We are just a normal couple, who would now like to try new things!!!

We like to go dogging occasionally, where Mrs Dirty Cat has been fingered to orgasm by strangers (very horny, listening to your wife cum on a strangers fingers guys) and might like to take it to the next stage with the right guy!!!

Mrs Dirty Cat is very Submissive, and loves nothing better than to be pinned down and taken roughly until she is made to cum/squirt very hard...

Mr Dirty Cat is very Dominant and loves nothing better than to oblige Mrs DC ?

You could call it the perfect match!!!

If you think we might have something in common then get in touch, but please remember we are not hardened swingers and live quite busy lives!!!


"I'd like to know more..." requests will now be AUTOMATICALLY BLOCKED. If you can't be arsed then don't waste yours or our time!!!



Just looking for fun with lovely women. Prefer the natural look to the silicone one and maturity is definately a bonus. HAve a few fantasties, but you will have to contact me or ask me in the chatroom what they are!! Altho one of them involves a mature woman and a strap-on - go figure!!

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH5
Fun, adventurous and outgoing -
Hi, Looking for a fun, adventurous, outgoing woman to inject some excitement into my life.
City of Edinburgh, UK

Just a normal horny guy, in a relationship, here to watch, chat and exhibity but not averse to meeting up with equally horny women for secret liaison if  the right circumstances arose.

City of Edinburgh, UK

Married guy, bi, mature, adventurous, imaginative and happy to chat online frankly before any meeting. I'm relaxed about what we do and enjoy a slow sensuous wank as much as gentle buggery - not that I've had much of that. Keen to try bondage, blindfolds, mild S&M with a trusted guy.

Ideally would like to find someone for regular get-togethers.

I'm in central Edinburgh, might accommodate after developing trust, able to travel and meet weekdays 9am to 4pm

Also it would be good to find a guy to play golf with and or visit the gym with.

And have some fun after?

Edinburgh, EH3
carly and dex -
Hi, we are totally new to this so dont know what to look for yet.xx
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK

Horny Edinburgh guy seeking discreet relaxed cpls, 'flirty' married or single ladies in central Scotland. Tall, muscular, friendly and openminded. To date I have had some very sexy experiences, and looking to broaden those experiences with others. If my profile perks some interest, do get in touch and let's chat. x

I'm 35, fit, fun and very, very horny. I love to have fun and always rise to the occasion. My speciality is giving oral, I love to take my time slowly teasing, flicking and sliding my tongue all over a gorgeous wet pussy, slowly flicking a clit as I tease the lips with my fingers. I'm clean, D&D free and a good repeater with shaved balls.

Looking for couples or single females. Happy to play as part of an MMF,MMMF or more! Very open-minded and into most things, and normally more than once, lol!

Have face pics on my private album so just drop me a line to view

City of Edinburgh, EH1

Late 40's married couple. I (Mrs Slutty) have big firm tits, a round smooth bum, and very accommodating mouth and pussy. I'm submissive, and pride myself on providing an excellent service, especially on all-fours with a gentleman at each end, enjoying all I am capable of giving. Anal is a little difficult...but who knows, I might be able to accommodate given the right degree of patience. Mr Slutty loves to watch, and join in, and generally be "le patron". I'll do whatever he wishes...or at least I have done so far ;-) If you can help me expand my repertoire of ways to provide pleasure for gentlemen, then please do get in touch, with explicit details of how I should perform for you, and we'll go from there. Thank you!

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1

As the name suggests I'm an easygoing guy with a very laidback attitude to life. I like to get along with most people and enjoy convivial company. I am a professional, intelligent, I hope that doesn't sound too conceited, I can hold a reasonable conversation in most situations. As to my most vital statistic, well I honestly can't claim to have a monster in my trousers, but my 6 1/2 inch, thick, uncircumcised cock is perfectly adequate for most partners. I have recently come out of a long term relationship so I am not looking for a heavy commitment at this time. NSA meetings are just fine for me.

In terms of swinging I have to say I am somewhat inexperienced but nevertheless very eager to particpate. I welcome encounters with single females for an occasional bit of fun. I would also be open to possible experimentation with couples. Something I not yet tried before but would be keen to try. I have recently become bi curious and would be interested in exploring this aspect of my sexuality in a threesome situation.

I should stress in any potential encounter discretion is absolutely assured on my part and I would expect the same from the other party. If you think you might be interested, don't be shy drop me a line.

I love reading the stories on this website, I hope to meet up with other members here so I add my own personal experiences and entertain many others.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH6

New to swinging together cpl looking for like-minded people

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh

Divorced unattached guy looking for sensual intimacy, fun and friendship with open attitude. Respectful, non pushy and likes to give and please. Happy just to watch also. Hope you may be interested.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Thanks for checking me out. I hope that you like what you read and see and that if you do, you'll drop me a line sometime.

I'm told that I'm good company and great at putting people at their ease. I've got a shaven head, green eyes, a nice voice, a fit body and, or so I'm told, a lovely big, thick cock. I've got a facial pic in my private photos and if you ask, I'll let you see it. I have a life outside of this world and I prefer to be discreet, as you probably do too.

I've only come back to this site very recently, so although I have some friends from a few years ago, I'm looking to make new ones for uncomplicated, friendly, horny fun: I don't want to shag my way through the entire site, I'm not a time-waster or a pic-collector and I want to meet people who I'd like to see more than once (and vice versa).

I like playful, flirty, self-confident women with naughty minds, imagination and stamina. I like sexy, sassy girls (ladies, women, sluts, however you see yourself) who enjoy talking dirty, but also have something to say for themselves before, during and after.

The same goes for couples: I treat it as a privilege to be invited into your lives and it's one I take seriously - I'm discreet, respectful and will accept whatever limitations you require. That said, I'm extremely patient with shy people, but life is short and I don't want to spend the rest of it typing!

I like to give pleasure, as well as take it: as far as I'm concerned foreplay is the most important part of sex and I particularly love kissing: as someone said to me recently, "if you can't turn me on by kissing these lips, you're definitely not going to get to kiss my other ones!"

I love giving and receiving oral, and stroking and rubbing and licking and sucking and fucking and all the other things we love to do in all the many ways i know (but I'm happy to learn more. I also like a bit of kink, like rubber and PVC, but it's not obligatory and I'm very happy with just straight, horny sex!

I reply to all emails, but I understand why so few females and couples do - you get so many, it's hard to keep up with the people you do want to hear from, let alone the ones you don't know and don't want to!

Is that all too much information? I hope not. Thanks again for reading this - whether or not you get in touch, I hope you have lots of horny fun: take care out there!



City of Edinburgh, EH3

Well where to start, I'm a genuine laid back guy, have been on here before while I was posted down in England, met some nice people down there moved back to Scotland and it wasn't really up to much on here so I left however I'm back again for you to prove me wrong.

would consider my self to be happy go lucky and up for trying out most things within reason, no matter how outrageous ill still give it a moments thought. the old original saying don't knock it till you have tried it. I am very open sexually I am by no means Ron Jeremy but open to suggestions and experimentation. I am not homophobic don't mind close proximity/ contact with another guy as long as all parties know my tight little asshole is to remain for its primary purpose :)

although the following is not exhaustive some of the things I do like include

Women with nice tattoo's and by that I don't mean a little Tasmanian devil on your shoulder lol, I also love women that squirt, its not for everyone but I find it hot the wetter the better. most importantly a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, i'v had my fair share of thumbles under the covers in a dark room. I also have a thing for a dominant woman. none of your hardcore pain and leaving with bruises but more of a kinky,playful and teasing sort of way.

I am 100% genuine and if we arrange to meet I won't back out and let you down at the last minute, no need for wasting each and others time. I would say that I would try anything at least once twice to be sure ;) so to that end hit me with all your naughty ideas and lets get playful.

so if your looking for some easy going fun and a little experimenting get in touch.

I am 100% clean and free of any diseases and expect the same if your Not or cant be 100% sure please skip my profile

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH6

28th jan:

**** Hi Heidi n Rodders!!!!!***** hehehe


We've been around here for a while now and had more fun than we could've imagined, met some great people, been to some good parties, had some naughty jacuzzi incidents, and got naked on web-cam quite a lot too!

We've more of an idea of what we're after now, but also know that this can change.

* We'd like to meet up with sexy couples or single gals in our area, around the 18-35 (ish ish ish) age group, preferably where the girl is bi/curious and the guy is straight. *

So are we what you're looking for?...

M is 25, bi when D is there ;-) , D is 30 and definitely straight.

So far meet-ups have ranged from a good drunken night in the pub, to some questionable pole dancing in our flat, to soft/full swaps.

We prefer just to go with the flow and we aren't looking for anything in particular- more just good fun for everyone!

We don't send out pictures, but we are happy to invite you to view our private gallery and we definitely need to have chatted on the phone, although preferably web-cam, before meeting. We usually tend to chat on msn for a while before meeting, but this isn't essential and we have been known to chat for just half an hour before meeting! Bad M&D!

At some point M might be looking for single guys to join us - only very hot ones of course! ;-)

We can accommodate (in Edinburgh) and prefer to do so, but we wouldn't mind travelling further afield for someone we really got on with.

If we haven't bored you to death so far and you fancy chatting a bit more, then send us a pm with your msn, or come say hi in chat.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Maz and Den xxx

FIRST OF ALL. I AM HAPPILY STRIGHT. NOT INTERESTED IN CHATTING OR MEETING GUYS. this includes bi. bi curious, straight acting,CDs/TVs etc. (I am not interested if your "girlfriend" hacked your account and pretended to be you and sent a message or a wink I AM STILL NOT INTERESTED)

thanks for clicking on my profile or picture, perhaps i looked at yours as well and you thought why not check me out?

the question is what are you looking for? if you are female and looking for fun social horny intimate meetings then please read on, here are a few details to excite and delight you

i am single, happily straight, fit, fun, have had a vasectomy and again I am straight. I love sensual women and love to find out what turns you on and do something about it. If you think sex is fun, healthy and to be enjoyed, then i would love to hear from you and see if we might click.

Silly of me I know but insist on meeting socially then take it from there.

I am not looking for a string of one night stands, but know it is not always possible for regular meetings. I am openminded, able to hold a conversation, laid back and pretty unassuming also happily STRAIGHT and yes, well endowed but isn't everyone on here lol.

So in short Looking to meet only ladies for fun

NO interest at all in meeting cds, tvs, bi or bi curious guys.

If i find you attractive in a picture or perhaps saw something in your profile then i might message you only to say hi(distance might be a problem for example) feel free to message if you want to know anything even to suss me out

look forward to hearing from you


ps I don't have transport at present.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH4

Hi we are a proffesional, secure married cpl looking for fun likeminded cpls for good sensual times, we unfortunately cannot accommodate, however a travelodge or similar sounds just dandy xx.

We are kinda new on the scene with limited experience but the times we have had has been enjoyable, and we do prefer soft swing to begin with and then who knows mmmmmm, Liz also enjoys the idea of single well hung males to meet her needs as she is very highly sexed, and she enjoys the thought of black males, and thats by her own admission.

We are both straight however Liz has lately been pondering over the thought of involving another female mainly as she would like to encourage her bi-curious side obviously not full on as it would be her first time but very interested and would welcome any correspondance from interested cpls, however any hot bloodied males out there who fancy a mfm session then also let us know and if there are any males who may not be as confident as some we know who fancy a little soft play session while watching Liz being fucked by Jay, as Liz watches you wank off can also get in touch.

This may sound a little drawn out, however this request by Liz is genuine and if we can we will at least answer all messages without being rude as Liz is rather fussy, however we have no preferance on size or age, so all genuine interest will be considered xx

Keep safe

Liz n Jay xx

Not Set
What to say? A long essay. -
I have looked at sites like this here, there, and everywhere. But, when it comes down to my own success-rate and getting a chance at my fantasies, it's been through sheer luck or accident in the real world. Put up an ad on most sites? Someone with a pretty picture will wink, or send you a mail you have to pay to read. They're on a kickback from the site, or they want you to pay-per-minute for camsex. Anyway, I'm recently back from many, many years outside the country; I left a long-term partner behind and we still maintain some contact. She expects me to find someone else, but I have an emotional investment in the relationship. Anyone I have some fun with would need to understand I would return to what I had before if circumstances permitted. I would like to look into meetups and such in the area, perhaps get some clue into what's going on, and what could happen. Needless to say, if I turned up somewhere and was really uncomfortable because it suddenly turned into an orgy for everyone but me... I could end up emotionally scarred :-P The horror! Someone want to show me the ropes? Induct a newbie into your world of hedonism? I don't bite unless you ask me to, and I'm hoping for the same in return. Publicly I'm prepared to admit to MF encounters, and FFM encounters. Before trying anything else I really would need to meet people and get to know them.
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH3

Happily married couple with an adventurous and active sex life now looking to push the limits of this to include others.

We're a friendly, funny (we think!) and laid back professional couple. We're here, not to make lots of new friends for life - although if that happens all well and good - but to have some amazing experiences with some very attractive people.

Jane is a fantastic package - gorgeous, top body (size 10), great tits (34E), sexy and more than a little wicked. Will is a fit, good looking fireman, black belt Tae Kwon Do - what more do you need to know?

Primarily we would like to meet other attractive, professional couples to explore things further. Don't want any pics other than of faces and clothed - quite like the element of surprise if we do eventually get naked. Jane is toying with bi tendancies but must be within a 'couple' setting - has had minor encounter and not sure its for her, but willing to try again in the right company. Or maybe she just likes men too much lol!

Might consider the approaches of 'exceptional' single guys, but Jane is not to be shared with just anyone!

We are not into notches on bedposts, endless chat with no action or timewasters.Bi males are just not our thing either - sorry! And don't ask Jane to meet separately as that's never gonna happen!

If you like what you read why not drop us a line?

Looking to have fun with sexy bi ladies/couples/guys. Being a voyeur with the opportunity to join in also excites me. Only interested in honest, intelligent, discreet, and professional people who can hold a decent conversation. It's quality over quantity for me so would be looking to build up relationship before taking things further. NOT interested in single straight guys - sorry.

I'm not up for random meets, so please don't waste your time asking if we haven't even spoken. Just because I'm on here doesn't mean I will go with anyone. I won't respond to winks or one liners either. Put a bit of effort in. If you're willing to spend some time getting to know me first then I'd be more than happy to see how things go. X

Finally, I repeat, NO single straight guys.

Oh, and please do not send me friend requests unless we have chatted.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1
Looking for bi female to join mrs while I video and fuck mrs and mrs fucks you! -
PLEASE READ PROFILE BEFORE MAILING! We are a youngish couple new to swinging! In a happy loving relationship just looking to try something different. We are from scotland ( Edinburgh ) area. BUT WE TRAVEL A LOT ALL OVER UK! So are looking to arrange meets outside scotland for our road trips :-)! Also would be keen to attend some swinging parties and clubs. Can accommodate? YES Can travel? YES SINGLE males? NO We are mostly on here for F OR FF to join me and partner. Will consider couples if male is whiling to let females play alone first. We both love BBW! Curvy Fem: Loves mature ladies with big boobs and bums. Loves female to be dominant, loves sucking hubby's cock while getting her pussy licked by sexy females! Please come do as you please With me! Asian Male: Loves bbw ssbbw, big tits and ass, loves to fuck mrs while she's fucking mature bbws! Loves watching mrs fuck females with double dildo then cumming all over them:-)! We are open to trying new things. We have FaceTime to verify we are genuine before any meets. And we also use Curvyfem also has a singles profile on here too. ID - curvyfemaleasianmale ( we do not send our photos unless we have video called first ) all photos are on here to be shared ID - just ask in message We also can do FaceTime or iMessage and :-)! Just ask x
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH6

New to this scene, I am a novice bi-sexual, highly-sexed lady looking for fun times with relaxed couples (with a bi-fem) or single bi-ladies!

I am not currently looking to meet with single guys... I am here primarily to indulge my lady-loving side.. so all you sexy ladies please do get in touch!

I am happy for one-offs if that's how things turn out, but am also very happy to enjoy longer-term friendships when things go well! I strongly advocate a 'no pressure' philosophy - I love the social side too - particularly meeting liberal-minded, relaxed, easy-going types... this isn't all about sex for me... (but of course if that's thrown in the mix all the better)!

My partner is happy for me meet and play alone - but he is keen to meet my playmates on a casual footing in the first instance... this means local meets definitely preferred - so we can all meet for a drink together... Assuming things go well I can then meet you on another occasion alone... for playtime!

Young, slim and very keen... I am confident I have plenty to offer... so please get in touch if you are interested! I look forward to meeting you...


Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH9
Any Edinburgh guys nterested in a mutual wank or suck with another guy? -
Hey There Are you curious about what it would be like to try things with another guy? If you've ever thought about what it would be like to wank another guy, or have a guy wank you, then you're very far from being alone. If you 'Seven Pints' - by Conran Thomas - then you'll see that 24% of straight guys admit privately that they've done this with another guy! Anyway, I'm a 39yr old gay guy, very normal in down to earth, who's in a long-term relationship but likes to get together with straight/bi/bi-curious guys if they want to try some mutual wanking fun with another guy. I'm also happy to let you see what it's like to have your cock sucked by another guy, or for you to try sucking mine if it's something you want to do. Discretion and a safe and non-pressured environment are absolutely guaranteed. My partner knows all about this and is totally fine with it. I live on the west side of Edinburgh and can usually accom with a bit of notice. Happy for this to be a one-off or something more regular if it works out. Cheers
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH3
open to offers -
Professional, creative, attentive, sensual, non smoking 48 year old male seeks couples in southern scotland (and occassionally england) able to offer further fun in the field of threesomes (or especially moresomes after my one excellent mmmf experience). The discrete pics taken in the garden last summer show a very white me and things haven't got bronzier, however I'm 6 feet tall, medium build, cute bum so I'm told and hairy chested (less hair on head, none on face) with an ironic sense of humour ... can be sincere as an extra service. Likes include strong personalties, interesting conversation, slim or medium builds, sexy lingerie, erotic foreplay and white wine. Love oral, especially giving. Penetration nice but not essential. I prefer a gentl(ish) suggestive introduction to get to know one another, before maybe going further if we click. Working in the hospitality industry limits my availability however. I'm available more during the day than the evening and seldom at weekends.
City of Edinburgh, EH6
Mature Couple looking for Cam fun and possible meet!!! -
FOLLOWING NUMEROUS PEOPLE WHO HAVE RESPONDED AND NOT READ THE AD, PLEASE NOTE ANYONE WHO IS UNDER 30 OR HAS ANY INTEREST IN BI MALE ACTIVITY WILL BE IGNORED. TAKE TIME TO READ THE WHOLE AD AND ONLY RESPOND IF YOU MEET THE STATED REQUIREMENTS.NON SMOKERS ONLY!!!! "NO FRIENDS REQUESTS PLEASE WITHOUT A DECENT AMOUNT OF INFO. NO INFO THEN ITS A STRAIGHT DELETE" Update....... Lola is NOT submissive so Doms please respect this....." I am looking to have some sexy personal cam fun with hot guys in the next few weeks. You must be a very hot and fit guy with great physique and a mature outlook. We can hopefully have some great private times on cam and who knows where it may end up!!!! Send me a mail with info etc if you think you are what I am looking for......Lola xxxx" My wife is very specific in what sort of men she wishes to entertain so please respect her requirements and only respond if you think you meet her needs. Thanks
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1

We are a newly and happily married couple seeking sexual adventures to deepen our relationship and have some fun.

She is a dark-haired bi- beauty, early 40s and has been rightly described as voluptuous. He is dark-haired, mid-40s and gym-fit.

Ideally we are looking for a bi- or bi-curious female to play with separately or together. He is happy to watch, join in, play later or leave the women to it. We may also consider play with couples including a bi-curious female. We practice safe sex only.

We dip in and out of the fetish scene and periodically go to clubs or parties in the UK or abroad. She enjoys whipping as stimulation, but is not into pain. He is prepared to take disobedient females in hand for chastisement, where necessary.

We have a nice, centrally located house and are prepared to accommodate when we know and trust you. We are also prepared to travel for the right person or couple.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

City of Edinburgh, EH1

Want to make new friends..Cpls -especially - and singles wanted to help satisfy Penny! Love to watch and be watched to begin with, then see where the spontaneous mood takes us - with Penny the centre of attention...We're professionals, educated and articulate, and love our little luxuries, enjoy travel all over UK and abroad, and stylish weekends away, so happy to hear from you wherever you are. In fact we prefer to play away from our home town. We're sociable and sexy!

Penny is 5'7", lovely long legged tactile redhead, loves to wear stockings and heels, adventurous and enthusiastic lover,incredibly horny, sexy and sensual .Richard is 5'10", handsome & a veeery sexy man! We love sex - especially into lingerie, toys, dirty talk, pics, movies, oral, anal, mutual masturbation, gentle restraint..and much much more..love to try new things and be inspired by others.

We are looking for a couple with a bi or bi curious females or a single female for nights in/out and invites.

We are both intellectual and are great company to be with and enjoy meeting new friends.

I'm a bi curious female and enjoy pleasuring other women and men. I've been with other women and want more..

He is a straight professional Irish men with a 7" cock but his party trick is his tongue - Lady's he knows how to lick that spot!!

What we like when meeting - Have a few drinks, get to know each other and see where it goes from there. We only soft swap with couples - female to female and oral to all, but sex with own partner. We are not looking to send a loads a emails, we prefer to send a few then meet up in a bar or club first. We are none pushy and 100% genuine couple.

We don't play solo or with single men, so don't ask.


Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH9
TV sex godess -
hi I'm seline tall, well toned. lovely pert ass and slim figure, ready for someones pleasure.. I dress in everyday clothes, not really into any particular look, but just convincing and feminine. This usually involves tight top, short skirt, tights, g string and leather boots... so everyday but sexy as! prefer dom guys as long as their not too aggresive. interested in 3somes, so any single guys who don't mind a 3rd (or 4th) person involved would be good. Usually don't accom, so will have to be your place or some other discrete location. Don't really have an age or size preference, but face pics do help as I like to know who I'm meeting. Any guys into rimming are most welcome, sucking, wankig, kissing also, fucking with some consideration for not wrecking my lovely pink hole! other suggestions welcome?? just good nsa clean but dirty fun
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH5
Hi there, -
Hi there, We are an open and honest couple who are experimenting for the first time. I am a bi curious woman who is seeking her first girl on girl experience with somebody who if preferably experienced, if not no worries! My almost hubby is happy to watch and hopefully join in. I am a size 16 but with a hourglass figure and shaved pussy. He is very muscular with a thick dick. We are both genuine and excited about the forthcoming possibilities. We can travel up to a reasonable distance. We can also have someone here but only if we click and trust each other. Looking for NSA fun and possible discreet relationship. We both are professionals and so the need to maintain discretion is very important to us. Additional photos are available on request. Looking forward to hearing from you all! :)
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH7
Edinburgh couple -
Hi Gals 'n Guys... We're an attractive couple who'd love to meet sexy women and couples to join us. We're fairly new to this, had a few meets so far, hope to arrange more! We're friendly and easy going. She's a petite and curvy brunette, bi, fairly submissive, 5', 36E, size 14 and loves to dress up in sexy lingerie. He's a sexy, attractive guy, 5'10", slim and athletic. We're happy to meet up socially first although also comfortable just to get straight into it. Lol. Either way, swapping face pics first is a must as there has to be a 'spark' there. We'd also prefer it if you trimmed or shaved (we're trimmed, not shaved). If you're interested in chatting, drop us an email. :) We can send pics and swap numbers. Hope to hear from you soon... K&D xxx
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH7

Fit 29 year old, quite good looking ((so I'm told)) just looking of extra fun, life is not a rehearsal afterall so we should make the most of it.

I am totally genuine and don't need timewasters!! I know there are fellow genuine people out there who just want to have some extra fun in their life, without extra hassle. I have an athletic body and plenty of stamina, 7" thick and can hold off as long as you like and repeat as much as you want. I enjoy all the usual things, and met a couple of people on here a long time ago and we enjoyed some good times, but then I was in a relationship for a couple of years and the fun had to stop!

If you like pics and fancy getting together - email and we can meet for a drink in Edinburgh to see if we connect.


EXCITEMENT WANTEDHi, I'm a straight guy looking for some NSA fun with a like minded woman . I am 100% genuine and discreet and don't have any time for time waster's .

I'm looking for some one to be a pal as well as a FWB unfortunately I CAN'T accommodate but i am willing to travel and hotel it and can usually meet at short notice, so if I'm showing on line mail me and we can chat and hopefully we can click and meet very soon. So come on lets start living and have that extra helpings of excitement and sexy fun. Get in touch and we can all be enjoying ourselves sooner rather than later I'm always up for meeting for a drink first to get to know you better day time only tho as I'm night shift boohoo

Please get in touch if you're interested


Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH3

We are a fun loving, professional secure couple who enjoy meeting like minded couples and single bi females for sexy fun. She is bi he is very straight.

Love to get dressed to impress (especially lingerie) and make heads turn.

Seeking fun loving couples with bi female or single females for some flirty fun that leads to some real sexy fun in the bedroom or where ever! Would want to meet socially to get the chemistry flowing before hand but willing to progress to the bedroom on first date if the chemistry is there.

Not wanting contact from single males so no e mails or requests thanks.If you like what you see e mail us and who knows!!

No random friend requests we will only make friends with people we have chatted to or met. cheers

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1
Highly sexed chap looking for some sexual fun and adventure -
Looking for new hot experiences 6ft tall, slight tan, stubbled face, slightly hairy chest, reasonably well endowed and toned, single, work hard play hard ethic and highly sexed. I travel a lot with work between Scotland and London so have no issues with travelling to anywhere within the UK really. Am looking for a highly sexed, confident attractive lady between 18 and 51 i guess, experience is everything and who really would appreciate some hot, wet, intense, orgasmic, no strings attached amazing sex and foreplay, or alternatively some fun experience within a couple or group environment in terms of a couple who want a man so the partner can watch, not tried that one before and would like the experience as long as you would..
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH1

We are a professional couple in our early forties who are curious about the swinging lifestyle and exploring our sexual fantasies. We would like to explore our fantasies with swinging and experience both a threesome with an experienced bi-curious female and also a full swap with another like minded couple to show us the ropes...

We have been married for over 13 years and have a very healthy sex life and a great marriage where we love to explore our sexual desires with trust. Swinging is something we are curious about exploring to see if we enjoy the experience. We are looking for people between 30-45 who would like to get in touch. Photos and communication are a must before we take it any further and No Single Guys Please.

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH3

I'm a French student in Edinburgh, beginning my last year of study in Scotland unfortunately.

In terms of experience I feel confident in bed and will try most things: Recently single, there are things you can only try with a partner.

Therefore here I am.

I'm not looking for a specific situation, I'm open to mostly everything as I said.

If you want any other informations feel free to ask me.

Looking forward to have great memories!

I'm also very curious about clubs like the After Eight Club. If there is any regulars/members of the After Eight Club who don't mind filling me in a bit more about it, it'd be very appreciated :).

I'm still in the glory of my youth. If I don't try things now, when will I?

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH7
Young man seeking older women and couples. -
I'm a young man who's very interested in the company of older women and couples. I'm particularly attracted to those over the age of forty although this is by no means set in stone. I don't really have a 'type' and I'm attracted to all body types so it really is down to a personal attraction. I'm tall and slim and in good shape physically - I take good care of myself. I have fair hair and blue eyes. I'm always punctual and reliable and hygiene is very important to me. My body is a temple. I'm able to accommodate in the Edinburgh area and I can travel to anywhere in Scotland or northern England given enough notice. I'm open-minded and not new to this scene. I can play straight if required.
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH2

Sexy Horny couple looking for fun times with fun couples.

Love to enjoy ourseles both in and out of the bedroom.Social side important too !

She is very sexy and loves to dress for the occasion - sexy undies,stockings,high heels,boots and occasionally pvc !

He is considerate lover and aims to please.Tonguetastic and long stayer.

Looking to explore our fantasies,broaden our horizons and extend our boundaries.

Nothing tried nothing gained.

Will try most things (within reason ) and if we like it well.............

Look forward to hearing from similar uninhibited couples who know how to have a good time.

Lets party !!!!! Two 4 fun four for more and more 4 all.

Go on contact us you know you want to!

Hi to you all ,

Firstly , we are completely genuine swingers and very reliable .

We are an attractive couple ( so we are told ) who have been swinging now for 5 years. We have had great fun and want to continue this by meeting new couples as we go .

We are fun loving , with a good sense of humour and like to take things as they come . Target being everyone to have fun .

We have been described ( often ) as so easy to get on with .

Mostly we like to meet socially in the first instance to see if we all get on .

So if you like what you have read , please just send us a mail , it only takes a few seconds and you certainly won't regret it .

Take those few seconds .

Colo xx

City of Edinburgh

hi am blake i have joined this site to meet new people make new friends in the process aswell,i am looking for like minded people who want to have fun an try out new things :),i like people who are well mannered an have respect for them selves an others too,i love interracial porn love seing black cock in white pussy looks so great so i would love to meet white women mostly who share the love for BBC,any race is well come as well :) so ladies if u like to try a real BBC hit me up an let me blow ur mind away give ur body shakes whilst i drive ma cock deep in side ur pussy make u feel every inch going an out squirting every well "go hard or go home" xxx

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH5

********Not looking at the moment*********


Hi I am a shy girl looking for some fun!

But I am also looking to make friends first, getting to know you more and having some chats to see where it might lead to. *smile* For me, making friends and having trust is important to me as well as having some fun, too! *grins*

I am kinky and likes S&M activities, but welcomes other activities too! *wink*

I am not really sexually exprienced but is looking to change that, with the right person or people, after a "gettin to know" period.

Thank you for reading my profile, any questions you want to ask, most welcome.

Hope to hear from you! *smile*

City of Edinburgh, EH1

Hi everyone, i'm new on this website.

I'm a french globetrotter and i love meet people from every country.

I'm in Edinburg from the 2nd to the 9th of december for work, but i'd like to have good time too... I'd like too much to meet a nice woman to share lots of good moments.

Women says about me that I'm cute, and i have a beautiful body but the best middle to make your opinion is to meet me, don't hesitate. ;) (You can also see my public album with a picture of my face and one of my body)

I love sex and give pleasure.

Kisses everywhere

Your Sweet French for a week...

I prefer to live my dreams than dream my life...

Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH2
looking for new things -
Hi thanks for taking the time in reading my profile.Im wanting to start over with myself, even though im only 22 i havent done much in my time and this is why im here. Id like to meet diffrent people for fun find out what i like but most importantly what woman want? id like to use this time to learn as best as i can,do anything you want even if it means me never getting anything as long as your satisfied. If your looking for someone thats more interested in your pleasure please contact me, and i hope to hear for you soon. Ps im not a full member so if you have a way for me to contact you please let me know thanks.
City of Edinburgh, EH6
All in the Mind -
As you already know, good sex is a state of mind. It is about desire, a bit of pampering, focus on you and your needs, listening and stealing you away from your important but routine commitments. I am mature enough to give you 100% attention, I can give you that pampering in my home, in discreet restaurants off the beaten path and in hotels here and elsewhere. It may be rather more discreet than around your home town. My satisfaction comes through ours. I am educated, personable, imaginative, attentive, tactile and loving. Absolutely love french kissing and giving you oral. Tell me your dreams and desires.
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH5

Good looking 100% genuine young couple with bi-female looking for couples with bi-female or the illustrious single bi-fem.

Easy to get on with and looking for fun outside the bedroom then we can gaurantee some adult fun inside it. Clean, respectful, discreet and attractive so ideally looking for the same. Profiles with pics will only be replied too because we've had sadly experienced far to many timewasters on here. We have fae pics in our private gallery whch we can send and we can show we're genuine on cam or by telephone call.

Please don't be shy becasue we're not, so hope to hear from you all soon x

Not Set

married couple seek new boundaries in our lives..would like to experiment with other of the same nature...gsoh discretion and cleanliness is a must..we both enjoy sex to its full and want push for that something extra..so if your looking then maybe we'll meet up for drinks and a chat to start.karen loves the hands on approach and loves her toys.all must be gentle with her...not into pain /s&m w/s.......will answer all mails even if a no thanks....condoms are a must and no means no.........p/s all single males thanks but no more mails if we need we'll find you!!!! boris & doris .............

City of Edinburgh, EH4
Couple for adult fun - looking for likeminded singles/couples/groups -
Genuine married couple, F30/M40, experienced swingers and naturists, very easygoing and open minded. Traveling a lot around the country with work - when traveling, we can meet at our hotel with no problems. We love everything about sex - no weird or extreme stuff though. The lady especially likes to be the center of attention of 2 or more men. We're not into exchanging lots of emails or chatting, we prefer more of a direct approach... No rude people or time wasters please - we're genuine and very determined - and require the same...
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH3
hi would love to go dogging -
im an irish guy living in edinburgh, im single and have been for a while, my last relationship was quiet serious, so im only over it now so yeah im very openminded, clean easy going and up for adventures, nothing serious as i cant comit to anything serious yet! so, im into music i play and write my own, i study & i get out to play when i can hahaha i love photography, something id love to explore some more;-) so hope to hear from people as my inactive body and mind has quiet suddenly returned to their deviant states, cheers
Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, EH9

I like being single. I like sex. So, here I am.

I am ideally seeking a semi-regular fuck buddy who is single and relatively local. Makes for a good mix of planned and spontaneous fun as no time or space restrictions apply. And I am drawn to confident, direct guys who are around my age, or a wee bit younger.

Physical spark and mental connection required. And prefer to have a social meet first to allow each of us a dignified 'out' if required!

Also interested in MMF if you are a guy with another male who could come and join us.

City of Edinburgh, EH1