sexy indian couple looking 4 nsa fun -
sexy couple looking 4 nsa fun with professional people
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, UK

Was straight before I came on this site! open-minded looking for kinky, fun sex. Love threesomes but happy for single meets.

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

I'm a dark skinned handsome man who wants to share your wife with you!

I've had a little experience with couples and want more...lots more!

I'm straight but into almost everything as long as its safe and clean!

I'm easy going (but then I guess everyone says that dont they?) and looking to make new friends. So if you think an intelligent, likeable coffee skinned businessman might be a great friend and 3-some accomplice, then why not email me.

James xx

Kingston upon Thames, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Black male looking to meet nice people for no-strings fun -
Thanks for dropping by: I am married, shown on this site as single as I am the only one in the marriage interested in sex, don’t take myself seriously, very sporty (mainly badminton), chatty, have a high sex drive, love going out and meeting people, belong to several naturist/sex clubs, oh, and I have a good sense of humour (so I am told). I don’t care if you can read or write, I am not your teacher or your parents. I don’t care if you are short or tall, we are all different, because we are meant to be, nature has dictated that in order to survive we should be attracted to people who are different to us, so we should appreciate and admire our differences and the rumours are true, I wouldn’t date me, massive cock fit body or not.I am a non smoker, more luck than judgment, there are currently enough smoking restrictions without me adding to them, my only request is that you don’t smoke while we are having sex as it could be a fire hazard. In this environment I believe safe sex is a must, I know you can loose some sensation with condoms but I would rather loose some sensation in my cock as apposed to all feeling in my body due to STD. There are some people you can trust, but they usually wear long white coats and gloves down the STD clinic. I am not into pain as it reminds me of my strict Caribbean upbringing and not into water sports unless I am on fire and even then it would be a close call. I am not into anal I am still at the pussy stage, I have a theory (could be wrong) that people who are into anal is fed-up of pussy and have moved to the next level. I have no problem with pussy colour, as long as it’s pink. I also have no problem with age, it’s just an indication of when you were born (ladies may have a problem with this) and should not be represent your expected behaviour, not if you are old enough to be on this site. I am very touchy feely, like cuddles, something to do with my upbringing. The most valuable thing I posses is my time and I am willing to share it with some nice considerate people, you know who you are. I am not looking for a beauty queen and as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and comes from within. I am willing to travel within reason; it would look a bit suspicious if I were o leave the house with my passport (sorry Scotland). Don’t have Satnav, don’t need it with my brilliant sense of direction (it’s a man thing) I only have an old map in boot of car for emergencies. As the professor of pussy says “it’s not the size that matters, it’s how big it is”. If you have got this far and have not lost the will to live or thinking of committing suicide you should consider counselling or you have skipped the beginning. Thanks again for dropping by, say hello even if you don’t want to shag me, I hope you find what you are looking for or at least just enjoy the journey.
Greater London, KT1
Hello desirable lady, I wonder if this appeals to you? You are genuine and looking for some excitement with a handsome slim male The boutique hotel nestles on the leafy slopes of La Butte Montmartre. The two topmost floors boast rooms with small iron balconies, all affording panoramic views across central and southern Paris and, on a clear day, way beyond. If, after passing the coffee test, we both agree to a weekend date, this might happen Early one Friday evening we will be sipping champagne in a half-empty first-class compartment on Eurostar, confiding in each other our deepest erotic secrets and fantasies, slowly turning each other on. Long before we reach the tiny two-person elevator in our little love nest, we are both hungry and in a high state of arousal. We both know what will take priority. We kiss hungrily for the first time, our tongues meeting, our fingers exploring, our needs increasing by the second. We know we are minutes away from our first fuck. Lust now taking control I try to lead you to the king-size bed, but you pull away having spotted the French doors and the balcony beyond. Outside, you lean seductively against the railings, your skirt rising high, gasping at the vast expanse of the million lights that is Paris by night Joining you, I press up against your sexy butt and, with a moan, you thrust back and forth at the hardness in my pants. You reach behind you, fumbling for my zip, and out of the blue you ask me to fuck you, there and then, over the rail. Lifting your skirt over you waist, I ease aside your moist panties and gladly oblige. Both of us ready as can be, you gasp as I slip easily inside you, strong, slick and sweet. My fingers might gently caress your newly exposed nipples, my teeth softly nibbling the tender skin at the back of your neck. You thrust back at my hard cock deep inside you as far as it will go, still wanting more. The evening breeze blows gently between our thighs as we fuck in the cooling Paris air. We move urgently together, our lust making us oblivious to our exposed surroundings. Only when I turn you around to take you from the front do we notice another couple have emerged out on to their own balcony, intent upon their own passionate nocturnal activity. They see us, and grin knowingly. They may even stay and start a sexual dance of their own. They may even ask to join us! But you might prefer that we are alone, to indulge in each other’s bodies. Whatever, this is Paris! Sex happens! Vive la sex! And so the evening develops. Horny man and woman, bodies united, moving together as one, crying out in the night as we reach that unique moment of extreme pleasure. I invite you, sexy lady, to be my lover on the balcony above the City of Lights. If you fancy a dirty weekend in Paris, I would love to hear from you. Tom x
Greater London, KT1
Male Looking For Anything and Everything -
youngish male looking for fun, very new to the swinging scene and looking for couples and single women to have great fun and for people to show us the way, like same room, full swinging, anal,threesomes and group and people watching/ joining in, promising everyone to have a very good time, iam 26 male white, clean, shaven, and charming, looking for copules or single ladies or group to have a good time and lots of fun . I did have little confidence after a bad experience with a past relationship too of 8 years, but that’s all behind me now and the past and just wanna let my hair down I`m Straight but have thought about expanding my sexuality in the future, I love both girls, and couples and group, I have only been involved in the swinging scene for a year or two, my ex got me into it and she loved it, but has been a lot harder now as a single guy to have some good honest fun. I love playing with toys too and love giving lots of oral and using toys on people and my fingers and tongue hehehh I also love being photographed and I am a amateur photographer in my spare time with wildlife and people and love taking professional pic, black and whites are my fav at the mo,, but am very professional and has always been for the peoples involved amusement only, have also filmed a party or two, I also love watching others having fun, hence the filming and photographer but also love getting down and dirty and making people happy, I seem to have a great pair of hands so I have been told that can work magic over and over again, well 5 times in a night lol(not just the hands mind you),. I’ve tried the swingers clubs to but did not like them as much, plus once again a bit harder without a female buddy to have any real fun, just a shame that the people out there don’t want single male guys as much, cause I’m not like some of these idiots on here, I’m Honest too, please get in touch to find if you are intrested to find out more and swap pictures as life is so short, you are a long time dead so why not enjoy your life to the full and let all your dreams cum true, can email pics in required Stevex
Greater London, KT1

We are an adventurous bi-couple looking for someone special to have fun with. We've been to a few clubs and met up with a few bi-friends. Some experiences were amazing, but a few have been disappointing, so we've learned a few lessons about what we want and what we don't want.

We are not hardened swingers but very open minded. It's fun to explore and enjoy pushing the boundaries with someone, rather than be with someone who's been there and done it all.

We are looking for fun, attractive couples and singles, but the important thing is you must be bi, or at least bi-curious. That means a real desire to have same sex fun. We enjoy a good laugh and good conversation as well as good sex, so you must be able to string a few sentences together!

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate but can travel within a certain area or share a hotel.

Safe sex is essential, as is discretion and all the other stuff you would expect, including respect.

Please note - we are not looking for straight males.

Greater London, KT1
We are a relaxed and easy going married couple in our early dirty thirties!! looking to meet genuine, honest and friendly couples (preferably married) who are in a secure and stable relationship like ourselves. We are looking to meet other attractive, professional friends between 25-35ish, with a GSOH, and don't take life too seriously!!! Yes we have standards, but are not snobs preferring to judge by personality rather than looks alone, but you must have that certain X factor to get us interested!!! kim is 35 , tall, attractive and a natural busty 36ff, with a feminine curvy 14 figure. Bi curious with the right female. Loves to dress in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. Ash is 36 with mediteranean looks, stocky build,straight & cut. Prefers a woman size 12 and under who dresses to please!!! We're looking for someone to have a good time with and share intimate moments as a foursome, as well as a building a lasting friendship. We must stress that we are not interested in single males of any sort, so please refrain from contacting us unless we specify otherwise!!!!! Sorry, but we will only reply back to emails with pics!! If you like the look and sound of us, get in touch, and lets see where it leads!!!!
Greater London, KT1

I'm clean, well groomed, respectful and a non-smoker

I love caring sweet nsa times, trying new or adventurous things, enjoy relaxed fun and thinking of new things and activities.

Lets meet, chat, go out to a club together, or fulfil your fantasy, our imaginations are the limit!

Here is a little a friend wrote about me:

Stu is athletic and has great stamina! He makes me feel very comfortable and has a great imagination! The way he touches me makes me feel amazing. I always like trying out new things on him as he's rather responsive and lets my imagination run riot! He is always considerate and is rather attentive to a girl's needs! He doesn't takes things too seriously and sees the fun side of life. Kitty

Hugs and Kiss's


Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1

Well, I'm the girl part of this couple and have loved my past experiences with another woman. Now my partner wants to share in the fun and is desperate to watch me with an attractive, large breasted lady and then join in. And I love the idea of that too! We are both attractive, professional and well educated.....not to mention adventurous, sensual and love the female form. We enjoy threesomes, lots and lots of oral, anal, kissing, touching, masturbation, toys and maximum pleasure!!Total discretion is expected and respected. We are both clean and tidy and just the thought of meeting the woman of our dreams is making us both very very hot! Happy to swap pics, chat, just so we all know that we are who / what we say we are!!

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Bi Male seeking similar couples or singles for parties!! -
We are a fit good looking mixed race married couple, she is Thai 5\'7 slim very sexy and me 5\'9 slim and very horny for any action. We are looking to invite some like minded people over for some discrete gatherings or parties, we are specifically looking for Bi females and Bi or gay males mainly to be told what to do, my wife will participate a little but really wants to just watch all the action or let everyone do things to her! She is currently in Thailand and will be back in the UK mid to late April, Until she arrives back I am looking to hold a party or parties with Straight or Bi females and Bi or Gay males, if anyone is interested in meeting just me or waiting for both of us please contact me, photos on request!
Greater London, KT1
surreycouple4same or bi fem -
Hi We a clean healthy proffesional couple in surrey, looking for easygoing non pushy people like ourselves. Couples or single bi femalesis who we are looking to meet. We go to swinging clubs, and have done for a while.However we are not hardend swingers, enjoying the fem/fem side of things is what we enjoy, with the guys watching and ultimate with own partner. However we would consider fully swapping or soft swapping with right couple. We respect peoples boundries and expect the same in return. We will answer all mails that have a facial pic attached or in profile, think i6t is much more honest, as we have posted the same.Pics of bits dont really tell us who we are meeting. Hope to hear from you soon.
Greater London, KT1
Posh Cougar -
Hi We are Lovers of 10 years so please if that is not for you look away :-) We have played with guys from this site and had a great time .We are quite selective and are looking for good looking , slim well Hung guys ..We are still looking for some nice guys to have fun with , she is petite ( size 8 ) but sexy , she is a cougar ,depending on who we get will depend what the scenario will be , she likes to meet the men socially for a drink first to make sure we click ,so if that is not for you please carry on looking , with this in mind guys you will need to be within 20 miles or so of us :-) We generally meet in the week During the daytime. Look forward to having fun Happy swinging
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1

Hi, We are a young fun couple and we are living near london.

We have been having fun for a while now and have met some fun people. Feel free to contact us, we'll always do our best to reply...even if it is a friendly "Thanks but no thanks".

We look forward to meeting in the future.

C & J xxx

Note: Polite note to single guys - you need to be exceptional to entice us as we are not looking for a Mr Single Guy right now. Unless Mrs C find you exceptional, we are unlikely to respond to your messages. What does she consider exceptional? Well, Polite, 6 foot tall and VWE go a long way ;)

Greater London

Well-educated, intelligent and sophisticated professional lady who enjoys being treated like a dirty little whore. By day I am very prim and proper, the type of girl you could take home to your mother and be sure of her approval. But by night I am a dirty little cumslut. I love being fucked by strangers, and enjoy rough, hard sex. I love the idea of walking into a room full of men and have them all use me for their pleasure. I am in my element when I am being groped hard, having my hair pulled, spat at and being told what a dirty little whore I am. My one desire is to be used and abused like a little fuck doll.

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
First time swingers yet still hardcore givers! -
Young sexy couple that love to fuck for hours aiming goals of giving constant orgasms and pleasure. Like to get down and dirty, sucking, fucking, cumming, squirting while digging into your deepest fantasies. Looking for couple or single female for a 3some. Not into socialising yet we are a warm passionate couple married for 5 years. Why we are not up for the social scene because we're too sex crazy to give a fu*k. We enjoy lockdowns of not having to leave the room and spend the whole day fucking sensually softly, strongly and deeply in any way you like it or could imagine. The pleasures all mine....
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1

hi everyone,

new to this scene as just come out of long relationship but has always been my fantasy to give it a go.

im 26 years old, with nice musular body as play sports. im 6'3" tall

Looking to meet couples or singles in the local area, i can travel but cant accomidate. Im always up for hotel meets

im straight with a high sex drive. Always been intrested in swingers parties be involved in orgies. Always looking to experiment in a straight way

I haven't had time to add picture to site yet but am willing to email picture on request.

I am genuine and up for fun. You will not regret it!!!

Greater London, KT1

Hi, thanks for looking at my profile

I am a fun, down to earth, nice guy with a naughty and passionate side, looking for fun, banter and frolics with a like minded woman.

I am easy going and can hold a conversation but more importantly I love to please physically and would be open to exploring new things.

I am also open to meeting up with a nice, friendly couple for safe fun. Discretion assured and expected.

If you like the sound of my profile and fancy finding out more, please drop me an email.


Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Experienced Extra Cock -
I am looking for a friendly couple who would like some fun with another male. Being versatile I am happy to play straight or (orally) bi. I am happy to suck cock or have my cock sucked by a guy. I especially enjoy licking a ladies pussy and ass while she is being fucked. Creampie cleanups are also a speciality! I love mature ladies who enjoy playing with a good dose of cum. Age/looks not important, though not interested in excessively fat people. I can accomodate some weekday evenings.
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Missed opportunities - Doh! -
I was once staring up at a neighbour's window when I was a kid, and saw an attractive woman off to have a bath or some-such, begin to peel off her top right in front of the window. For some reason I looked away, embarrassed at maybe being seen perhaps... but ever since I've relived that moment wanting to look and wishing I had. Now, I'd like to relive that moment, maybe under other circumstances, and really become a voyeur... can you help?
Greater London, KT1
Good night out with an exciting threesome to finish -
We are looking for a bi female to meet with for a good night out then end up back at our hotel or house for some good fun! I would like to see a girl dominate my girlfriend and for all of us to get f*cked! :) This would be our first time doing this but we are both very kinky and want to explore our sexual pleasures. Any females welcome couples also, no single men. We are willing to travel and stay at a hotel...
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Interested and now want more -
Hi there we are a discete couple who love sex and now want to explore the swining scene. We would like either a female or a couple to introduce us to the scene. She loves to dress up in sexy clothes and he just cant get enough. Discretion is a must and we want to see what sex is like with others joining in. So if you are serious and not a time waster then get in touch and we can see what happens.
Greater London, KT1

Italian 42, slim (or quite fit) and softly shaved.

I am often in Kingston, Surrey, for work. Usually I am available during daytime (sometime evenings too).

I enjoy flirting, kissing and a relaxing massage: after all that, if there will be some extra time... well, we can even have some naughty fun ;-)

Everything else... would be a surprise.

If interested, drop me a line with a pic (of course). xx

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1

I am a happily married bi female looking to play with other bi females, 30 - 50. No single men. New to this but ready to explore and happy to experiment. Not looking for more chat than needed to be comfortable. Fun and passion, no strings attached. Complete discretion assured and expected. Happy to chat with couples and see where it goes but only meet couples as a couple with my husband.

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Hot Sexy Couple -
Hi there, We are a very good looking professional couple, with amazing bodies. We are looking for similar couples to join is in horny sexy fun. We are very adventurous and discreet. Take a look at our profile and if you like drop us a line. We are fun and friendly. We don't mind full swap or soft swap. We want to spice up our life with NSA fun. We look forward to hearing from you.
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Yummy mummy or naughty wife -
I am dave a 30yr male looking for females to have some naughty liasons with I am especially looking for yummy mummy or wifes who want some extra naughty fun, I am 100% genuine and will guarantee discretion and will guarantee naughty erotic fun. Can travel too u or meet outside lives in surrey kingston area. Dave
Greater London, KT1


Well hung naughty black man seeks single fem or adventurous couple for fun with my big 9 inch black cock!

Professional educated type- been on site before- experienced and relaxed.

Average build, long stayer- no quickies- . Love fun and naughtiness- however you interpret that.

Club partner would be nice.

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
surrey guy -
hi all my names gary im 28 from kingston, im 6'2 well built (little extra padding) i got a long double pierced tongue and a nice sized shaved cock. im looking for fun and friendship, not into anything scary just good messy fun with couples and females. if your interested drop me a msg and i will get back to you asap hope to hear from you horny ppl soon XX.
couple looking for a lady to join us -
we are both single but have been meeting up weekly and looking to expand our experience so we would like a lady to join us for some fun were thinking a hotel in area so would be easy for all all expenses paid. H is well hung and good fun p is a voluptuous lady who has a bi side screaming to get out so positive if you fancy you will have a great night
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
busty couple (female only ) !! -
fun couple been swinging 6 years & lookin for more fun .....lady very busty & curvy ,loves wearing stockings & heels slim & goodlooking so his been told .........cant accom,but loves parties & hotel meets ......oh yes they r 40dd b4 u ask !!! & surrey areas r best 4 us ...but will travel 4 the right people xxx
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
New to scene -
after 22 years of monogamy, i find myself feeling I have missed out on many things, suppressed from things I wanted to do,always wanted to try anal, outdoor, i feel young still, am single, nsa stuff, willing to try most things, just want to ease in gentle, maybe naughty afternoon stuff, dogging, I am not sure really
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1

here..strictly for meeting older women..older sexy women..any older women looking for a fit n healthy young man to be there toy boy..give me a young, very attractive..n can last the whole night..previously worked in, i like to entertain sexy older women..

Kingston upon Thames, Greater London
seeking fun with females and couples -
Hi I am a w/e guy and love long repeated sessions enjoy most things,and giving enjoyment to couples and singles including group and party scenes.I can accomadate or drive to meet tou without any problem as I am happily divorced seeking NSA fun as a one off or a regular thing
Greater London
London fun -
Hi, I'm a blonde, blue-eyed good-looking slim guy looking for discrete meets with local girls, or cam/ fun or even phone fun...
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1

Hi, thanks for reading my profile. I'm looking for a female and couples for extra fun. I'm clean, very discreet and attentive. I love loads of oral sex (especially to give) and assure pleasurable times.

I have a face picture on my private album.

Greater London, KT1
Professional Indian Cpls from West London -
We are young, professional, Indian cpls looking for cpls with similar interests. We are new to swinging and would like to cam and meet with up with cpls intially for soft swaps and then for .." you know the rest"
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Seeking female/couple for fantasies and maybe meet -
I would love to find a woman or a couple to chat with about our fantasies, trade photos, exchange erotic stories. And who knows, if we find each other attractive, maybe we can make some of those fantasies a reality?
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Sexy couple looking for sexy bi female for nsa fun! -
We're a couple looking for a sexy female to indulge in our fantasy of a threesome. Would be happy for the girls to meet initially to see if they like each other and then move on to more pleasurable activities :-)
Kingston upon Thames
Attractive Single Male in need of new friends -
Desparately seeking new friends to attend swinging parties with. I'm interested in meeting very sexual people who up for fun with strings attached. Interested in groups, couples, singles.
Greater London, KT1
Naturist swinger -
Professional businessman looking for partners for naturist spas or massage meetings Happy to play on a 121 or with couples or groups Flexible on daytime meets - very adventurous!
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Horny Outdoor Fun -
Looking for fleeting encounters with sexy TV\'s or fetish loving guys who know how to engorge on clean cocks. Will happily return the favours.
Greater London, KT1
28yr old soldier seeks fun. Availalbe 8th August to 15th August -
I am a clean male. I am happy to try anything, I am especially keen on making others happy, please let me know any roleplay or fantasy you have. I am 5' 11'' and 72 kilos.
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Randy professional after group fun ! -
Experienced swinger looking for more fun in threesomes or moresomes; used to run swinging group few years ago. Wouldn't mind bit more kinkiness & fetish or even slight BDSM.
Greater London, KT1
Straight Male Looking For Some Fun -
Hi I'm a straight male looking for a straight woman, groups and parties. Because I am at uni I don't have time for a relationship plus I enjoy the freedom of being single.
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Looking for FUN ;) !! -
Looking for fun if you know what I mean, no messing around just night of dirty fun! Looking for younger female but I'm verry open minded and like to try out new things.
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Fit Stocky Guy seeks Lady 55+ (or older couple) -
Generous muscular guy 48, seeks mature lady 55+ for No Strings occasional fun. Mutual benefits guaranteed. London/Surrey/Sussex preferred but happy to travel.
Greater London, KT1
hot sexy young guy -
i am looking for women of all ages who would love a gorgeous young guy whos is up for anything and everything. i have lots of energy and need 2 use it!
Greater London, KT1
CrazyChris_UK looking for online fun! -
Hey i'm looking for some online fun, preferably with webcams. If you wanna talk some more then message me and i'll get back to you. Thanks :)
Greater London, KT1
you have to meet me... -
i would love to meet people like me who lovessex in all aspects i am half italian half polisch looking for fun with women , couples and grups
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1
Please show me around... -
I love x-dressing and having men and women watch me. I'd love to meet with someone who enjoys a chick with a dick to take me in hand.
Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT1