I would say I am slightly cuckold. We have been doing this for a while now but wouldn't class ourselves as hardened swingers. Not into pain either way or water sports although sometimes she just can't help herself. Mutual discretion and respect is a must! Fun is the name of the game. Would like to meet over a drink first to get to know each other in advance. Face pics in first mail please, we will reply even if it's a polite no thankyou. We are both smokers.

Blackpool, Lancashire

We are a gay couple non camp looking to meet st8, bi gay men for local meets in the evenings, one is top the other ver. Also looking to meet str8 or bi men who would like to try sex with a man. We are clean and discreet and expect the same we are looking for men between the ages of 19-50 non camp and reasonable shape. Into most things and always willing to try out new ideas.

Please feel free to send a wink, if you want to get to know us.

PS we will ask to see a good face pic before setting up any meets thank you

We do like to chat on here first or webcam to get to know someone first before we arrange a meet.

We can accomodate but cant travel

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
seeking a stocky senior gent -
Hi there Jonathan here from Blackpool im 39yrs old am single, Run my own Guest house in Sunny Blackpool for senior Men and there Admirers .Fun loving guy, serious when needed to be, of a caring nature, good listener, romantic at heart, faithful, love to be amongst the older mature Gentleman im seeking a great Friend to share nights in and nights out like the theatre /Cinema/Opera/ crown green Bowling/a Budding Gardener /love all kinds of movies and love all kinds of music too. and like to keep myself fit + Healthy go swimming regular and sometimes go the Gym too. can accomodate or travel would love to hear back from you Many thanks Jonathan
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

Cross dresser in Blackpool but can travel around lancashire, particularly in the preston, wigan and manchester areas but prefer to accomodate. Full TV basque, stockings, sussies etc thigh length boots for your pleasure.

Love to suck cock, swallow guys loads, love rimming arse, getting fucked, being a total slut and being used for mens pleasure.

Love to join couples and specially into lickin pussy and fem arsehole while hubby or partner watches/joins in.

Love dogging and will be willing participant in any scenario requiring a passive and submissive TV.

Have a gloryhole at my place, look out for my webcam in chat

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
?? Sexy GF&BF couple looking for bi/bi-curious female for THREESOME fun ?? -
Hiya ok, I'm Carla, I'm a 26yo sexy Bi-curious Chick, who's looking for a similar aged like minded girl who'd be up for having a naughty/messy threesome with Me and my 31yo fella. Basically I really want to share his hard cock with another sexy bitch. Let me know if your game. We're Blackpool based, but would defo consider travelling to you if your what we're both lookin for. Meeting would invole, Pleanty of drinks ect ;) And a night full of the most slutty sex you'll ever have?? Sounds good even if I do say so myself!! Make sure you send us a pic of yourself & we'll send you 1 of us 2 straight back. XXX
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
badboyl -
Got the girth to match the cock to. Seeking bi male, 18-30 yrs, slim build prefered, who's looking to take a large mixed raced cock, for a bareback pounding session. Must be able to take cum facial's and be good with his tongue for serious groin, ball an ass working. Don't mind your g/f or wife watching me use you as a cum bucket, or you can muff munch her while getting slaughtered hard from behind by me. I can accommodate. Single bi male bitches welcome ( no gay's ) who's looking to be trained hard, prefer if they are of scally or chav status, or into trackies / sports kit etc, but all welcome...
Lancashire, FY1
Blonde passive Tgirl Blackpool -
Hi guys.Im a tall,attractive,convincing,passive Tgirl,nice feminine figure,completely smooth all over,lovely long legs,long blonde hair,blue eyes and i have something a bit different down below. I love wearing heels,stockings,suspenders,panties,thongs,knickers,corsets,basques,bras,short encil skirts,makeup etc. Im a classy Tgirl with high standards and im on here to meet a man who likes to date Tgirls like me who have something a bit different down below for daytime fun Blackpool Only and Hotel Only providing you are happy to cover cost of room. No picswaps,cyber etc.Genuine meet only x
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

Steph based in Blackpool, a friendly outgoing cuddly TV who like to make a real effort with her dressing , it is meant to be enjoyed so always try to do it properly. I cannot be described as a stick insect but then I have never suffered from anorexia, what I lack in slimness I make up for with a good sense of humour, ever so slightly sarcastic but never bitchy.(well sometimes er maybe )

Dress in a full range of clothes depending on the occasion from everyday to fetish PVC.

Descriptionft 6 inch and have blue eyes and look so hot you would not believe it

Lancashire, FY1
looking for a nice horny couple any offers ??? Adam Zoe xxx -
Drink first if u like ...Hi were a LANC's couple Adam 41 st8 Zoe( bi-cur )30 both tanned slim with green eyes together 15 years. We like same room full or soft swap with protection .can travel up to about 50 Miles or yours (after a few drinks lol love to meet a COUPLE similar ,we like a laugh and we love 2 play so please drop us a line must be with pic any Will do lol we could meet 4 a drink or 3 2 c that we all get on and them ummmmm. so come on asap 4 a horny night Adam Zoe xxx ps WE ARE GENUINE pps plz only if ur available ,
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
seeking females/couples or party events in BLACKPOOL or LANCS area.......... ! -
straight male 36yr wanting to hear from "couples or females who fancy communication for a few drinks/laughs/poss more if we feel "the vibe"... :) (MOST OFFERS WELCOME & SIZE-AGE-LOOK.........NOT IMPORTANT-JUST VERY HORNY FEMALES/COUPLES/GROUPS.......... Looking for (mon-friday evening fun & fantasy ............! Also looking for friendship with you people who are thinking/wanting to "SWING"??? Im looking for my 1st visit venue/hotel/clubs...Soooooo just get in touch im not the shy type just very "openminded" male :-x
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1


We are a fun loving couple. If you want to chat about a get together please let us know. Offering a drink and a get together a chat to see how the night goes forward, if agreed. I love to watch my wife enjoy herself with a man and pushed to her limits of desire, take pictures if agreed, and later join in. I would also love to see her with a couple, to see her experience a man and woman together. It's all about her pleasure, if you can help let us know. Only discreet, good clean fun.

Look forward to hearing from you, Mick and Shy Milf

Lancashire, UK
Gay Man Looking For Fun & Friendship -
Hi, I'm Paul living in Blackpool. I'm 46 years old, have short dark brown hair, green eyes, slim build with quite a few tattoos. Been told by others that I'm fairly well endowed. I also have a Prince Albert piercing. I'm looking to meet guys, 30+, for fun and friendship - not a relationship, but who knows what's going to happen in the future. Gay, bi, married or guys that are maybe just curious. Would like to be more adventurous and try some new experiences - though nothing too heavy. Thanks for looking in on my profile.
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
sexy blonde pre op ts -
i my name is samantha im a sexy blonde pre op transexual im very convinceing and have been on ormones for 8 months now im looking for men and tvs and ts for sexy fun i love sucking cock and love to swallow cum im very sub and i love to be a slave i have loads of sex toys and uniforms im willing to do most things i have a bi boy friend who is willing to join in or just watch or im ok on my own its up to you i can accom so come on guys dont be shy get in touch soon
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

We are a friendly, outgoing couple, who are comfortable and confident with our sexuallity and are seeking straight, bi-female or couples to share good times and new experiences with. No single males please!

Our ideal date

Clubbing, danceing, loadsa laughing! AND Finally SEX, SEX, oh yeah and SEEEEEEEEEX! (BUT ONLY MIND BLOWING,BODY TREMBLING, ORGASMIC SEX!!!

If we could have one wish ...

To have a genie in a bottle, especially if it was christina Aguilera!

Lancashire, FY1
Horny Straight Guy -
Hi - i'm a 37 year old fit, horny straight guy who is looking for other straight lads to be mates with and meet up for a drink and socialise, I enjoy going to Preston, so if you are from that area give me a shout. I enjoy male company and have a good sense of humour, Ideally i'm looking for a "wank buddy" and forming a friendship with straight mates who are into watching lesbian porn or female masturbation and have a hot wanking session together.
Lancashire, FY1
Up for fun! -
We are a straight couple new to the scene looking for other likeminded people to share some naughty fun with. We are a very together couple, discreet, very clean and 100% genuine.We have played a couple of times previously and really enjoyed the experience. We would prefer to start with soft swing but will swap if we feel comfortable. We are very turned on by being watched and watching others. If you'd like to talk more please contact us! xx
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

I'm a contradiction, a 5ft 2 inch blonde, naughty but nice, a mixture of many things. I like to be submissive and taken to the edge over and over again. However, I like to give pleasure. I'm a minx . Confident in the right company. I love the female form, beautiful women turn me on. I have been with men but I prefer women.

I'm just me . I am honest and open . A genuine person . I will answer any question you ask honestly.


Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
Happily married couple looking for lots of fun -
Hi we are not new to the scene but have taken some time out due to bad experiences, we can accommodate some times with plenty of notice.We are missing the scene now and want to be eased back into it.We are happily married but looking for that extra buzz in the bedroom.J is bi and bbw and G is also bi but will not enforce it on you take it or leave it.Also looking for a woman who can squirt to show the wife.
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

comletely unshockable submissive tv for anything goes fun with couples, singles or other tv's. can travel or accom for unhurried sex. can be downright sleazy and dirty for assertive people have a wide selection of toys and equipment love big dildos and also take fist, have a very willing mouth and tongue and love 2 drink from pussy or cock as well as eat ass deep. come on lets see if u can shock me xx

Lancashire, FY1
Look for fast hard sex -
Im married but looking for a possible regular fuck buddy in the Blackpool area, but one night stands are good to. I like to just grab a movie now-a-days and chill indoors. Not really into the 'night life' or spending my money for a hang over! So if you fancy watching a film then nice slow sex get in touch. No time wasters please, im 100% genuine and fellas for the last not gay! Sorry!
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

We are a young couple looking to expand our sexual horizons. We enjoy good food, playing outdoors and on cam. We are both healthy, non-smokers and are looking for a couple or young single to soft swing with and maybe more.

We are a long distance relationship so we are used to travelling. We want to chat first over before any potential meet ups and at least go for a drink before any action.

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

BBW WITH MASSIVE TITS, PRETTY FACE AND NATURAL BLONDE HAIR !!! Seeking hung men (preferably BBC) to fuck me like a slut and come on my tits while my husband mostly watches but will participate to a certain degree. Will travel, would rather meet on neutral ground before considering accommodating, also willing to split cost of hotel.  Sex will be protected!

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

i am a clean discrete straight male who respects limits and enjoys socialising and having fun with likeminded people. my view is life is short so and the news always bad so why not enjoy one remaning form of pleasure thas not taxed.

Enjoy all forms of adult fun especially being photographed or videoed wilst indulging in pleasurerable pursuits. Do use safe sex for ultimte.

Lancashire, FY1

happily married couple looking 4 a threesome with a bi female. m half djs all over the country and we do have our own mobile digs so traveling and digs are not a problem we both smoke like the occasional drink and LOVE PARTYING we usually just go with the flow we will prove that we are a genuine couple on cam and the phone at the same time just looking 4 a good time xx


Horny ,Discreet ,Respectful Bi Guy interested in meeting other guys for sex fun , Bi Curious,Married, or gay guys welcome can travel or accomadate at times arranged also into 3 somes and group sex

like masculine stocky thick set fellas rugby build ,hairy or smooth ,im versatile but a preference for being top discretion respected and assured

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

Hey ladies! Good looking single guy looking to meet a lady for fun and adventure in the Blackpool area. I live alone so can accommodate. Sexually very open and up for trying new things! Must be very clean. So don't spend another boring and frustrating night alone with only a bottle of wine and your imagination to keep you company - get in touch!

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

ok,fem maybe young but get to know us and you will soon find she is somewhere in her 40's. we are a normal couple with some naughty desires. after some normal people 2 help us fulfill them. looks are somewhat important to us but not as much as how we get on. we like full swap (same room) and do play with single males and fems. xx

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
Tgirl seeks the impossible -
One legged, blind, deaf, mute tgirl..Terminal body odour, halitosis, acne and verucas..No toes on remaining foot..Various fungal infections in various places..Part-time troglodyte, full-time manic depressive..Looking for bi couples and fems for what ever happens..No expectations leads to no disappointment:) j.x.
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
new to the scene -
im very new to this so dont really know what to put here lol, but im 42 am a cd as and when i can love dressing in womens clothes love the feel and texture as it does make me feel feminine. im looking for someone that will understand how i feel and wants tyo share in my passion, someone who i can have fun with.
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
w/e male looking for females to please daytime/evening -
I am a fit man with attributes I can't put into words. I have a small business which is set for a large expansion program over the next 2 years. Although i am very busy, I will always make time for someone, as much time as is necessary. I am available daytime and evenings Please get in touch for more info.
Lancashire, FY1
just gone through the stress of divorce -
just gone through the stress of divorce after being together 26 years so now im looking to have some fun nothing serious and im not looking to jump in bed with every tom dick and harry if just moved in to a new house so sorting that out but im looking to relax after a hard to years of sorting my life out
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

We are a sexy couple looking for mainly outdoor fun, but we do occasionally visit Infusion Blackpool and enjoy outdoor fun. We are looking for couples or a genuine bi male for horny threesome fun. We are very clean and discreet and expect the same in return. We also visit Fueterventura for holidays

Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
Big fun -
Hi I'm Tim 33 years if age and I'm looking for lime minded couples or single females to meet up and play, im not new to this I've visited numerous clubs with an ex partner and met up with couples before, im very clean and respectful and I love to please a lady, I can travel and also accommodate x
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
Good looking male looking for no strings fun and games -
I am 34 years old, have a good sence of humour and am very easy to get on with. I\'m a bit shy at first but soon come out of my shell. I love pvc, latex and leather. I\'m into toys, videos, role plays, threesomes, groups, anal and anything else that takes your fancy. Hopefully see you all soon.
Lancashire, FY1
bondage -
Fit, single guy with an interest in safe, no pain bondage. Any bi/gay/str8 guys 21 plus slim ish, but not into stocky, sorry, who would like to try what the pics show, get in touch. Not into FF or much anal but anything else goes - 121 or 3sum ( 2 doms & u - can get a mate around if u like).
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1
blackpool blindfolded -
looking to suck guys off whilst blindfolded walk in suck u off then go am discreet n genuine message if interested
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1

hi i am new to all this not much exp with men . but i got a good imagination and some horny porn lol . i am 39 medbuild hairy chested black hair bl bla bla lol.if ya wonna know more please ask .i am descreet and very genuine hopefully speak soon jamesx

Lancashire, FY1
fun -
mrs crystal wants a young stud to suck and play with any takers/loves to be licked and played with check out profile for photo or mail me.Or are u a couple with bi female would love to meet.
Lancashire, FY1