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Laid back male looking for fun with females & couples -
I’m an easy going, athletic 42 year old straight male here to meet and have fun with couples & females. ’m single and still yet to visit any clubs in the uk but do fully intend to when i’m feeling brave enough! Like many people i’m here to push my own boundaries a little but primarily i’m here to meet cool liberated people, having some laughs & some fun along the way. I’m always respectful and very much appreciate the importance and value of discretion. I’m fairly quiet and laid back but do have an abundance of sex drive! I’m very appreciative of all messages from all people so please let me know if you like what you see and read and i’ll always get back to you.
Torquay, Devon, TQ2

Hi,thanks for reading my profile.I`m a divorced guy living in Plymouth.I have been an active swinger in the past & I have attended local parties but have not for a while, due to relationships.

I have also held small BDSM & Swinging parties at my place over the years.

I am tall,slim,fit,sane,respectful,clean,healthy,patient,sensible,fun,honest & discreet.I am also well hung & experienced.I am into BDSM,threesomes,group sex & I have tried Dogging locally.I am an amateur video-maker & photographer & I have a load of new leather wear,rubber wear, bondage gear & loads of sex toys all cleaned & sterilized after use,that I enjoy using in the bedroom & my Dungeon & I also for photographic use, as props.

I can photograph or video you acting out your fantasizes if you want.I am not expecting sex with everyone if you want to act in front of the camera for your own benefit then that is fine by me.I am a qualified fitness instructor & I am learning massage,so if you want a massage I will be happy to give you one as it will be a training session for me.I will not expect sex with you for it,unless you decide that we click & that will be your choice alone.I only meet people once we have spoken on the phone to confirm that we are serious about meeting & we can discuss what you are looking for out of a meeting with me.Also I believe this is the best way to clarify exactly what you are expecting so there is no confusion when we meet.I am 100% genuine & will not waste your time or mine.

Take care JOHN

looking to expand my experiences -
I'm a slim 54 year old and a full time carer for my wife, so therefore no sex in fact none since 2002.I have had a few adventures since 2007 and am looking for more.
Exwick, Devon, EX4
Horny sth west cpl -
Horny cpl looking for fun with bi fems We're new to this and would like to meet cpl's that like 1 on 1 with the ladies with the guy watching then joining in for some horny fun the the ultimate with own partners. We have a cam? xxxxxxxxxxxx
Exeter, Devon, EX2


I am a professional guy in Plymouth looking for open minded friends to meet up with for fun and friendship.

So a bit about me - here's the promotional bit! I'm Geoff, half English/Chinese, have been described as sexy.... clean shaven face and trimmed down below. I'm confident (but not over confident) RESPECTFUL and generally quite lovely (he he) . I have a good sense of humour, can hold a conversation and am very trustworthy and clean.

A nudist at heart, I've been soft swinging for about 5 years now and love the lifestyle. I'm very open minded and accept everyone on a level playing field. However, while I respect other people's quirks and kinks, I like my meets to have a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. I'm straight but being around bi-couples doesn't bother me as I do get turned on from watching a nice looking guy aroused. I don't have a particular type of couple/female that I'm looking for. I tend to take each person as they come (so to speak!)

As having relaxed fun is my main aim, I do not mind if you are a first time swinging couple/single - in fact that would be fun! I will always respect your wishes and take things entirely at your pace. So, if you just want someone to watch, then I am just as happy to do just that as I would be swinging off the wardrobe carrying 10 cream buns with a gimp mask over my face, singing "God save the Queen"!

In particular, however, I love to give nude massages with lots of teasing and if thats up your street, then I'm your guy. I also love nude beach fun and have a 35ft boat - so if you fancy some nautical naughtiness, then I would love to have you aboard!  Alternatively, I am happy just to watch and wank myself off if that is all you want.

Thanks for reading my profile. If you are interested, then drop me a line, even if it's just to meet for a drink and a chat.

My other interests are sailing, skiing, wine, food and classic cars.

I can be reached at ghtmoose at yah00 dotc*m

So, all the best and hope to hear from you soon.


Crownhill, PL6
Well hi to you all -
lets just see what this site brings , welcome to try most things once x
Pinhoe, Devon, EX1
We are a couple looking to meet doggers/transvestites in southport until 4th Nov??? -
Hi we are Sam and Scott we are staying in the southport area this week and would like to meet dogging couples and maybe singles and tranvestites... convincing??? If you are interesred or can recommend any dogging areas please get in touch Thnks. Be great to hear about any locations that anyone knows of or can suggest Sam and Scott
Devon, EX39

Hello everyone…


Ms B&B likes watching bi men play. Let's face it, we chaps like watching two girls play, do we not? Well it turns out that's what sauce for the goose etc etc... So, Ms B&B feels it's been a while since she's seen such fun "in the flesh" as it were (god knows she knows her way around the X-Hamster gay/bi pages) and so she wants to find a GENUINE bi man to join us. He must be fit, clean, ideally smooth, polite and sociable... and GENUINELY bi - none of this tugging a cock a few times then trying to shag her. She may or may not join in, but she will most definitely be there to enjoy, very probably with popcorn. If you are for real, give us a shout.


Time for a profile refresh.

First off: yes, we are genuine. Yes, we do meets. Yes, we even meet single guys IF (and it’s a big “if”) they are the one in approximately 100 that are a) intelligent b) articulate enough to write an actual email rather than the standard “how r u 2?” “Want 2 mt 2nite? Luv 2 fuk u both.” Etc messages we get all too often, and c) attractive and clean.

If you are tempted to write to ask if we are free to meet “tonight” (and probably even “tomorrow”) the answer is likely to be “no.” We are both professional people in demanding jobs, we work hard, and also study and have other outside interests and are –like many people in the 21st Century – incredibly busy.

We live intensely busy lives, so short-notice, drop-everything meets are a rarity. That does not mean we are not genuine - and planning our fun in advance can add to the anticipay……..shun! (© Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975) That said, we often use club environments to play, so keep an eye on our status – we usually say on here where we will be and when, so the quickest way of meeting is to go to a club we will be at, then come and say hi to see if we all click.

Talking of clubs, what we enjoy about those is that you can see / interact with those people that may become friends / playmates / lovers. In an ideal world, sites like this one would simply be a virtual equivalent of a club – an online swingers party where you see who catches your eye, make conversation, and perhaps go on to more…

So why are there sooooo many blank profiles on here? It is the online equivalent of attending a party covered head-to-toe in a dust sheet so that those of us there to meet, play and have some fun can neither see your face nor discern your body shape.

Similarly, those charming emails / messages we get saying simply “wanna fuck?”, “hot missus”, and “nice tits” (particularly to Mr B&B) is the virtual version of creeping round a swingers’ club grunting at passers-by. Please don’t.

So, please note, we do not respond to messages / emails / winks from anyone with a blank or very limited profile. We like to “meet” people online as well as in person, so your profile should say enough about you. Equally, if you are not verified and have no public pics, we have already blocked messages from you.

Let’s talk about what we DO want…

We are S (male, mid 40s, can’t believe his luck) and J (female, just turned 30, wondering what the hell she did in a former life to deserve this.) We describe ourselves as pansexual – which has nothing to do with a cookware fetish. It means we like the company of people for who they are – and that company may or not be sexual. It means that we are drawn to people, not body parts – so their gender identity and sexuality are immaterial.

We both enjoy people of both sexes. We are attracted to who we are attracted to. That said, you not being pan / bi is not necessarily a barrier to having some fun at all, but those that do share our outlook are always likely to go to the front of the queue. However, one word of caution, please don't write to us trying to convince us you are bi if your profile says "straight" - it seems desperate, or cowardly - or both. Also, pretending to be bi to gain access to Ms B&B won’t work. She is something of a connoisseur of watching boy-on-boy action (she has been known to buy popcorn for “performances”) and can spot a faker a mile off. Just be straight with us (if you pardon the pun.)

The delicate nature of our jobs mean we often seek to party further afield – and like to have regular holidays / weekend breaks where erotic fun is very much a part of the itinerary. (Our next sex safaris will be a long weekend in Manchester in early October, Berlin, Prague or Amsterdam in January, and back to our beloved Maspalomas in the spring of 2016 for the best Pride ever.)

Now, what makes a physical attraction for us? Well, as with all of the most pleasurable experiences in life, it's hard to quite put your finger on (though it can be fun trying!) However, as a general rule J does *not* like long foreskins on cocks, so being cut gives you a distinct advantage - or the ability to maintain a near-permanent erection so that the pesky folds of skin are eternally peeled back!

We do NOT like ANY hair in all those interesting parts of the body - we have plenty of our own dental floss, thanks. Smooth all over (including chests 'n' tums) will always be preferential! Also J is not a fan of facial hair - so however "hipster" they may be, if you are a beardy type, or a designer-stubble type then it will probably be a "no thanks." (That goes for you too, ladies...)

That said, age, shape, colour etc need not be an automatic barrier - we like who we like.

We like to be naked outdoors as much as possible in the summer, and in the winter we sometimes gravitate to the more fetishy side of things... we love latex, and do enjoy a bit of kink - more playful than hardcore though. As with the bi thing, please don’t exaggerate your interest in this side if it’s not true. It will be found out. Having had a wank once to Fifty Shades (appalling book, even worse film) is *not* the same as “being into BDSM”.)

Finally, we are big believers in the concept that the brain is the most important sexual organ, so while an IQ to rival Steven Hawking isn’t necessary, the ability to at least string a sentence together coupled with wit would be a distinct advantage. Please, no "txt spk", and you might want to run your message through spellchecker before hitting send!

If you’ve read this far, and you have something engaging to say to us, then it would be lovely to hear from you…

S & J xx

PS Yes, we are on – but please don’t contact us via these media unless we have said it’s ok.

****************** SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT-THAN-USUAL LEGAL NOTE *******************

If you are an academic from an educational institution using this or any other adult website or its associated sites for research or projects, then please feel free to contact us to explain your research to see if we would give our consent. We are both fascinated by the field of human sexuality, psychosocial norms, and societal values and behaviours and would not rule out contributing to any studies. However, please do the right thing and talk to us first.

If you are an individual using this site or similar to gather information, images etc then a) you DO NOT have permission to use any of our personal information or images, and we retain full rights over both; and b) frankly you’re a bit creepy.

Not looking for single males. Believe it or not, we will NOT make an exception for those who are too stupid or disrespectful to accept this.

Other than that, we are an easy going, slimmish, fit couple who have had some experiences - enjoyed them - and are looking to explore further.

We only play as a couple and as a rule we only soft swing. F is very bi, M is basically straight but open minded. We're happy with most things, except pain, as long as all limits are respected.

Dartmouth, Devon

Just a free, single happy surfer type with an open mind, a few straightforward principles and morals, an attractive smile, a bigger than average cock and a rough idea of how to use it. Wow aren't I amazing. You'd be stupid not to be sending me a message right now.

I've been single now for about 18 months. This was something I used to do a long time ago and now I think I would like to get into the scene again.

Dry sense of humour, emotionally intelligent, respectful and understanding... yet also confident, direct and seductive when in the mood.

I don't like things to feel grotty or mechanical and want to feel that I'm with friends. I have met with couples before and it seemed to go well. I like older women and I have had several older girlfriends in the past. There is something very sexy about an older woman who knows what she is doing and how to do it with style and grace.

I like to chat, I like to listen. I like an orgasm ratio of 3:1 in your favour, it turns me on.

I have been to a couple of fetish/swinger parties and managed to enjoy myself and not offend anyone. Actually what I really enjoy is the atmosphere and hw friendly and sensitive people are, I guess in that environment there is just no point or need to pretend you are anyone that you are not!  I find it quite warming.  In more ways than one.... Would be keen for more.

Keen on gigs, festivals, music generally.

Not particularly experienced so like a blind man at an orgy, I'm just feeling my way through... help me if you have the time!


Crabtree, Devon, PL3

Hi there, im a 37yr old guy. Clean, polite and respectful. I am keen to be involved in all sorts of swinging activities but have a real fantasy for voyuerism. I love to watch. Indoors, outdoors its all good!!

If you fancy a really respectful guy who will do as he is in touch!!!

If you're fed up with time wasters? I'm one of the good ones who will turn up - and does exactly what it says on the tin.

I am a genuine male looking for fun with a naughty couple, single female or maybe bi.

Like to make arrangements by email, messages or phone chat. Interested in discreet, clean, no strings sexual activity (of your choosing). Non pushy.

I am Genuine, clean, reliable, very discreet and respectful of others wishes. Not pushy, you decide how fast things move and what you need from me.

I'm seeking discreet, clean, no strings fun. If you're like me, you will like to just go with the flow and enjoy your sexuality and erotic fantasies in a safe environment.

Would also be interested in having a regular thing with a suitable couple or single as you can be more relaxed that way and have great sex on a regular basis.

Most scenarios turn me on for example:

. having an older woman take advantage of me,

. mmf where both guys make sure she feels well used and fully satisfied,

. husband watches while I pleasure his wife,

. dominant woman who instructs both men to please her exactly as she requires,

. group sex where guys take it in turns to pleasure the woman,

. quickie sex in unusual places or outdoors,

. fast and passionate or slow and steamy,

. Complete voyuerism where I keep a suitable distance.

looking for fun please skype us on robert123456737 it will be worth meet and fun and camming

Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12
Sexy couples deserve a threesome -
Wanted - sexy couple for st8 MMF fun Hi My name is Dave, 27 years old, athletic build and have a strong and adventurous sex drive. I am looking for some sexy St8 MMF fun with a good looking fun couple. I adore the idea of a fine lady who seeks the pleasure of two men all to herself. Just think about it turns me on. Not into anything weird - pain water-sports etc. Safe sex is a must. I have good stamina and can perform repeatedly for as long as necessary. Happy to give oral to completion. Also enjoy receiving oral though not necessary to completion - if she decides against it. I am of Average size and neatly trimmed. Have a good tone body - see pic. D/D free. I have had one st8 MMF (safe sex) encounter to date. Enjoyed it so much that I am now looking for more and perhaps to meet a couple for regular encounters. Not essential at this moment it time. I can make myself available for Fri/Sat weekend fun. Can travel (within the Southwest and beyond if necessary) though unable to accommodate - sorry. Willing to accept the cost of a hotel if need be. Must socialise first and take things from there - if all agree. I hope you enjoyed my quick introduction. I look forward to you reply. PS. I am 100% genuine it would be nice if you were too.

couple looking for some extra spice and fun

male 48 straight , female 48 bi-curious

looking for couples, couples with bi female for some full enjoyment and fun .

female adores 3somes ...mmf, ffm

female loves dressing sexy in lace top stockings and high heels as pics show.

female loves giving oral and receiving,loves toys adores playing with rabbit vibrators x

male love receiving oral and adores giving to females

so if you think we are what you are looking for do feel free to drop us a message along with face photos xxx

thanks see u soon xxx

no timewasters....

no winks..these go unanswered

no picture collectors

all friend request with no photos will be deleted...

Devon, EX16

Hi, we are a sexy pair looking for other couples for orgasmic fun. We're into most things sexy, and have had some good times with other couples off this website and also in clubs etc. We both get really horny watching and being watched, but we also like real sexual interaction with other horny couples. We are getting horny just writing this, so imagine how much fun we have when we meet other swingers! Happy to accom or travel, ideally meet up first to see if we get on but the main thing is all getting in a room together and getting down and dirty!

Devon, EX2

HI YA ,im morris and looking to make some new friends with the same intrests as myself wich is 1 on 1 M F/M3sum fun but not (bi )and enjoy c2c with friends . so hope to chat with you soon /thanks for your time . morris ,

Devon, UK

very bi cross dresser looking to meet tops for fun. up for outside meets, car, your place, hotel etc. love sucking both ways, and prefer to take anal. fed up with timewasters. lets get down and dirty.

NO PICS ON PROFILE NO REPLY sorry but too many timewasters

Barnstaple, Devon, EX31

Funny, fit, imaginative and creative guy looking for a special submissive friend to come and play. Sensitive discrete and considerate to your needs. Not in any rush, happy to chat and find out more about you. Also Enjoy MMF or MMMF fun if you're looking for more wood for your project!

Pinhoe, Devon, EX1
no strings just fun -
Hi, I am looking for young guys for a one off meetings. I like men who are tall, muscular and good looking. I'm fine if you are one half of a couple or single. I will always have my husband around and he might even watch, but will not get involved. If your wife wants to come along and watch too that is fine but I am not bi. I will NOT reply to anyone who has no photos on his profile (or just cock pics!) or where there is no indication of location. I NEVER commit to anything until we have met, and always meet at a neutral venue. PS. I DO NOT chat or cam (my husband does all the chatting)and all winks are deleted unopened!
Devon, UK
Devon Couple seeking clean discreet playmates -
Hello there welcome to our profile lol Firsty please see piccys so you know what we look like saves a lot of timewasting lol We do if possible like to meet others for a strict non fun social evening to break the so called ice and if all happy we arrange a more naughty meeting lol And also playing is not essential with us as we have a very good relationship and quiet happy to flirt lol All playmates to be aged 21-46 please and all females to be over dress size 14 please a Well heres what we enjoy doing Long oral sessions, massage,toys,outdoor fun and no we dont mean dogging lol Same room swap ultimate with own partner only,watching others play,being watched Beginners welcomed can go at your pace lol Well here is the bad news lol we do not do the following for anyone lol Anal,pain games ,wet sex ,ultimate,swallow,charge or pay for any fun we might have this includes hotel rooms too lol Photos or video taken of any fun lol Meet any couples or bi girls without mobile chat before meeting Oh and Single males need not apply have plenty lol Beginners welcomed as we do enjoy soft swing too and if you got this far get in touch we dont bite lol well not so your neighbours would notice And to very local people we do play as we are very discreet so if you see us around dont be shy lol speak soon lick you later amanda & andy x x x
Paignton, Devon, TQ3
Saturday Night Me and G/F out after Night Out -
Hi and thanks for reading our advert, me and 35 year old G/F are having a night at a wedding reception in Paignton Sat night and after about 11.30 to 12 midnight are going in the car for some dogging action around Paignton, G/F has a great fuckable ass and lovely tits, Blonde and shaved below. Loves oral and sucking to completion, I just want to watch and see cum all over her drunk face and cute ass. She whats a good banging over the bonnet of the car, looking for a couple of guys or a couple to arrange a carpark meet, If you can help out then message me and we can arrange something, you won't be disappointed lol C & J
Devon, TQ4

single guy looking to have some fun times and make friends along the way.I am very relaxed and easygoing just out to enjoy life and live it to the full. I would prefer to have a longstanding friendship with a few select people but willing to meet for one offs if the vibe feels right. Absolutely filthy and love dirty fun. Available during the day except Mondays and weekends. Anyone fancy a naked cameraman? I have good photographic gear should anyone want some quality photos for their collection.

Plymouth, Devon, PL4

happily married couple just looking for a little bit extra xx

soft swing only

wont meet smokers

single bi-males only with face pic and over 50

must say bi male or bi curious on profile

dont do friends request

Devon, PL7
Looking for fun -
Available 29th 30th 31st for fun. Afternoons are best but evenings too. No hang ups just good fun. Would love to see some sexy lingerie on the right person.
Elburton, Devon, PL9

UPDATE Lost all my mail so if I have messaged you before sorry

Finding a lot of time wasters on here chat,add as friends then totally ignore any messages you send. SERIOUSLY !!! Luckily enough some decent people on here make up for the w*****s

Firstly if i send you a wink it means I am interested. Ok I am Gerry a guy here in Plymouth looking for some nsa sexy fun with ladies and couples. I have a fantasy of watching a couple having hot, noisy sex and only if invited join in but more than happy to just watch. As with most red blooded men I do love a lady dressed in stockings & suspenders or basque etc. I will say now I am in a sexless marriage (2 years no sex !!!) so please understand that. Hence why I am looking on line to meet other like minded adults for mutually beneficial fun. I am open to most things except water sports, pain etc. I can accom but at the moment only during the mornings however I am willing to book a hotel for a more private meet. I am very clean and of course very discreet and do expect the same back. So hope to hear from you sexy people soon and please if you want to know more then by all means drop me a line. Thanks :-)

PLEASE NOTE. I was lead to believe manners go a long way, ergo, If I take the time to send a message a reply of a kind would be nice. MY opinion is people who read and don't reply are just ignorant. RANT OVER !!!!!

Been having problems with my profile settings so I apologise for now so any questions please feel free to ask.

PL4, Plymouth, Devon, UK
can any one get me started -
been on this site for a while now but never taken it any futher. i need a few introductions to get me in the swing of things.
Not Set
couple seeking couple -
Hi thankyou for taking time to look at our advert and hope you like what you read and our pics we are a married couple from devon female is fully bi (but can also play straight in the company of other straight females) aged 40 size 14 busty and shaved she likes to dress up and is into most things including oral and full sex she also loves to have fun with other females using toys, tongues,fingers,and strapons.Male is str8 aged 38 of medium build and has a nice size cock he enjoys giving and recieving oral and having full sex.We are looking for couples of any age not to fussy on size for same room 4sum fun swapping and girl on girl fun if other female is bi or curious please send some details if your interested and we will get back to you if we want a male we will contact you we can travel or accomadate many thanks

Welcome ... I'm a friendly divorced man, happy with my single lifestyle, but seeking interesting women and couple friends for sexy meetings ... hope you find my photo's stimulating ... my personal interests range from art, reading, gardening, boating, and the sea, coast & countryside.... and I mustn't forget naughty naturism!! ... I have a debaucherous mind, so if you're looking for an interesting and genuine man for long term friendship, then I am patiently waiting - lol ... Also exploring raising spiritual energies and sexuality through pagan and tantric practices - anyone to join with me?

Looking forward to hearing from you ... thanks for reading this profile.

Paignton, Devon, TQ3
ss.couple -
We are a married couple looking for a bit more fun in life. He is 50 yrs old, 6ft tall, short dark hair, stocky build. She is 46 yrs old, 5ft 2" tall, shoulder length hair, 38e size 14/16. looking for another couple around our age give or take a few years. We love cycling & walking when we get the time, we are a genuine couple but are a bit shy & don't like to be pushed to hard.we would like another couple to take photo's or video us IF you think we are what your looking for drop us a line.
Devon, TQ12

Please don't be put off by the fact that I am just over 70! Everything's working fine, and I am still a lusty fellow!

I am not a hardened swinger, but I've explored enough to know how much I enjoy the mixture of slightly scary excitement at meeting for the fist time, and the wonderful sensuality of relaxing into pleasure together. I love nakedness. I love taking time to get to know each other's bodies, and the touch and taste of giving oral to completion with both pussy and cock... I especially enjoy the delicious range of possibilities in sharing a sensuous delights of an mmf threesome -- whether or not you prefer to include an element of bi-ness in our play together, and with or without penetration.

I also love giving naked erotic massage, with or without using mouth as well as hands, and I am very happy to meet men or women alone for this. I do however have to very discreet, and I can't meet as often as I'd like, and can only rarely accommodate -- but I will never let you down with a no-show. Try me!! xxx Pan

Devon, UK

Hi thanks for looking at our profile. We are a genuine couple in our 50s going on 20s. We are young at heart.

We have a fantastic sex life , and would love to enhance it and make new friends.But we do want face pics before any meets can be arranged, so if you dont have them dont waste your time emailing.

We would like to meet hot sexy couples with a sense of adventure and fun . Also we would love to meet the odd single guy who is up for hot sexy fun.

As you can see in our profile that we both smoke , but we do not smoke in the house , nor would we if we were invited to someones home .

Ann loves role play with stockings and killer heels.

Not into b&d s&m or gang bangs.

Topsham, Devon, EX3

June 2015: Took a break from here for over a year, now back after meeting some genuine people, exploring and ticking off a few things to do on my sexual bucket list. A year older, maybe a year wiser (who am I kidding), but very confident in what I want to do and with the people I want to meet.

I am on here to escape from the constraints of reality, to explore and discuss that which you can't suddenly strike up a conversation about while stood in a queue in a local supermarket. I am interested in further exploring my bi side, with NSA and with the same level of discretion. I would prefer to explore with a sexually confident bi-couple with a great sense of humour, however I am happy to get to know exceptional gay or bi males as long as you have some decent photos and not a blank profile!! How difficult is it to upload a photo, full body, face pic or even an elbow for those who need a high level of privacy, after all it is the 21st century and selfies (sexual or not) are part of modern life.

I am not the 20 year old I once was with the toned body, I'm still in good shape, but regular trips to the gym would come in handy for my abs - thankfully I still have the footballer legs, a cute butt, tanned all over and shaved in all the interesting places!! I enjoy cycling and spending some time on a very quiet beach, naked, soaking up the sun and getting away from the stress of daily life to unwind whenever I have the opportunity to do so. For those who enjoy long mountain bike rides, give me a shout for NSA rides (no pun intended). Outdoor sex is great but if car parks, public toilets or well known dogging locations are your thing, then please pass me by.

For those who are 'playing away from home' without their partner's consent, whether that be wife, husband, gf or bf, then I am not for you.

As for my photos... yes they are mainly outdoor pictures of me in male underwear, except for my private albums, but don't let that put you off as I like underwear, being naked outdoors. Any 'action' shots of any real interest for pic collectors to wank over are shared only with the decent people in the photos...unlucky try another profile.

I tend to work long hours, therefore I am often online late evenings, and if you see me in the chat room, then say hi, as I am happy to chat as long as you don't have a blank profile, not pushy and can hold a conversation. For the record a decent conversation does not mean 'Hi, nice cock', after all I see it everyday so I do know how nice it is!!

I am not into immediate meets, but I really don't mind receiving whispers or private messages from anyone so feel free to chat about the erotic, mundane or off the wall humour and see where things go from there.

To sum up my profile, Mid 40's reserved guy, medium sized assets (probably closer to the wrong end of medium), no six pack, just about a two pack, I smoke (that's just the way it is, but I am considerate of those who do not), and I am looking for that very elusive bi-couple/gay male.

Note to self: I really must learn to sell myself better LOL

If you think you fit my profile then feel free to contact me.

Matt xx

Devon, UK
Plympton, Devon, PL7

Update Feb 2016: In 2014 Mrs C suffered an accident on Dartmoor resulting in a severe fracture, this had not repaired as well as we would have liked and Mrs C now has to undergo major surgery to alleviate the pain and discomfort she constantly suffers. This has led to us not being able
to meet socially or for play lately. After the operation and recovery we will review where we are with everything.

Reference friends requests. It's something we choose not to engage in, not even for people we have met or have regular email contact with.

So where are we with swinging, overall we have had a good time on site, some people remaining in contact for some years, but we have never been too prolific as we have a good sex life in our marriage.

As a mature couple we tend to be old school, preferring the first meet to be a social one only, and the people we meet need to be straight, bi just does not work for us, we cannot meet daytimes.

Invites to our private album are welcome.

Devon fun anyone?? Clean and discreet male here. Exeter, Tiverton, Barnstaple.

Somerset and Cornwall too

Whipton, Devon, EX1
Couple moved back to Plymouth Hope to find people of similar age who enjoy a drink or 2 and have a bit of fun.
Plympton, Devon, PL7
curious -
we are new to this...looking for like minded couples for same room fun
Devon, EX8
Luxurious big-titted fat arsed dirty little blonde, for a real connoisseur -
*** Please note we are ONLY interested in guys who can provide nice private local accommodation (not hotels, cars, clubs etc). Sorry. Please don't reply otherwise. I DO think it's important to respond to all replies, but I'm sorry, it just isn't possible: we have so many useless daft ones: no pics, no information etc. You WILL get a reply if you ARE something like what we need. We want someone local to us.... someone intelligent, amusing, stylish, well-equipped, experienced, nice-looking. And you really MUST rejoice in squirmy pink wet fat girls. Just wanting a fuck is no use at all, as this woman is a real specialist collector's item, and it needs someone special, who will properly appreciate it. And wreck it, hopefully. She's 5ft 4 and 44H, for the record, and she fucks like a mad piglet when she gets going. Pretty much no limits of any kind; you can just help yourself, do whatever you want to her, and bask in all that wobbly pinkness... She's very timid to begin with, hence the need for charm and a little patience. On the other hand you will have the pleasure of watching it tremble like a whippet while you're tearing its clothes off...
Devon, TQ5

hello folks..... well basicly, i love messing around with blokes. Be it watching or taking part. Well into meeting up with truckers and showing them a bit of local hospitality. And you can't beat a bit of dogging.... there's something about the turn up, play and go.... even been known to get in with couples and help them out.....

Bored you enough, so have fun... x

Plymouth, Devon, PL4

Returning after a long overseas deployment, and needing to make up for lost time and contacts.

Now living in Plymouth city centre and can accommodate.

I am dominant professional male seeking local couples ideally where there is a cuckold who is content to serve both his wife and me. Equally seeking that elusive single lady seeking some proper mutual sexual gratification.

I am also looking to meet like minded discreet professional couples who are seeking an extra male to double the enjoyment.

Gregarious and witty, charming and sexy, fit and athletic of build with skilled tongue, fingers and cock.

Seeking like minded adult pleasure with females and couples (no aversion to male to male contact when in mixed company).

This site is overpopulated by time wasters and wannabe doms etc. I am not in that category and have partners on here who will vouch for the same if required.

Equally I have the company and use of a submissive female who joins me as and when it suits and/ or is required.

So if you are seeking an additional male for threesome fun, or just to be watched while you enjoy each other, or are a lady looking for sensual and erotic encounters then do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance. If I arrange any meetings then they happen.

Wasters and wannabes need not apply!

Bittaford, Devon, PL21

Married (as of 6/4/09 now separated).

In July 2012 I was diagnosed as being Gender Dysphoric (if you don't know what that means then look it up)although I have not yet decided where to go from here, as of now any meets will involve me in submissive role only, I will not perform "A" on you nor will I expect to receive "O" from you.

Love to give "O" and receive "A". Not convincing 52, but very sexy and always horny. Cannot accommodate but willing to travel for outdoor fun or meet in hotel or your place. Love gang-bangs. Would love to meet a m/f couple to be fucked with strap-on by f while sucking m cock then fucked by m while licking f pussy. Get in touch soon

Ultimate dream on here is to find long term relationship with single male or female fuckbuddy, to become couple with for meets with other couples and attend parties.

Cannot accom as now in shared digs.I have had enough of Dreamers and Photo collectors on here so am gonna start naming them.........YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Chubby Couple -
We are looking for soft swing filming and photos enjoy play games sex with own partner Male 53 Female 47 have g.s.o.h and clean can travel both carrying some extra pounds will try dogging
Devon, TQ3
Naughty fun -
I'm a very horny guy who likes to keep fit with a high sexual appetite who's able to express exactly what turns me on and loves to share in your fantasies too . Ideally I'm hoping to strike up a friendship with someone I find physically attractive with sexual benefits. Having sex with a friend is much more satisfying but also spontaneous one off sex is just as hot. would also like to try a 3some . I'm easy to talk to, young at heart with a cheeky sense of humour. Please DO NOT message me if your only interested in online chatting and asking for pictures with no intentions of a physical meet. Already had too many time wasters , profiles with no pics . I'm not looking for a relationship just naughty fun. Drop me a message if I'm what your looking for Xxxxx
Devon, UK

Hi fellow naughty people.

I'm Looking for funloving people, for relaxed fun and wild crazy naughtyness. I like both.

I have had experience of two somes, and three somes, can often be found at Westward Bound parties, and occasionally out dogging.

I'm an easy going chap, based in North Devon, love kissing, as I find it a big turn on, and I love people full of imagination and wickedness.

Happy to meet for a drink and chat, to see if we click, and maybe take things further.

I'm not shy, but not pushy either. I respect all boundaries, and am very discreet.

I'm 5' 11'' tall, have a cheeky sense of humour,a muscular build, and a twinkle in my eye.

Always happy to travel / meet in the Devon / southwest area, for daytime, or evening fun.

I may even have been past your door, as part of my job involves me travelling around the southwest.

Happy to swap face pics with genuine people.

If you wish to know more, or fancy chat, I'm only a click of a button away.

Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18
First Time -
I am one hot lady, and have a burning desire to test the Bi water. So, I'm looking for someone with experience or enthusiasm, who can lead me gently and teach me what they know. We come as a couple(!), and so would like to enjoy this as a couple. Are you what we're are looking for? Drop us a line
Riverford Bridge, Devon, TQ9

Looking for some N/S fun with male/fem/cpl/TV/TS. Orally bi love to have fun 1 2 1, 3 some or maybe group. I am non smoker, good sense of humour, got all my own grey hair, medium to stocky build smallish cock. I love long snogging sessions with deep passionate french kissing, caressing and mutual sucking/pussy eating.Would love to meet a really dirty slut with few limits and fewer morals, age and size is unimportant but must be into dirty naughty sex with 2 guys.

Cowley, Devon, EX4

We are a clean, fun loving, very sexual couple who enjoy experimenting with sex in and outside the bedroom. We have been away from the swinging scene for some time and would like to start re-living our fantasies with the help of other like minded couples / females...

We are seeking couples who are open minded and adventurous..tell us your fantasies, we'll tell you ours and maybe we can make it happen??We are still relatively new to this and it's really important for us to chat with and meet up with couples to measure the sexual chemistry first ..maybe a few drinks, a bit of conversation and potentially a night of naughtiness is in store for all!!

If you like what you see / read, send us a message and we can chat, but if you want to see what we currently have in our private albums mail us.


Devon, EX2

am now looking for a master or a dom tv to be owned for regular cam fum or meets if want just a quickie on cam pass me by serious offers only idea would be to cam for my dom etc then after put into chasity till the next time to cam wearing now stockings + pantieswanking/milking 4 times a day like to trave wearing what told even if just basque bra stockings panties heels etc await genuine replys only no t/w

Exeter, Devon

mature male would love some softswing fun with couple or female age or size not important i am very dicreet and non pushy.

Would love to have some outside or car flashing fun.

Cheers Andy

Friendly, fit, athletic, interesting, talkative, musical, intelligent, literate energetic, good looking guy with bags and bags of energy looking for meets, erotic correspondence, cam fun, constructive debauchery, banter, flirting, dazzling wit and intelligent conversation. I'll take any one, or all of these and can offer most of them in return , sometimes simultaneously.

Me: 5'11, with brown hair and blue eyes, 40 years old with a very flexible and athletic body and nice defined muscles. I walk the line between good looking and quirky looking. Clever, in mostly unproductive ways. Into: music, sport, cooking, reading. In short, I'm a geek, Good geek not bad geek. And I'm clinically sane, optimistic and balanced.

I'm looking for discreet fun with energetic women. Age range is broad - 20is to 5ish. I have no preferred body type, hair colour or much else really, but I do find energy, a fun attitude to life, and a lack of inhibition very sexy. I'm fairly normal in my preferences although I'm open to being led astray.

I'm also married, so am looking for no strings fun. Strings are bad.

I'm based in East Devon, lucky me. I travel a lot for work so playing away is entirely possible. I definitely think you should get in touch.