I am 5'10" tall and straight. My partner is curvy and very bi. She is good with anyone who is bi curious but not pushy. We are clean and honest and expect the same in return. Can easily travel within South West or will meet halfway if further. Limited to weekdays and Saturdays during the day. Looking for Attractive couples or single females. We are open to suggestions except S & M & watersports. NO SINGLE MALES THANK YOU. No pictures, no reply.

Bristol, UK
Watching in Cornwall -
Hi, In Cornwall on business next week,8th of June, is there a naughty cple who have a fantasy of someone watching them in the bedroom or somewhere else then please mail me and perhaps we can make a date and get that fantasy ticked off!!All rules respected from this genuine guy Hope to speak soon Mondes
Bristol, BS6

i am a diabetic (hard to get an hard-on sometime)

weight-15 stone





can't help you with a 7 inch plus cock (me just an average guy small to medium)

love to suck cock and make you cum in my mouth and also love to be sucked

love to suck nipples

love to lick pussy and make you cum

love to fuck and be fucked

keep smiling

Bristol, Bristol, BS5

Hello and thank you for looking at my profile.

Me: I'm a bi guy in north west Bristol. I am divorced, a non smoker, totally clean, a smart professional and 5'10". I can accommodate, including overnight or I can travel. I am perfectly okay arranging a social meeting in the first instance.

What I Am Looking For: I am seeking a woman; couple; TV/TS; gay or bi guy for mutually rewarding sexual encounters.

Sex: I enjoy one-offs, occasional or regular meetings or a longer term relationship. We do not need a fixed agenda beforehand. I particularly enjoy spoiling someone I like.

Contact: I do not use a phone or any sort of mobile device for internet access; only my modern desktop in my study at home. Nor do I use WhatsApp, Kik or any other of those time wasting systems. Please send me a message and I will reply.


Bristol, Bristol, BS6
looking for fun -
loking for hot cpls xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hi thanks for taking time to find out a bit about me ,

Well educated and nicley spoken , cheeky and fun , been around the world several times and happy to mix in any social circle , my looks catch some folk out ,, tall strong , and slightly tough looking , with a boxers frame , and artistic tattoo

Always finding ways to be out of breath , and love staying in good shape , with running , boxing , biking , and gym work , and i like to think it shows .

Looking for erotic thrills and new sexual horizons , with slim fun people , around my age

MMF , is one of my favorite ways to play , and i am lucky enough to have had several great meets over the years , and i'm often asked back to meet my new playmates .

As part of my hobby / part time work , i do sports massage , i have used my skills and turned the " sports" into erotic and sensual ,, with great results !

It's a perfect way to dip your toe into the world of MMF having a slow tingling massage in front of your partner ,, and can often lead to more ! ,, lots to tell on this subject { feel free to mail for details }

I understand fully the complications of inviting a guy into your sex life , i have been on both sides , and like to know that i have the basics nailed !

So i always mail back , often give my number and i'm always happy to have a no pressure chat , when we finally meet ,, i TURN UP , ON TIME , SMELL SHOWER FRESH , BIG SMILE AND OPEN MIND , TRY NOT TO JUMP IN TOO EARLY BUT KNOW WHEN TO GET ON WITH IT , AND NEVER OUTSTAY MY WELCOME , SIMPLE !

Sexualy i have more likes than dislikes , been lucky enough to meet some very naughty / kinky folk ,, likewise enjoy slow burn soft sensual people . I'm not sitting on the fence , just depends on the mood , scenario and people i'm meeting , like to think i'm flexible and always get a sexual thrill from meeting new minds and bodies .

Based in Bristol but travel a lot , so often in your part of the country .

So to recap : A nicley spoken guy with half a brain , not a numpty ! , with a good body . experience where it counts to make sure everyone ends up with a smile . very discreet and respectfull , super flexible and like to fit your wishes like a glove , genuine and reliable , and up for fun

Pics { me at play , and many more } and number waiting , fingers crossed see you soon !

Bristol, BS1
Want to be sucked, fucked, and to come all over a gorgeous, stunning, sexy Oriental lady? -
We are a fit, athletic, good looking, respectful, intelligent, genuine couple who are into "wife watching". We seek fit, genuine, good looking, respectful, intelligent men aged 36 and over who would love to be sucked and masturbated, and to come all over a gorgeous, stunning, sexy Oriental lady whilst the husband listens and maybe watches discreetly (we will explain what we mean by this if and when we reply to any responses we receive to this advert). We are very keen for sexual intercourse to be involved. However, we must stress that this depends on the size of the penis, which cannot be large for the Asian vagina. Men with a larger than normal penis size should not reply to our advert. We ask all potential candidates to provide suitable photographs of themselves (full body and face pics). We cannot proceed without these; basically, no pics, no meeting. We also plead: NO TIME-WASTERS PLEASE! On more than one occasion now, we have invested considerable time and effort (and money) preparing for what we know (from previous events)to be a highly erotic experience for all concerned, only to be let down by 'no shows'. Often, we invest time and effort through this site in arranging meetings with suitable candidates, only for the person to eventually and simply 'disappear' without trace. All this is so frustrating and annoying. We are now trying to be even more discerning in our choice of man/men. To make life easier, we simply ask that if you are a time-waster and/or if you feel you may pull out at the last minute, then simply do not reply to our advert; just go right away!!! We are a genuine couple who are extremely keen to fulfil our fantasy with the right man or men. We can do most weekends (and possibly weekdays). We will not respond to winks, and our sincere apologies, but we often cannot reply to every one of the messages received. If you are really keen and genuine, and if you meet our criteria, you will definitely get our attention if you supply face pics with your reply. And please remember: you must be 'old enough' (i.e. at least 36) and small enough (penis size). If you meet both these criteria, we can offer an extremely erotic encounter: the lady is very gorgeous and extremely sexy!
Bristol, BS2
Mmf cuckold Late night 10th -
No winks or friends requests! If you want to talk to us read the profile and write more than one line! No smokers and NO over 40! We are a young couple 31 male 24 female both clean fit healthy and good looking. visiting bristol on the 10th and looking for a male to join us for a mmf threesom either late night on the 10th or morning of the 11th. We will be staying/meet in the eve in a local hotel. This is a huge fantasy to watch my gf being fucked by another guy then join in after. I am very slightly curious although will not be touching the other male at all one on one but obviously will be in very close proximity in the same bed on the same girl so some contact will be unavoidable. I love the whole idea of the cuckold thing so would love to go down on her after she's been fucked and cummed in looking for a clean fit good looking male with a larger than average cock must be a non smoker or at least not smell like one. And must be under 40 or look it. will last around an hour with everyone of us cumming in different places and positions. If this is something you would be interested in please drop us a line with some details and your thoughts please no one liners you will be ignored! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you'd like to do. Please only contact if you are serious and fit the bill, and if you are free and available. We have tried to arrange this now so many times and always been let down last min by pictures collectors, and time wasters please don't bother if your going to do this!!
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hi there,

I'm a friendly unattached guy based near Bristol and looking to meet females and couples for uncomplicated fun. I am 54, 6'1, clean-shaven, slim and healthy. I have a sense of humour, can hold a conversation, and have my own hair and teeth :-)

I'm hoping to meet up with a lady for longer-term funtimes & friendship both in the bedroom and out. If you just want no-strings-attached playing then that's great, if you're also looking for some wining & dining friendship then that would be excellent.

Similarly it would be great to meet up with a couple who are looking for an occasional buddy.

I am bi, though this is by no means a requirement - I'm perfectly happy playing in a straight capacity and I always respect everyone's limits.

I'm willing to give most things a try that are safe, fun & consensual. Basically I'm turned on by naughty times with new people; perfectly happy with just soft swinging, or all the way through to "all the way" (condoms essential). So if you are a first timer wanting to dip a toe in the water, or anexperienced player out for a full swim then drop me a line.

Age and size is unimportant, I'm much more interested in meeting people who are fun, with a sense of humour and who are out to live life.

I can travel or accommodate and am more than happy to meet up socially for a no-strings drink and a chat to see how we hit it off.

Have fun and remember, too much of a good thing... can be wonderful.

Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hello,I'm Gavindra a.k.a Gwendoline Blousemaid,or any other humiliating sissy name you care to give me,I am a humiliation slut,I dress fully in ladies underwear,and outerwear,I will do ANYTHING you wish and be grateful for it,particularly love being tied up in front of women,and laughed at by them.Enjoy being whipped,O&A,cuckolding,being made to watch while you have sex,also love teasing,torture,public humiliation,rubber,hoods and gags,etc.Thanks!I am fully bisexual.Enforced cock sucking.Enforced masturbation and sissy voice training for your amusement.Electro shock penis torture while tied to a chair and forced to confess my humiliating desires which can be video'd and posted on the internet.Forced to wear bras,panties,stockings,skirts,blouses,shoes and boots and frilly shiny sissy clothing.Satin/silk,PVC,leather and rubber,ropes,straps,whips and gags,bondage hoods.Photography,recording and video especially welcome,make me squirm,squeal and scream...Your orgasm before mine every time.Maid work.I am very submissive and need to be told what to do.My straps are my life,my whipping my guide.I can also dress as sexy schoolgirl,nun,housewife,etc for other learning experiences.Extended bondage,racking,whipping,gagging and chastity.Contemplation,mirrors,crawling,boot licking,all forms of worship.Dildos,butt plugs and enemas.Drives out in car with me dressed and tied,shopping trips.Clubs and pubs with me leashed.Anything else you can think of!

Bristol, Bristol, BS5
Office swingers club Sat 17th nov couple for fun -
Hi we are sam and paula. Sam is average build and paula is size 6 with small tits and cute arse. Paula is bi and would love to have some 3 or 4 way fun tonight. We would love to meet a cpl or bi lady for some fun at the Office club on Saturday night Paula wants some good Fu**ing tonight and loves double penetration and to try playing with another Husband and Wife while Sam watches sam and paula are both open minded so dont mind if there is some FF or MM involved with the right couple No photo with your reply = no response
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first: NO winks or stock responses. If you cannot be bothered to actually write something vaguely original to us then we're not interested. And we won't change our minds on this point!

Anyway - lecture over. So, what can we say - looking for genuine, fun, secure people who are confident in their bodies, sexuality and relationship, should they be in one.

We are a real-ife, live-together couple who have been on the scene for a couple of years, and enjoyed various sexy encounters at house parties, swinging clubs, dogging and the occasional camming session when the mood takes us. Ultimately, we are here for real meets with real people please.

Lady C is a gorgeous, highly-sexed bi-female with a delicious tongue, fabulous wandering fingers and amazing arse. It is, seriously, amazing. She loves pussy and cock equally, which means that it is expected any girls playing with us will also like to indulge in both too!

Mellors is a charming, naughty, confident slim chap, with a cheekily wicked grin and a cock that won't quit. Seriously, it won't. With a focus predominantly on the lady's pleasure, Mellors is happy as long as Lady C is. That said, he will pray to several different Gods to receive 2-woman BJs at any opportunity. Nuff said.

Tickled your fancy?! Come and say hello...

lady c & mellors xx



Looking for some fun company.

Fit, intelligent female looking for witty banter to lead elsewhere.

I am looking for partners in crime to guide me through some fun. A separated or whatever bloke. Easy on the eye and fit. A nice conversation, a flirt.

I do like cock and am seeking guys for MMF and beyond... And maybe join other couples for some mind blowing fun. I have adventurous tastes and am very hungry.

I can be available at weekends. My week days are just chokka busy. I have no desire to travel more than ten minutes in a cab to meet you.

However, you could be particularly persuasive. I still share the marital home in a separate lives under one roof arrangement. If you are a couple from Yorkshire etc there is no point trying to friend me.

I also like being with girls. I find most aspects of sex pretty sensual, like quite a few of you out there.

Could I request no blind Friend requests ( that'll be that couple in Yorkshire...) a chat first to see how we fit together would be good... Like said couple visiting the area...that would make sense...

I am smooth.. I don't shave.. I don't wax.. I'm epilate.. I have balls..as I were

Yours truly


This is a genuine advert. The married bit means that my wife doesn't know of this and I'd like it to stay that way. There are reasons why I am looking for such a relationship which I'm sure you can figure out.

If the relationship is with just the woman, I'd like the husband/partner to be in agreement; just for the reason that it makes it easier all round if we're not all trying to juggle differing arrangements. Clearly, I cannot accommodate but I do travel widely, staying in hotels, so could be in your area to meet, firstly all three of us to see how it goes, and take things from there.

I am a professional man who travels England extensively and am articulate, clean, non-smoking and discreet and looking for the same attributes in whom I meet. Please note that I do not respond to winks; I am not interested in meeting anybody who can't be bothered to put some intelligent words together. Also, meeting in carparks or lay-bys isn't an option. I am 5' 11", tanned, fit and 80kgs. I'd love to hear from you if I am of interest; a picture of you both would be most welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you.



I am a pretty, feminine convincing t-girl with long blonde hair brown eyes. I dress to please men wearing very short dresses extremely high heels.and sexy underway. I always wear very heavy make up and have very long painted nails. I am smooth all over. I am extremely passive, submissive and obedient and like being dominated by strong rough Alpha male type men.I need to be used regularly and am used to being gang fucked and used as a cum dump by men. I am able to deep throat cock for long skull fucking sessions and used to being slapped hard if I try to pull away or gag. My slutty little ass cunt has been very well used and stretches very large to accommodate double anal or fists. Basically I will do anything for the right master/ or group of men and love being filled with or covered in spunk. I am dirty filthy slutty sissy whore whose only purpose in life is to suck and worship cock and open up my dirty cunt do be filled with spunk. I can only cum with a bareback cock deep in my sissy ass cunt. Please get in contact with me if you want to use me hard, I will do all I can to satisfy your needs. xxx

Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Thanks for having a look at my profile which is still a work in progress. I am an easy going friendly male, divorced with a new girl friend who is open minded but not into swinging (yet). I have over the years had some experience of threesomes and even on one occasion a gang bang (1 girl lots of males). I accept that there is m to m contact which I think is enevitable in good threesome sex - I do not find males attractive but enjoy watching them with females whilst im looking after another part of a girls anatomy if that make sense? I am interested in outdoor fun, dogging, ws etc but have not tried the last todate. I am not pushy, tend to be assertive with females but also enjoy playing submisive, have a gsoh and im clean and D free. Attitude, approach, cleanliness and compatability is more important to me than good looks. I have been described as being good looking, i have a good build - not skiny and not fat, look after myself and work for myself so i can be flexable on meetings. As for 'assets' 7" longstaying and clean shaven. Happy to email one or two pictures to genuinly interested people.

Bristol, BS1

Hi we are a happily married couple who enjoy occasional dirty thrills!

We enjoy exploring our fantasies and pushing our boundaries.

We have a great sex life and enjoy sexual experiences with others.

We both keep ourselves fit and look for these qualities in others.

Were currently looking to meet couples with bisexual females of a similar age, to have fun with. The horny wife is 100% bi sexual and loves to play with other girls. We're good natured and easy to get along with.

We would like to chat and cam before meeting as it is important to us that we have a sexual attraction .

We're into threesomes foursomes, adult parties and sexual adventures. We regularly travel to London for 'Torture Garden' and always happy for no strings meets there!

We share all our experiences together so please don't ask to see just one of us.

Were not interested in single men if we change our mind we will find you.

If your interested send us a message and we'll get back to you .


Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hey there, I know the chances of someone I want to meet actually clicking on this profile, reading it and then messaging me are slim as it appears most of us single guys are, well to be blunt, bell ends, and manage to rub all the nice, genuine women and couples up the wrong way. However, and here's the shocker I:

-can string more than 'Fancy a fuck?' together as a sentence.

-am genuine and have actually met people

-am not rude or pushy and always respect peoples boundaries

-take pride in my personal hygeine and always smell good (smell is very important I think)

-have a massive willy*

*apologies this one is a porky pie but my pleasuring skills also extend beyond slipping it in and out a few times and then shooting my load.

Anyway, I'm rambling now, I do have pics and a cam and often go in the chatrooms here with my face on cam. If any of you have got this far and fancy chatting some more then feel free to drop me a line.

Bristol, BS1


Thank you for looking at my profile.

I am in my mid 40s, with a now very recently toned up body (thanks to a small investment in a personal trainer) well worth it for the result.

I am looking to meet ladies looking to spice up their lives by a mid week afternoon, morning or early evening meet. I can travel far and if you can not accommodate I can arrange a hotel.

I am clean (very insistent on safe sex), presentable, well educated (beyond degree level), tall, dark and described as handsome. I have, I am told a good cock and more than one or two have said I know how too use it!!

I am not the kinda guy to expect a "wham bang thank you mam", it matters more to me that the lady is fully satisfied!!! I can use my tongue with great effect!!

I aim too, and almost always do please!!

I am also very discreet.

If interested drop me an email!!

Look forward to hearing from you soon.



Bristol, Bristol, BS1

I'm a down to earth confident bloke with lots of energy. You'll find me relaxed and none pushy. I believe in people who dont waste time and enjoy life. I'm open to anything, but not pain or watersports. I'd like to meet a single lady or a couple for no-strings fun. I'm not into ages and sizes or colours. I am clean and discreet and always play safe. I love to give & take oral & lots of 4play for the lady. I don't place face photos on here (due to my work), but I have MSN and will send face photos if you're interested. I enjoy meeting new friends at parties and always open to invites. Would also be a swing partner if you are the right kind of lady. I have no problems with chatting on the phone or just a drink at our first meet.

If you'd like to know more, please drop a line. Thanks for looking bye...... Have fun and dont let the bed bugs bite... unless its me!!! Dave x x

Attractive sexy couple looking for sexy fun with single woman or cples -
Hi we are Anna and Steve I am 5'3'' tall size 12to 14 bi with nice big boos 36 dd looking to meet someone to make friends with and to have some very sexy evenings. For me personality is as important as looks and if that’s right and we click then the sex is better. My partner Steve is 511 fit and good-looking and str8 We are easy going have a good standard of living clean and discreet and expect the same we like a drink and good conversation and a laugh We are looking to meet cples or Bi girls/Ladies who like to enjoy the pleasures of a woman as well as enjoying the benefits of a guy it's great you will be made to feel very special and satisfied and very safe. We are happy to move at your pace so if you would like to talk with me more drop me a line and tell us what you would like to do. We can accommodate or travel we are based in Bristol Anna and Steve
Bi couple 4 fun -
Hi ALL Thanks for looking at our profile, We are a clean, discrete and a genuine couple in our early fifties, not into timewasters, We are looking for a bi male for 3 some sexy erotic fun or bi couple, or bi female, for same room fun with plenty of oral fun with Kissing, and finger foreplay allround ( no anal W/S or Pain etc), We live in south Gloucestershire, we do not have a place for fun, so we are looking for someone who can accomodate us for the evening in the Bristol/ Swindon/ Cirencester/worcester area. we can travel most evenings within reason we would like to see a face pic please before we arrange a meet, perhaps meet for a drink and chat first to get to know each other better and take it from there. no one liners and all adds with pics will be replied to We come as a couple only, so no gay men or woman and no 1 on 1. Ping & Pong


We're a couple in our early twenties looking for other people to have fun with. We're both bi, fairly new to this but still experienced, and would love to find another bi couple for some all round fun! We're hoping to make friends and have regular meets, if all goes well. Besides this we're open to meeting other bi females to share experiences with. We are NOT looking for single or straight men, so please don't contact us. Neither will we meet separately at the moment. If you're a bi male, please don't approach us. We will find you if we're interested.

We're still having single guys contact us, please do not do this! It will result in us reporting your profile.

We enjoy having fun, and are very high energy! We're open to new experiences but know what we don't like.

Look forward to hearing from you soon, happy swinging.

Bristol, Bristol, BS1
Portsmouth hotel Thurs 24th? -
Slim, tall, dark & told handsome guy looking to expand my horizons with the right people. I completely respect your privacy :) I'm not interested in pretending and timewasting, and would be happy to meet socially first. I can pretty much travel along the M4/M5 corridor too. I'm more interested in the way you are and find that different people can be just as sexy as those elusive models! I've had some great times with couples in the past, as well as singles ....life's too short to sit watching the telly!! I really enjoy safe, sane play with the emphasis on having a good relaxed time. I'm more likely to have a glass of red wine than a pint...and I can sometimes accommodate during weekdays, dependant on work. I guarantee to turn up if we agree and other couples have really appreciated that. Drop me a line here. Take care.
Bristol, Bristol, BS1
Select discreet bi fem sought -
*** Not interested in couples! Single bi fems only please *** We're a select, discreet mmf group (m1 mid 40s, f early 30s and m2 mid 50s) seeking another bi f to join. You will be bi, female, attractive, petite, size 10 or smaller, fit, uninhibited, aged between 30 and 50 (decent age range to filter out the immature!), like having fun and able to relax and enjoy. You'll also be genuine, have a decent profile and not simply be here just to reply to ads for a dare, or whatever, before moving on. Sorry to be a little blunt but there are some dopes out there so maybe this will weed them out. If you're genuine, we'll know. Availability at weekends would be good. If interested, SEND US A WINK and we'll get back to you. x *** Not interested in couples! Single bi fems only please. ***
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

When we are in Chat we are not interested in Single guys! Sorry boys, but that is how it is.

He 5'-8" and medium build, her 5'-2" size 16 with lovely breasts and very responsive sexually. He is a gentle caring lover (and snipped). Both have a good sense of humour. She has enjoyed a little bi play on occasions but by no means essential.

We like to speak (fem to fem) to establish both parties are really couples. If you think you might like to get to know us, why not get in touch?

We do not request, nor send out, pics until after a female to female chat. We love the excitment of meeting new people, but are never pushy and insist that all parties reserve the right to take matters further (or not) without any great drama. Having said that, we do like it when things work out!

Hi there. We're Mike and Sandra. We have a home in Bristol area, and also spend a lot of time in Gloucestershire too. Because of family, we can't always accommodate, so hotel meets and clubs are always good. Mike is VWE (9) and can be orally bi on occasions. Sandra loves the attention of more than one man. As a couple we'll pretty much try anything at least once. Sandra dresses to please !

We are good company, intelligent and fun to be with....so good to meet the same...Couples or single men...

We are always up front and honest...and look forward to some fun times.

We only ever reply to well thought out replies that are clearly not just copy and paste generic messages. Photos a must too. Ours in return...

Hello to all our friends at Chameleons. Let the fun begin !

Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hey Guys, im a professional gay man, gym fit and hairy.Im real genuine and honest.

Looking for good clean safe relaxed vanilla fun.Very much into kissing, massage and all things sensual. Im a tactile respectful relaxed man with a sense of humour, but nobody's fool.Discretion assured and expected.Married guys also welcome. Min age 35 max 55. Straight acting guys with a spark is what i like.Non pushy chilled out guys are cool. Defo NO time wasters and defo defo defo no needy moody camp prissy guys, im interested in confident outgoing genuine honest sorted professional men(a professional man could mean anything from plumber to lawyer) with a relaxed down to earth chilled attidude to life and a sense of humour.A guy with a warm cheeky smile will always get the gold star.

Bristol, Bristol, BS1
Fun Flirty and looking for a good time! -
Hi we are a happily married couple in our 40's who are looking for a female to have some fun with. The wife is bi curious and would like to further explore this. We are very open minded, good fun not to shabby looking lol and above all discreet. We are just looking to spice up what is already a very happy and fulfilled sex life and hopefully enjoy and give mutual pleasure. Please no couples or single men, we are looking to fulfil my partners fantasies of sex with another like minded lovely lady and of course i have no objection!!! Females who are looking for an encounter with my wife alone but have no objection to my being there are also welcome. If you are interested in chatting further please feel free to contact us and one of us will get back to you asap
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hiya and thanks for looking at our profile. We're a professional, sincere and discreet happily married couple looking to explore and widen our sexual experience and have alot of fun whilst doing so!

Whilst still quite new to this we have been to a few clubs and had some great fun & sexy evenings with some super couples. We're looking for clean, fun sexy couples wanting soft or full swap but ideally same room group fun. We've got busy lives so have limited availability, and unfortunately cannot accommodate, but happy to travel or share costs of a venue. Looking for some party invites as well as wanting to share time with couples we get on well with. No single men please.

So that's the boring stuff...for the good stuff get in touch and lets see where it takes us!

Bristol, BS1

Professional couple with nice lifestyle, we enjoy good company, intelligent conversation, good food and wine, evenings out and in with likeminded persons who enjoy life to the full as we do.

We are easy going, articulate, not difficult to get on with, enjoy most things in life, we are open-minded Want to find out more? All you need to do is email us

A little about Nick who is in his mid forties handsome and fit he is more of a voyeur but he does enjoy watching me as I am the greedy one in the relationship.Nick prefers black women its just the contrast thing I guess no offence intended

I have had a few MMF experiences which have been great and as you probably see from my pictures I do like black against my white skin.

Bristol, BS1

Hi, we are a professional married couple fairly new to swinging but have long fantasised about having sexy fun with other people. After our first experience we are keen for more! We enjoy meeting new people and love to try different experiences. Sugar (F) is slim and petite, 5ft 3ins and very sexy. She loves to show off and tease. Spice (M) is slim, 5ft 5ins straight and loves to excite. We are both playful and adventurous.

We hope to meet another similar couple for same room sexy fun which ideally leads to a longer term friendship. Ideally we would meet for a drink to get to know each other first, then take it from there if everyone feels comfortable. We live near Bristol, are prepared to travel, and could accommodate.

Bristol, BS1

Straight man who is looking for a friendly couple for threesome fun or single female. Bristol or South West/South Wales area ideally but happy to travel for the right couple who are genuine. Easy going and good company. Whether you are dipping your toe into the water or experienced swingers would love to hear from you.

I am also a professional photographer specialising in boudoir and erotic. I also have had my glamour work published in Fiesta, Escort and Razzle magazines. Although I usually charge for my boudoir work I am happy to undertake commissions with couples or females from this site at no charge if you can be flexible about dates/times to fit around my paid commissions - get in touch if you are interested.

Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Dec 16th - Romeos Club Bristol

ok time to update my profile ..... sexually i'm one of the weird ones... i like guys and women, sorry girls but i see you as my sisters..... but am always up for a good night out clubbing, i'm a bit of a dance floor whore.

Guys i'm passive if your looking for someone to shag you thats not me .... the sort of guy i like to arrange to meet is fairly dom .... not sadistic .... more seductive and charismatic .... can be sexually aggressive...knows what he likes and how to get it ... melt and mold me ... i'm a sucker for a good kisser (hint hint).... but most important someone that can turn me on ... stimulate the brain and the rewards will follow ..... i love to suck and be fucked xx

Bristol, Bristol, BS1
Read Me!! -
Who: Mark, single male, 44. Fun to be with. Likes to please and be pleased. Non-pushy but adventurous. Gentle but dirty. Nice on the outside, naughty on the inside. Why: In this for the social side as much as the sex. So many horny friends I haven't even met yet!! More into regular meets than one offs Where: Works and stays in London (WC1b) midweek, lives in rural Bristol (BS40) the rest of the time. Will host or travel. What: Depends. Sometimes its chat - coffee shop - bar - bedroom. Other times its rip clothes off within 5 minutes. You: Playful single female. Horny open-minded couple Limits: Some but not many. Ask me!!. What Next: Message me, and let's find out.
Bristol, BS1

hi there and thanks for reading my profile.

I'm a single male, who loves sexy fun. love the way it's get your heart pumping and the energy it creates.

Essentially I'm a giver of pleasure and like nothing more than to make a woman come (I almost wanna light up a ciggy when you have haha) I like sex to be fun and flirty and cheeky with spanks and licks and nibbles all over, and have been told that I have fantastic oral skills. I like to thinks that's one part of the whole package, which I prefer to be sensual than wham bam ;)

I'm very adventurous, and open and like to try new things and toys and kinky things.

So what are you waiting for?

I'm open and honest. Feel free to ask me anything xx

Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Hi we are an attractive couple - early 30's... very happily married and very content with our own sex life... We would however like to watch and be watched.. Also we would like to experience girl/girl or couples with bi females. Very open minded and looking for similarly attactive couples and women. We love clubs and prefer to play and meet this way - we visit Fever regularly and enjoy the fact that only attractive couples are allowed to attend and its by invite only. We have also visited XTasia in Birmingham and have enjoyable nights. Would love to meet a similar couple that fancy a weekend in Amsterdam - Fun4twoWebsite: .fun4two.nl.. this looks such a fab place to play!!

Love H&J xx

We are an educated fun and attractive couple keen to meet with a couple for some naughty and intimate fun. we are open to most sort of fun and as long as we all agree then lets give it a go! We are of the attitude of having no real rules regarding what we will and wont do except that all four of us are up for it. We cant see the point in anyone doing something they don't like so if one of you isn't sure then, although we may sound like hardened pros, you are probably not for us.

So if you fancy an email or two to find out a little more or perhaps a chat on line then get in touch and we can maybe sort a drink to see if we all get along.

Can't wait to find that special couple!!!

Bristol, BS1

We're a relaxed fun loving couple looking to meet like minded people. We're liberal minded and like to take things easy. Think socialsising over a glass or few is really important to see if we get on before any naughtiness! Would like to find a long(ish) term couple/bi-fem/bi-male but one nighters would also be awesome, if everything clicks! Coz hey, you can't fuck someone that isn't fun!

He is orally bi and tops. She is bi-curious and like to watch him having fun with men and then join in.

Relatively new to the scene so if there are any experienced couples out there.....

Also single guys (and there are really hot ones here) no offence meant but we'll contact you.

Bristol, Bristol, BS6

Hi there

Looking for some excitement. I am clean & discrete. Certainly not pushy. My previous experience of MMF was on a beach in Corfu - certainly whetted my appetite! Would love to repeat the experience.

I'm based in Bristol. Enjoy giving oral. Would love to give anal a try. Am not really into pain/BDSM although the thought of spanking a pert bottom turns me on! Class myself as straight although could be orally bi in the right situation. Not frightened of handling a hard cock!

Got in a rut & would love to get out of it!! Could meet in the daytime or some evenings/weekends.

If anyone is interested - happy to expand the information.

Bristol, Bristol, BS6
Update: Young City Centre Bi-Guy for Oral -
***Just a quick obvious note, please send a message rather than wink and make sure there are some photo's available on your profile, thank you!*** Hey all, got a quiet week ahead so up for daytimes meets with young guys. I'm a bi-guy,athletic, professional, intelligent and educated. Can accomodate or travel in bristol. I prefer not to do anal, love playing, sucking and fooling around. Looking for younger guys (under 35) for oral and cockplay - I'm comfortably bi but play light and not looking for a relationship. Daytimes best but I'm flexible. Get in touch if you want more details! Happy to meet if you are unsure/new also :)
Bristol, BS1
Young Attractive Couple Looking To Please Girl's Fantasies This Saturday In London -
Hola! My name is Norah, I'm a 25 years old bisexual girl from Spain. My partner Jonas is a straight 34 years old latinamerican. Both of us are very atractive. Our relationship is very solid and liberal, and our fantasy is to play with a young sexy bi girl who wants to have a good night and lots of fun. We'll be visiting London this weekend of Thursday 12th-Sunday 15th May. We'll be staying in a hotel in central London, near the Southbank. If you would like to meet us on Saturday 14th for a drink and tell us your conditions and your fantasies, we'll be more than happy to do our best to fulfill and indulge them. ;) Besos xx Norah
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

Playfulness, seduction, eye contact, ...sheer erotic atmosphere: chatting, kissing, touching, breathless moaning, raw sexuality ...hands and lips and fingers roaming, mouth and pussy dripping cum and wetness, erection throbbing, teasing, rubbing, parting, entering, hard and sudden, slow, delicious: wild, exquisite fucking. Laughing, licking, tonging, penetrating, rocking, shivering, exploding, orgasming, and orgasming, and orgasming, exhausted, panting, resting, caressing, smiling ...and again starting... three bodies sexy, fit, attractive... Shall we? :-)

If you message us, and sound real, we will subscribe to message you back!

Bristol, Bristol, BS5
Cute couple seeking for a bi woman to have fun :) -
We are a cute couple in love, and want try something new. Looking for a bi woman in her 30s (a bit of difference might be considered) who can help us to enjoy ourselves a bit more :) As we are kinda new into this, the ideal partner has to understand that we want to control how much we want to involve you, especially in the beginning, as we don't want to hurt each other in any way. Stop means stop :) Ideally you have slim or fit body, at least medium size of breasts, cute face, a bit darker skin tone is an advantage. Please send us some pictures, and tell us about yourself and what you like, or would like to try :)
Bristol, Bristol, BS1

I've had a bite of the cherry once before and i would like to do it again !...So my new years resolution is to do just that ...So, if you are a girly girl, who may be experienced, or just curious or like me,looking to explore again, then please do get in touch

Please, absolutely NO SINGLE MEN....i've asked nicely, so please do not send winks or emails. I will not respond and you will be wasting your time. I am sure there are plenty of Females/Couples that may be looking for single men - so please focus your attention on them, I am sure they will appreciate a well thought out and articulate email. Thank you :)

Bristol, Bristol, BS1

We are new to this site but not to the world of swinging just thought we needed to see who else is in our area. We ate looking for relaxed horny fun with like minded couples and the occasional select single male. We like to meet for an informal drink, a chat, flirt and have fun. It is important to us that there is chemistry between all involved and every one feels comfortable. We have been known to play on first meets. Sexy undies a must for J as she does likes to dress for the occasion even if just fro a drinks meet. The only things we don't go for are pain and watersports. J (F) is bi whilst G (M) is straight.

I am 24, a student and have only recently moved to Bristol. I am in an open relationship, and am wanting to explore my sexuality within the realms of BDSM and Group Sex. I have a budding passion for photography, film making, philosophy, politics... To be blunt, I have many interests, and instead of listing them all here I would much prefer actually meeting someone and letting conversation come naturally. I am a peaceful person, and consider myself easy to get along with. I do however have a darker side, which I couldn't imagine getting in the way, but that given the right opportunity, I would enjoy indulging.

Bristol, Bristol, BS1
Two Guys Needed for Jey -
We are looking for two guys for Jey this Saturday evening 25 Sep at our house near Bristol. Jey is extremely submissive, so strong dominant guys are preferred who are confident to take control. Just to give you an idea, here are a few things Jey really likes: Tied and blindfolded, Nipple pinching, Clitoris sucked, Fast and Furious Fucking, Deep Throat, Face Fucking, Facials. You will be: Age 30 to 45, 6 ft +, Athletic build, Attractive and 8inch + cock. Please respond with face, body and cock pics. By the way, Ant will be watching and filming (Jey, not your faces) and taking part from time to time.
Slim,attractive guywho loves to please looking for chat and fun times! -
Hiya all who look at this add....I'm a single guy from the West Mids but travel alot through work and also spend a lot of time in Bristol as I have a second flat there. I'd like to meet attractive women who like good company and also like to be romanced and pampered..... or just pleased in any way possible in the bedroom! I'm very open and adventurous so willing to try almost anything and I like to take my time and allow really allow us to enjoy ourselves. I can travel or accommodate and can meet most weekends or some week nights. If this sound good to you and you like my pics then get in touch.
Bristol, Bristol
Long weekend -
Hi, We haven't been here for a while however are still on the scene. We don't want to join as the cost is quite expensive and have had problems cancelling membership with other sites in the past however we are keen to meet up... Wife's previous playmate now has a child so has decided to stop meeting and therefore another guy aged 27-40 to fill her... Er I mean his..... shoes ;-) would be good. Size doesn't matter, state of mind and a desire to play is far more important. Hope to hear from you soon P.s thanks for the reply's to our message, can't reply as not a member yet
Bristol, Bristol, BS1