looking for regular -
anyone near holt park??Looking for regular bareback fun in stockings...only been fucked once this time i want to feel a man use my tight hole and cum deep inside me!! I also want him to ride my nice hard cock too and take all of my hot cum....not into kissing but lots of fucking and sucking cock too...loosen me up so that you can pound me up against a wall like a whore and give me all your cum...im not a cd just a guy with effemenate body.....straight down to fucking...ill straddle you and gently guide your cock into my hot tight hole as you feel my nyloned legs....sound good??must be local to me!!!
West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Daytime meets in My Hotel in Manchester Area -
Working Night Shifts in Manchester for the next few weeks. I have a hotel room and time to spare during the day. Up for most sexual encounters. Size, age, race unimportant, I respect all boundaries. Clean, non-smoking disease free. Good sense of humour, average guy with a few extra pounds (but carry it well ;)) PM me for phone number
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Now that I need assistance with lift-off from the wondrous small blue pill (I call them Valeries, as in "I need to have a stiff word with Val") I'm not really looking for full-on everything goes meets - as the adverts in 1970's contact mags used to say "ultimate with own partner only". That is unless you are of a patient and accommodating nature and have a resilient wrist. This is to avoid pressure on my part but mainly to avoid disappointment on yours. That's quite a long-winded way of saying soft-swing preferred.

Since the dawn of the internet (or 1997 when I got my first modem), I've been making online friends, swapping fantasies, stories, pictures and arranging meets, some of the bouncy-bouncy kind, but many just for a nice chat with a naughty twist. I very much enjoy porn from the golden age, 1970's and 80's, the films, magazines, clothes and the natural bodies of that era. I can be bi, and I do enjoy some cross dressing, but neither is compulsory for fun. The most important thing is to enjoy our sexuality while we can. We are lucky in that we can explore with non-vanilla sexual world with all its wondrous aspects, and I'm very happy to explore sex in all its manifestations.

I particularly enjoy:

1. If you want or need a voyeur to watch or ‘help-out’ - I love foreplay that can go on for hours.

2. Sensual massage (I’ve even been on a course!).

3. Need photos or videos doing for your own private use (services have been used by SH couples - see comments below and vouches).

4. Mutual porn watching and dirty chat.

5. Role play. Am-dram but with sex!

My top fantasy would be to 'help' another couple have sex. Preparing them both, choosing the underwear for the woman and helping her into it, arousing her and him, holding her as I guide him into her...

I’m delighted to carry on with other naughty pursuits such as fantasy chat, phone naughties, writing fantasies and other fun exploits that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or a windy wet car-park off the A19.

Likes: Stockings, strappy heels, photography, vintage porn, amateur porn, your wife’s underwear drawer, guys who get off on their wife being shared, women over 40.

Dislikes: Smoking, misogynists, kiwifruit.

This week I am mostly into woman in black fishnet stockings.

A joke....

The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon."  Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale.  "Good morning, Madam", he said, "I've come to..."  "Oh, no need to explain," Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my speciality?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat " After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there." "Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out for Harry and me!" "Well, Madam, none of us can guarantee a good one every time. But if we try several different positions and I shoot from six or seven angles, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results." "My, that's a lot!" gasped Mrs. Smith. "Madam, in my line of work a man has to take his time. I'd love to be in and out in five minutes, but I'm sure you'd be disappointed with that." "Don't I know it," said Mrs. Smith quietly. The photographer opened his briefcase and pulled out a portfolio of his baby pictures. "This was done on the top of a bus," he said. "Oh my God!" Mrs. Smith exclaimed, grasping at her throat. "And these twins turned out exceptionally well - when you consider her mother was so difficult to work with." "She was difficult?" asked Mrs. Smith. "Yes, I'm afraid so. I finally had to take her to the park to get the job done right. People were crowding around four and five deep to get a good look." "Four and five deep?" said Mrs. Smith, her eyes wide with amazement. "Yes", the photographer replied. "And for more than three hours, too. The mother was constantly squealing and yelling - I could hardly concentrate, and when darkness approached I had to rush my shots. Finally, when the squirrels began nibbling on my equipment, I just had to pack it all in." Mrs. Smith leaned forward. "Do you mean they actually chewed on your, um... equipment?" "It's true, Madam, yes. Well, if you're ready, I'll set-up my tripod and we can get to work right away." "Tripod?" "Oh yes, Madam. I need to use a tripod to rest my Canon on. It's much too heavy to be held in the hand very long." With that, Mrs. Smith fainted.
LS25, Micklefield, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom


I am a married sub bi who like to be passive in bi/gay sex and into CBT being performed on me , I like my cock slapped balls twisting have been humbled cock bondage humiliation but with no marks if passible. I have had hot wax nipple clamps pegged cock and balls whipping cane not into scat.


I just love to be fucked and dominated am up for use by a good master , happy to do most things including piss.

Most of anything else I have done CBT had lots of dildos butt plugs but like cocks best.

I kiss lick suck rimm and happy for suggestion , I like to give and have a good time with the right man or men.

Don't like too many marks doing S&M but have been spanked whipped cat paddles, love a nice spit roast , ball spliters cock rings restraints ball gags mouth openers I love to be used and abused by a good master.

I can have my dog collar and wrist restrains on also cock ring or bondage.

Love to suck cock and I will make sure I am clean for fucking.

Message me if interested

I also CD in undies and like to play with other CD too occasionally by arrangement

You are defo on for a fuck if we meet safe only in My ass, would love to do a gangbang most I have had so far is four at one time.

I also do like one on one MM sensual sex is good love kissing and I can be versatile for the right man.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

im looking for no strings fun with couples and females , discretion is paramount ,hence the no face pics on profile ,I'm more than happy to share face pics once we've had a chat .

I'm very open minded and am

Not shy  trying new things ,but, the only thing I will not try is pain or any watersports,just not my thing ,

Everything else is considered 

Drop me an email,I will reply to all ,at the end of the day it's just common courtesy .

I'm also not here to judge or be judged , we are all here for some harmless fun.

oh and for all of those who are  after just  an ego boost,google cosmetic surgery ,easier than wasting peoples precious time !!! 

Chat soon genuine peeps  !

PS : serisously timewasters ? 

Don’t even bother !!!

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Leeds based, hard working bi-curious professional, who loves to 'dress'. Looking for NSA relationships with other CD/TV, couples, males and all ladies. My philosphy is to please my 'partner' at the time, meet their needs before mine, and to enjoy life to the full. Can accommodate, and 'outdoors' if its the right moment. I wont deal with TIMEWASTERS, or those who only want to chat while wanking. There are too many of those.

West Yorkshire, Leeds, England, United Kingdom

we are an open minded couple looking for a like minded woman to join us for our 1st threesome.

ive never been with a woman before but always wanted to know what it feels like and its always been my bf's fantasy to have two women at the same time.

the ideal night would be meeting for drinks and then back to the hotel for a bath together, sexy underwear and much more fun.


I'm a mid-20s twink looking guy just had my first full experience with an American friend and had a bit of previous fun with some mates but want to try more. I'm bi discreet and have pics to start with chat/swap then continue for more if we click. I don't mind age (as long as legal) - and normally prefer not that experienced so we are in a similar position. However, more experienced may also be good to teach me more fun and the same with older/younger play! Drop me a message as I will always try and reply.

I'm versatile now I guess, and hard 24/7, honestly! I enjoy all fun except pain/scat.

Get in touch if you want to know more..

Leeds, West Yorkshire
enjoy having a good time -
like to dance, socialise we DONT want a relationship with others we want to try varriations TV s (we have had one before and loved it, Single Ladies, Single Men (so long as they play with us both) would love to meet black, assian couples or single men/ women.\r\nWe would prefer to meet at a nutral venue ie swinging club / hotel / party etc (we are prepared to exchange Photos if we are not compatable we will not be offended.\r\nWe just like to live life to the full.
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Mature male can accommodate -
Mature and experienced I can travel or accommodate. Very experienced in meeting couples both in threesome and cuckold situations. Definitely not camera shy so if video or photography is your fantasy I'm happy to help! Please don't let my age put you off, it's only a number after all, and with it comes experience, patience and understanding. I am in good shape and can keep up with the pace. I prefer not to play Email ping pong and am willing to meet and play on the first meet. I am always discreet and expect the same in return, part of the 'old school' if I make an arrangement I keep it!
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Me - I'm a clean, discrete and genuine - NOT a full member of this site so if I wink it means I would really have liked to send a full sexy message to you!

I'm looking for fun with MF couples and F ladies.

I hold a good conversation and I'm told I'm funny!!

Check out my feedback.....

I'm a non-smoker but don't mind those that do..

- if I arrange to meet then I do meet.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

tv mistress looking for couples with bi male or singles males must be tops

fully dressing pvc bondage girl looking for one on one meets couples bi males and other cds to play with I have lots of bondage toys ect I can travel and also accom

single bi male looking for fun with couples or single fun both ways also like toys ect would love group fun

Leeds, City of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Profile update time!

Me - Good looking (so I am told) male who happens to enjoy horny fun with others - as long as safe and clean. Pretty open minded as long as everyone agrees and will try most things at least once! Having said that, nothing too kinky. Stuff normally done in the toilet should continue to be done in the toilet - and don't forget to wash your hands afterwards.

For me the smell of sex should be tinged with the smell of soap as well - so anyone looking to meet should have paid a recent trip to the shower or bath.

That said, I'm not OCD about cleanliness but I hope I've made my point :-)

As for fun - well as I have said, nothing too kinky. If you try and drip hot wax on my balls or attached jump cables to my nipples, you're not going to get a great response - but happy to experiment and eager to please.

I prefer soft and sensual to hard and fast - so those that enjoy lots and lots of oral, foreplay and oily hands are top of my list, although hard and fast can be good sometimes so don't let it stop you getting in touch.

And if I wink, it just means I like you but not sure if we are compatible. I always try to send a proper message to others, but sometimes need to nudge to check it is ok. I am not lazy, just wink back and I'll reply if you like the look of me.

My time is limited due to work, family and other commitments - so if we arrange to meet, please be prepared to see it through. I have a very low opinion of timewasters - and if I arrange to meet you - I will turn up! I am often free through the day due to the nature of my work, and never free at weekends, due to the nature of my kids!

So that's it - normal, rationale, friendly and fun guy - Clean shaven, clean smelling and clean fun. Get in touch if you like the sound of me.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Attractive 40's couple prefer non smoking local couples around our age with or without bi fem for same room full swap. Open to offers of party invites!! Cleanliness and discretion given and expected. Say hi in chatroom or mail us. No winks. No whispers.


Right, job done, on to the next profile!!!


Hold on one minute there. How can you, my dear reader, make your mind up about who you fancy with so little information? We know you don't want to marry us so you don't want our life story (yawn!!), but if you are actually thinking about shagging us don't you want to fancy us, just a little bit? After all, wouldn't that make the fun, well, more fun!!

Well, if you do, here is a little about us, see what you think.

As you want to shag us then we better start with what we look like!!

We are a reasonably attractive (i.e. not minging) 40's couple (as if we'd say we're old and ugly!!!) who are in reasonable shape (as if we'd say we are complete bloaters!!). Check the pics, they are recent, and selected folk can see our private pictures. Don't believe us? Well, we are often on cam or will come on for reasonable requests, so you can come and make your own minds up about what we look like.

Now you know what we look like what about us as people?

Well, we are educated professionals and can hold a conversation, but we are far from snobbish about it, both because of where we come from and because we like to think we are fun and easy going so we take people as they come. Lets be honest, folk that think they are better than the rest of us, well, they are usually up their own arses.

Lucky enough to be in a long term and happy relationship we see this play as enhancing our relationship and full sex life and not saving it or replacing it, so you won't be getting a desperate couple if we meet and you won't feel that unhappy tension that we all hate.

Although not new to swinging (over eight years now) we are not after notches on the headboard so we play every couple of months and that keeps it fresh and fun for us. You know the stuff, shagging like rabbits in the run up to a meet and for a few weeks after!! However, our experience has not made us "hardened" swingers, we will be patient if you are new to this, although, if you are experienced, we are not timewasters either, we meet if we say we will and, so far, have played on every meet.

That's enough about us for now, however, if you want to know more we are often in the chat rooms, so come and say hi. Please, not just whispers, they are so intrusive and more often than not will be ignored. If you can't chat we answer all mail, so any questions then mail us, but please, no winks, have something to say to us and we will have something to say to you. You have to do some of the work and we promise to reply. And please, try not to treat Mrs Horny simply as a sex object when we chat on cam. You know the stuff, "show us your snatch, get your tits out, how do you like it, blah, blah blah". She finds that such a turn off. This is a swinging site and we are here to play, but that's not all, remember, we are people first!!

Now you know what we look like and a little about us but what are we looking for?

For us its not just the play, as important as that is. As we see it, meeting people from here is a social as well as a sexual activity. What we look for in an ideal evening is to feel relaxed but excited, to have a bit of a chat and a laugh, and not a little flirting. Maybe a meal or some nibbles with a glass or two whilst enjoying the company, the air full of anticipation and excitement. Not everybody's cup of tea as its not the get your kit off and get down to it approach, but it works for us, does it work for you?

Then of course we want the evening to lead to loads of wonderful, safe, same room fun with full swap. All in a pile of tangled bodies or simply swapping, works either way.

And what will this tangle of bodies get up to? In terms of activities, we enjoy most anything except pain, pee and poo, with Mrs Horny being particularly partial to a DP. Mrs Horny is Bi, but fem-fem play is not an essential part of her evening, more an added extra. Mr Horny is not Bi, though far from worried by mens bodies and the touching that takes place in the tangle of bodies when the play gets frantic. And we love it frantic!! We get a thrill from seeing each other have fun so we play together only. This means we arrive as a couple, have same same room play as a couple and leave as a couple.

We would also be very interested in party invites as we love the relative randomness of parties and getting to know people we might play with in the future, people whose profiles we may have overlooked. We are house trained (at least we no longer pee on the carpet!!) and would be a fun addition to anybodies party!!

Are you are looking for what we are looking for? Do we fit the bill? If so we'll now tell you what sort of people we would like to meet and play with.

You don't have to be a well hung adonis or a supermodel, we ain't. Preferably (though not exclusively) non smoking, clean, presentable and smelling nice is more than enough. However, being easy going and non pushy is essential. We want us all to be comfortable and have fun. Desires and fantasies are more than welcome so bring them with you, but also bring a sense that we are all sharing the experience and nobody is being pushed through it.

We are usually looking for fairly local couples (say an hours drive from Leeds tops) and by and large the couples are somewhere around our age in the 35-50 bracket. However, this is a guide, don't rule yourself out as characters are usually more important than age and we will travel for the right people.

Single men are also welcome on occasion, though not too often. Remember guys, Mrs Horny can be picky as there are like sooooo many single men on this site. So, impress Mrs Horny with your wit and charm but please, actually be single, not almost single, allowed to play away, wife doesn't understand me, etc!!

Single women are also more than welcome as Mrs Horny gets to be the greedy girl whenever she wants with the men, but Mr Horny rarely gets to be greedy with two women. All say ahhh, poor Mr Horny!!! In fact we have come to think it would be easier to find the holy grail than a single bi woman!!! We would love to be proved wrong though so come on girls, come shag us!!

Are you still with us? Still interested? Still awake!! Excellent, you have stamina and we want to meet you!! So how do we progress from here? Well, we have developed our four stage programme to happy swinging and weeding out the scammers, we're thinking of copyrighting it actually!!

1. First, and to state the blindingly obvious, we need to to hear from you!! (like, duh)

2. Next we need to see your face. On cam (in a chat room or MSN) or photos (profile or mail), whatever works for you. This is because we need to feel some attraction, so we do need to see your faces and not simply your gynecological snaps, as horny as they are!!. Fully clothed is fine as we know many folk have to be careful, we do ourselves.

3. Then we all need to chat. Cam in MSN and then a phone chat is how we do this because we got scammed by a voice changer on the phone (some men huh!!) We do this so we know you are genuinely a couple and for you to know we are too. Unfortunately this is essential as there are way too many people (usually men) that have not agreed to swing with their partners (or don't even have a partner!!) but arrange meets anyway (go figure!!). We get all excited, plan a meet and then get let down, or worse, get that last minute phone call saying "my wife can't come because she is poorly/monthlies/away but I will still come on my own?" Nothing more disheartening, deflating and downright annoying. A cam costs a tenner, is easy to install, easy to use, and for us gave us greater scope to play on those long winters evenings when the kids are in bed!! So go get one.

4. Finally, and with a bit of luck, we meet, yay!!! Meeting up for a drink and a chat at ours, at yours, or at a pub or restaurant is a great start if you prefer a pre play meet. Even if it leads nowhere we can enjoy ourselves. However, if we have done our homework, it usually goes somewhere and then we enjoy ourselves even more, be that on the first meet or at a later date.

Phew, you have finished!! Congratulations!! You will be tested later through multiple choice questions so we hope you have been paying attention!! Seriously though, thanks for reading, now come say hi and lets plan to play!!

And remember, the internet is where the men are men, and the women are too!!

Couples :

We are a friendly, married, sexy couple from West Yorks. We enjoy the social side of meeting couples and going out for drinks and having a laugh. We are very laid back and easy to get along with. We’re not into full swing but enjoy the softer side of it especially watching and being watched. We are both straight and looking for straight couples.

We are happy to travel or accommodate and love having fun in hotels. We both love the idea of meeting up with a friendly couple and maybe having a few drinks at ours/yours, watching a bit of porn on the TV and each couple getting sexy with their own partners while watching the other couple do the same. We love the whole voyeur/exhibitionist side to swinging, its a huge turn on for us. We don't actually want to swap partners as we find watching and being watched more erotic.

Another interest of ours is going to clubs and staying overnight in hotels, we have sampled a few clubs but always like to try new ones.


Single Guys :

Vicky loves dressing up in sexy underwear and we find it a huge turn on to get genuine polite guys to come take photos for our own personal use of her in her various outfits. We let the guys choose Vicky's outfits and decide on the poses for the camera and it's usually a particularly hot occasion! The guys we’ve met for this have all said what an amazing time they’ve had doing this and something they had never thought of doing before but would love to do again.

We also like meeting genuine voyeuristic guys and enjoy being watched by them whilst we’re both having a play with each other. We get aroused knowing they are turned on just watching us.

Please note guys that we are only interested in genuine voyeurs who are really into this side of swinging and not just guys who think they can get a cheap thrill by meeting a couple and watching them have sex. We can usually tell whose really into this just by reading the emails and we will only meet real voyeurs. There is no contact involved on your part with us but obviously if you feel inclined to have a stroke of yourself then we certainly wouldn’t object ;-)

We are also looking for a polite, friendly, smart, clean male to come and join us for a 'suggestive photo shoot' This is another interest of ours that we enjoy doing.

This entails our male taking photographs of our female in various stages of undress with our male guest. Our male will be directing and taking the pics as our fem and guest then pose in various erotic positions. No penetration whatsoever will take place it will all be suggestive, although there will be some hands on pics. Guess it could be called a horny, soft core, porn style shoot, the kind you would see in a magazine.

For example the contact involved would be our fem touching our guest's chest, bum, gentials etc. Our guest would also have photos touching our fems boobs, bum etc. There would not actually be anything harder involved, so you need to appreciate this. If you are comfortable in these kind of situations or if these kind of scenarios appeal to you then please get in touch. When responding please put a description about yourself with pics (face & body preferred). Please also explain what you expect to happen on our meet, whether it be for taking photos, watching or being directed. You don't have to go into great detail of what will take place if and when we meet but please use a bit of imagination in your email of the kind of scenario you would expect to take place (by the way don't just copy and paste the above ideas either lol). The reason we ask for this is because we need to know you fully understand what we are looking for and that nothing more will take place and if you don't attempt to explain we will assume you haven't read our profile properly.

The kind of guys we are looking for should be between 28 and 55, clean, non smoking and discrete.

Also in your email please let us know what part of our profile interests you in particular.

A) taking photos

B) watching

C) being directed in suggestive photos

Please put either A, B or C in the email title or all them or a combination of them if you're interested in various scenarios. If you don't put these letters in the mail title we will not read the email as we will just assume that you haven't read our profile properly, if you can't be bothered reading it properly why should be bother to read your email (sorry if this is harsh guys but we're sick of our "inbox" being clogged up with time wasters).

The photo shoot pics are for our own private use only and will not be used for commercial useage. No fees will be charged and no fees will be paid.




West Yorkshire

Thanks for looking at our profile, I hope you like our pictures. We are real, I know that some people think otherwise from our modelling pictures but you can find us on Fetlife with call-me-mistress and mistressmsslave if you would like to see more pictures of us or anything, our profiles are somewhat more extensive there and can see that we are not fake.

We are a friendly married couple into most areas of naughty kinkiness. We like everything from just vanilla raw sex to ropes dildos whips and more. The main thing is that we have fun. We don’t drink often but do really enjoy having a drink, were no light weights and are fun to go out with. We don’t do drugs, but occasionally smoke during bondage play. We are IT professionals and run a business together, have two well behaved dogs and live in the country. We enjoy spending time with friends and family when my husband’s not tied to the nearest piece of furniture :-D. Were both really easy going, warm and friendly people and love to entertain at our home. My husband is a very good cook and host.

We have not involved other people much before really, a couple of friends have played with us a little but nothing penetrative but we would like to change that. We have tried through Fetlife but we find there are a lot of timewasters and hope that it will be different here.

We like nice people, and don’t like selfish nasty people, that’s about it really for our likes and dislikes lol.

Being self-employed we are generally REALLY flexible with our times, for the moment at least.

We are looking primarily for ladies, particularly which have a kinky streak in them. To be honest we are open to anything from the most vanilla of evenings to the most filthy of goings on.

We are also looking for nice lads but no offense guys, we will find you unless your message says something amazingly different to everyone else’s it won’t peak my interest. There is no way that I can keep up with my Fetlife inbox so there is no way that I will be able to answer all my messages from guys here too. Please don’t think I’m being a complete bitch, I get messages from guys a day sometimes.

We have two profiles here, one for Manchester and one for Leeds, this is just to protect our identity and business as a lot of our customers are on here and we don't mix business with pleasure. We actually live between the two. We drive so can come to you or if you prefer we are easily accessible by train or 20 mins from the M62.

Thank you for taking the time to read ? xxxx

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

Sexy attractive fun loving cpl from leeds looking for cpls or single bi females aged 18 - 35(ish) that are sexy and like to have fun!

We enjoy the social aspects of the scene as well as the sexual stuff and have been on the site a while now and know pretty much what we are looking for and what we like sexually.

We are here to have lots of sexy meet ups with people who are relaxed and have a similar outlook to us, having sexual and erotic encounters with other attractive people whilst maintaining a secure and loving relationship without the need for cheating on your partner to "fill in the gaps" like a lot of non swinging couples do!!

We like:

Lots of initial flirting possibly over a few drinks at a pub or two?

Erotic touching and feeling, slowly undressing one another as we play.

Oral swapping and making sure everyone is involved in the fun and enjoying the experience.

Fem/fem play is an important part of our swinging life and we are happy to meet up with couples who are looking for fem/fem fun as well as there male partner joining in as well, as single fems for that nice 3 sum side of things as well.

We are mainly looking for soft swapping and full swapping couples and single females. We like to "go with the flow" and if everyone is comfortable and enjoying whats going on then thats great.

We also like people who like to look good and take care of their appearance

A fem/fem phone chat at a very early point to disregard non genuine types is a must.

Traveling to new places as we like to get out and about but can accommodate as well.

Role play, and scenarios we would love to hear from any couples into this and any ideas you have, regardless of how corny etc you think they are!!

We understand that newer couples to the scene will inevitably be nervous so we dont mind meeting up for a drink on a non sexual basis as long as your up for a laugh.

So get mailing us if you are interested and lets have a chat?

S & L xxxx

West Yorkshire, LS1
Tall horny Leeds guy looking for women with an adventurous streak -
Hi I'm Mike. Genuine experienced chap, been on here before but had limited success. Hoping my luck will change this time. Looking for intelligent fun loving 35-60 yo women or like-minded couples in West Yorkshire area. Looks don't really bother me nor does size, but I do prefer a more curvy figure than model type stick insects. The ability to string a decent sentence together, attitude, personality, and a open mind is a must. Bored housewives, Mature ladies, and BBW who want a little fun please get in touch! Also open to joining in with a couple and if simply a friendship develops, so be it! Now for the crude sex stuff (but thats why we're here isn't it?). Not into pain but basically open minded about anything else and looking for someone with the same attitude. Oral, Anal, Toys, Porn, Spanking, Kinky underwear just about anything goes so you mustn't be shy. Average size knob (whatever average is) but I do know what to do with it! Clean and disease free and expect the same. Descression assured and expected and all boundaries respected. I'm tall, large rugby build, shaved head, with a bit of a beard thing going on and although not in bad shape but could do to loose a few lbs. If you're expecting a George Clooney, Honed and toned specimen, sorry to disappoint, but look elsewhere. I'm more Phil Mitchell or Bruce Willis on a bad day. But I also have no prejudices about looks and prefer a woman with a little meat on them, If you also dress to please thats a big plus (I'm a sucker for stockings) I also like it a bit kinky so an open mind and adventurous nature (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink) wouldn't go amiss. That's just about it, but if you need to know any more feel free to drop me a line. PLEASE PLEASE no one liners and empty profiles will not be answered. Pic would be nice clothed or unclothed! I will send a face pic and contact number to all SERIOUS replies. Cheers Mike X
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
Seeking new experiences -
Hello there, please take a few minutes to read my profile below.Why am I here: I recently came out of a good relationship that just didnt work out. I've wanted to try something a little adventurous sexually for some time, and now is my chance.About me: I'm an early thirties manboy, I'm friendly, relaxed, considerate and discrete. I'm not excessively muscular but am very sporty, in reasonable shape and have lots of STAMINA!!. I'm shortish, reasonable looking, slender with some muscle definition, not very hairy, and a non smoker.What am I looking for: 30 plus women and couples. I'm not desperate and will be reasonably selective. I would like to meet happy, clean, relaxed and easy going people. Looks arent important as long as you are happy in yourself. I can travel in yorkshire or a little further and can visit your home or hotel or even outdoors, though would prefer to meet first in a public place.What I enjoy: I enjoy taking my time when it comes to sex, i enjoy foreplay, massage, rubbing, nibbling, tickling, kissing, cuddling and of course lots of good honest fucking. I'm not fixated on the orgasm (though the female orgasm is a wondrous thing) and think sex should be about the overall erotic experience. I'm not interested in anything weird but could do a little light role play, and can be assertive or passive.What I'm not looking for: boozy people, couples where one person is more into it than the other, dirty/rough people. Isolated or unpleasant meeting places.I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to provide face pics on request. Funboy x

We are a very sexy couple who love to have fun and are very easy to get on with. We enjoy social meets and both have a good sense of humour.

We are looking for a Bi Female (Please be out there!)or Bi Fem Couple where the lady is past the bi curious stage.

We have both tried to look after ourselves even though sometimes it is a bit of a struggle (!) We both like a glass of wine and love to meet fun loving good fun people. We love sensual kissing and stroking using toys as well as exploring new friendships! We like to meet for a drink and a chat and we have a great sense of humour and if we are all happy then we will move on from there on our first meeting.

We are looking for soft swing same room fun only but from past experiences that can be extremely sexy. A always dresses in sexy underwear and seamed stockings high heels and sexy Basques. We like good manners, respectful and considerate friends and you can be sure that we are totally genuine and always turn up when we agree to meet

The girls can have a chat and see what else we have in common and then we can take it from there. We are genuinely interested and excited about meeting likeminded couples, and lovely sexy ladies, and we hope to have an exciting time that we would want to repeat. Please send us a message ... it’s free and it might just be the start of a brand new and fun relationship. Love A and M

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

If I was to try and fully explain myself as a person, I'd probably be here all day. I'm not as absent minded as many of the guys on here, nor am I lacking in personality and I my brain contains more than half a brain cell. Although I'm fairly young compared to most, I have my head screwed on very well. I to have fun, I'm still young so who's to say I'm not allowed.

People say I have a good sense of humour and a good charm, so I guess thats a plus. I like to go out and have a good time and want to do as much as I can before its too late. I dont want to look back on my life and have any regrets or wish I'd done something that I can no longer do.

I'm also bright, smart, bla bla and I am experienced enough to know that I am very good at what I do. Often, people may mistake my confidence for arrogance but I assure you I just have a good understanding of myself. I'm very level headed and down to earth, if you walk around with your head in the clouds, you'll miss whats going on around you and have no idea what to do when you finally get brought back down to earth.

I'm looking for no strings sex, with women attractive around 18-50, Although I'm more interested in older women as I've had plenty of experience with women around my age. I like dirty sex and I am certainly not boring.

West Yorkshire, LS1

we are a genuine leeds soft swing couple, looking for ideally attractive couples and/or attractive women, with occasional, attractive single men.

We can sometimes accom, travel short distances and dont mind hotel fun, and love the outdoors.

we have face pics in our private gallery

please only get in touch if you ARE genuine.

she is 40, size 10-12 38c and into most things, he is 33 and straight. we ALWAYS play together so dont bother asking for a 1-1, although that doesnt mean we are both involved, sometimes he just watches!!

we are genuine and if we say we will meet, then we will. however, please do not expect to meet and get down to it straight away. we prefer a little chat and drink first to make sure all is ok, however we have been known to start pretty soon!!

We prefer shaven, or at least trimmed bits n bobs - dont want to be spitting pubes out for a week!!

No facial piercings on either sex - not fond of them!

arrogant and pushy people are a turn off.

we now have a webcam and can show faces if required, can also often be found in yorks chat room, where we can be verified should that be required

any questions feel free to ask


we do not full swap, but mrs does give a superb BJ, and does love pussy as well

Leeds, LS1

Leeds bi guy 40 looking for experienced new fuck buddy for regular meets. I'm tall, large rugby build and average cock but no complaints. Looking to meet other likeminded dirty guys or groups and couples for mutual fun.

Into oral and anal, toys, porn, cum fun, docking and ass play. Also into stockings , tights and panties, but this isn't a requirement but would love to meet others into this. Looks unimportant and I'm more into guys with a little meat on them rather than the athletic types so don't worry if you carry a few extra lbs. All I ask is that you are clean, disease free and no hang ups. Only meet experienced guys who give and take anal so if this isn't your thing no offence, but please don't waste either of our times. Not interested if you just want a wank and a suck.

Please only serious replies of more than one line and photo. PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS. AND OVER 40'S ONLY! WINKS AND EMPTY PROFILES WITH NO PHOTOS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED, so please make the effort. ALSO (and this is very important) MAKE SURE YOU ARE BI! I won't meet anyone who says they are straight on their profile.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

Hi I am Str8, very clean ,exciting and most of all genuine.. Looking for couples or ladies who are exciting interesting and fun to be with. I have a good sense of humour and am well travelled, enjoy good conversation and the finer things in life. Prefer people who are like minded but enjoy meeting all ages backgrounds but most of all genuine. Discretion is a must and I respect everyones wishes. Enjoy fun outside and in, excitement and passion, can travel and meet in hotel etc if needed. I am a non smoker, have an athletic build and keep reasonably fit, love country walks especially the woods where much fun can be had with the right company. Looking for couples who are comfortable with their sexuality and who are looking to spice up their love life, I respect all boundaries and am very easy going with a gsoh. I am looking forward to hearing from you and to meeting genuine people, so if you are seeking an exciting clean Str8 guy with a gsoh who very discrete & genuine, to share your fantasies and desires contact me, I would love to meet you and share some exciting new experiences. Keep well

Interested? Get in touch. Genuine replies get my mobile contact.

West Yorkshire, LS1

* Update: looking for genuine couples and professional bi/bi curious types (shaven/trimmed,no facial hair preferred), not interested in over experienced guys, sorry but it pays to be picky. Also i only respond to those with full profiles and Pics like myself*

Educated guy often on the road, based in Yorkshire and Prague(Czech Republic) But travel throughout the UK for my work (often staying in London area, Manchester, Birmingham.... ). I am open minded and easy going with swinging experience but nothing too frequent. Just looking for uncomplicated fun with couples, single females and curious bis/tvs either in the UK or if you are visiting Prague look me up. I prefer trimmed,shaven guys, in good shape, clean and discreat is most important, also enjoy all ages so dont be put off if your 20 or 60 its attitude that counts.

I am very clean myself, uncut, a couple of tatoos, fully shaven and smooth and open to most scenarios. I am imaginative and most importantly i am 100% genuine. I am not a picture collector just an outgoing guy who likes to live life to the full. Drop me a line for more including facial picture.....

Couple Looking To Explore Their Fantasies -
We are an easy going friendly couple from Leeds, both aged 52, happily married,We have been swinging on and off for a number of years and had lots of fun, and met some fun people. We are looking to meet couples and single males outside our relationship to broaden our social and sexual experiences. Jane is a size 14, 36D, partly shaven, enjoys dressing to please and can be bi in the right situation. Dave is 5'9" of average build (OK a little overweight), enjoys oral both giving and receiving, and loves to watch Jane enjoying the attention and pleasures of other men. We enjoy most forms of sex as long as all parties are happy. We are not into pain or humiliation, but do enjoy kissing, loads of foreplay especially oral with all parties, which may lead to the ultimate. Jane loves to wear sexy lingerie, which from past experience does not stay on for long. We always meet in a pub on the first date to see if we are all comfortable with each other and then arrange meet up for some fun at a later date/ If you feel we may get along,and you are ultimately looking for the same, we look forward to hearing from you.
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

Well, we decided to make a New Years Resolution that we would make 2014 a VERY kinky year!

So, here we are.

We would love to meet that special couple to have some very adult fun with. Ideally the lady would be a very curvy BBW (Just like Mrs naughty) But we are more than happy to meet any fun and bubbly couple who wants to indulge.

We are a very happily and stable married couple. Fairly new to the scene.

Mrs Naughty is a bbw, brunette, pretty and confident in her own skin. Able to make people feel at ease. Very bi-curious.

Mr Naughty is medium build, dark hair, green eyes. Can be quiet and reserved. But Mrs Naughty soon put a stop to all that! He is very straight.

We are not wanting endless email/text ping-pong. Would very much prefer if the girls had a chat fairly early on and arrange a social meeting for a drink and chat and to see if there is a mutual connection between all concerned.

We cant accommodate, but happy to use hotels and dont mind travelling a reasonable distance for the right couple.

Under NO circumstances will we meet single males. Sorry guys. Not for us!

Thanks for reading.


Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
Young Bi-Curious Woman seeking female to explore same sex fantasies -
Hello! Thanks for stopping by our page! We are a young, attractive couple looking to explore our sexual fantasies, and what better place to do precisely that. F has openly admitted she wants to explore another woman in the bedroom, and frequently has fantasies about being with another woman. Essentially what we are looking for is a woman of ANY age to join in this fantasy and comfortably show the ropes to an attractive, excitable, raunchy woman who is more than ready to join the swinging world. M is open to the idea of seeing his attractive partner explore another female, although he would like to be present at the time. As open as he is, it would be more comfortable for us both if he was there, and possibly able to enjoy what is likely going to be a great view. The stats? F = Average height, blonde hair, blue eyes, G cup boobs on a slim yet deliciously curvy body, clean and well shaven M = Average height, blue eyes, stocky/athletic build, clean and well groomed If you feel like you are interested... please don't hesitate to contact us and we can take it from there! x
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2
Looking for bi woman -
Hello are you a BI lady visiting Leeds/York on business ? BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER NO SINGLE MEN AS YOU WILL GO STRAIGHT ON THE IGNORE LIST SO FAR 76 SINGLES NUMPTYS IN THE IGNORE BIN. SINGLE NUMPTYS NEVER LEARN ,WHY EMBARRASS YOURSELVES BY NOT BEING ABLE TO READ NO WONDER YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. I am a blond lady, with large breasts , shaved smooth and looking for a bi female to have some fun and a laugh with,go for a drink and spend a little bit of time together before going back to my place or hotel for some girly fun and games .I am 100% genuine very discreet and require the same .I am looking for a young lady between 18 and 35 looks race ect not an issue .You must be genuine and not a time waster .I love silky lingerie ,love to dress for the part enjoy toys and I am very feminine .I love oral giving and receiving and can be slightly sub. So if you are genuine and want someone that respects you please get back. I will require to talk to you before any meet so a mobile will be required.
West Yorkshire, LS1
Fuck Freind Wanted -
hello ladies! I'm a young professional looking for some dirty fun. I havn't got the time or the desire to go out on the pull so I thought I would see if their are any cute women out their looking for some no strings attached sexual fun. Im Jay, 28 from Leeds But work across the country..lol, very clean and willing 2 be as discreet as you like. i want as much fun as u can offer to me so i will meet 4 just oral, just sex, both, or anything you like! i like talking dirty, to face, on phone, over but most of all, i like talking dirty while my cock is being thrust up you. i can be very dirty, but not into w/s or pain.Also I do travel abit all over the UK so the distance is not realy an issue.I have pics and a web cam, so email me and i will get back to u asap.By the way No Timewasters.No Dreamers.No Fakes. And finaly im not a minger im a and check me out.Must say i ve met my fair share of women of here and always looking for more as im very greedy.lol thanx ladies,Now start tapping .lol Jay xx
West Yorkshire, LS1

We are young minded bi fem couple who are interested in similar.

our ideal night is to meet for few drinks in a classy bar where we can chat and flirt.

we are therefore looking for classy couples with some experience.

we have decent lifestyle and deff prefer the finer things , quality sought.

we are a full swap couple who like to build up to a full on experience.

if you prefer soft swap or dont kiss then move on by.

lucy dresses to impress and always makes the effort , we would expect the same.

we will also consider single men but again , you must be decent looking , young minded , and provide clear face pic with some personal preferences and desires.

classy , horny , open minded and considerate are us.

we are looking to establish more regular meets like 2/3 times a year ,on order to build the fun to a better level and also stop wasting our time on some recent poor one off meets. take care xx

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
Fit, fun and naughty single guy -
Hi everyone, I’m a 36yr old, average looking, straight, professional, single guy. I keep myself fit and have a decent body (slim, toned) and loads of stamina. I’m well groomed, shaved chest/body, clean and smart. Looking to meet single ladies or couples who enjoy sexy and naughty fun, I prefer slim, athletic, average and curvy women but not into large sorry. I’m open minded, love trying out new things and love being as naughty as possible! Totally new to this scene and can’t wait to meet new people and have loads of fun! If you are interested drop me a message and I can tell you more about me or send pictures for you to decide if you would like to meet. Also happy to meet up for drinks/chat first to get to know you first if you prefer. I can’t accommodate at the moment but happy to travel for meets, hopefully should be able to accommodate in a couple of months.
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
VWE fit guy in Leeds -
Hi there - I'm Andy, an intelligent, good looking professional male in Leeds looking for sexy couples for no-strings fun. I am comfortable in a threesome situation with the male partner watching or joining in. I'm clean, discreet, respectful and polite. I'm not pushy, nor am I desperate like some. I work in a high pressure job and find that NSA sex is a great stress reliever! I also love the thrill of illicit encounters. I am 40 years old (but am told I look much younger), genuinely good looking, 6 foot 2, slim and toned with GSOH. I am VWE with a thick 9 inch cock, trimmed/shaved. Body/cock pics are on my profile, a face pic can be supplied if you are genuinely interested in meeting. I love giving pleasure as much as receiving and will take my time with you. I am an oral expert with good stamina and a heavy cummer. mail me back, I promise you won't be disappointed.

I'm a genuine mature bi male who is sexually active in mind and body. Physically fit with a pert bottom and a cheeky smile ;-} . 5'11" tall with short light brown/grey hair and a good slim body. I enjoy most forms of sexual activity and I'm here to have some fun with others. So...… are you ready for some real fun with an extra cock at your disposal and a mutually stimulating sexual encounter?

On the sex side I like to experiment and enjoy especially anal and you are more than welcome to sample my pleasing extra girth. I also like to give/receive sensual massages with others, long soapy baths and mutual fun & satisfaction.

I'm also happy to travel locally to meet within 30 miles.

If you like what you read please get in touch.

LS10, West Yorkshire, Leeds, England, United Kingdom


Well hello there, my name is Kay and I would love to meet honest genuine people who live locally. I like guys or bi girls and I am seeking tantalising erotic fun, excitement and thrills. We do not e mail or chat and Bob makes the arrangements online for us to enjoy. I like oral, anal, girl on girl and gang bangs. I love getting naked outdoors and erotic playing as nature intended. I have no limits on who I meet, and I like interesting and unusual people and unusual scenarios and public nudity. Our profile is 100% genuine and you should check out our comments below. Please note we are not Sub and we don’t meet today! All meetings are mid-week only, whether day time or evening. We usually arrange meets a week in advance and don’t travel long distances as time is limited, so get in touch.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

Filthy dirty mind and sexy body ready for some adventure.

Looking for some one to have fun with prefer couples with sexy female and bi male. Or if you are a single woman who is after something not plain run of the mill. Single guys I will befriend but you would have to be amazing! Just arrived on here so don't expect many of you will jump at another TV but I realise it is funny ha ha to want to be Gaga! Messages will be answered honestly winks okay. I dress to impress and take looking as fem as possible. Any hints and tips for that or how to please gratefully accepted. I am willing to travel for the right people and single guys who would treat me as a Princess. I will add more pictures and videos as I go on. Party invites just to amuse you. Trying to be a good/bad gurl so will only wink or message those after a TV directly. Love you Michelle x

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
anyone going to eureka 22nd Oct Wed -
hi ladies I am a very 'normal' 45 year old guy, spending some time in kent over next couple of weeks & looking for a date to visit Eureka near Dartford. Ideally Wednesday as it is party night. Age, looks and size is not an issue as long as you are over 18!! I am 5'11 tall stocky build and can chat glass eye to sleep!! You don't have to stay with me if you fancy others at the club, live and let live, that is my motto! on this site so an email address criptic of course would be needed to touch base. So if you have ever wanted to frolic naked at a swinging club but have been too afraid or no one to go with. i am your man. I went alone couple of weeks ago for the 1st time and it was fantastic. Great venue great people, so what are you waiting for......get in touch, lets chat and make a date. Kisses Rich xxxxx
West Yorkshire, LS1

Update: Going to be staying in a Croydon hotel from the 1st to the 4th of Jan. If any couples or single ladies would like to arrange a meet get in contact! The filthier and kinkier the better...lets push some of by boundaries!

Heya, thanks for checking out my profile. I'm a very open minded and kinky guy and looking to explore some of my boundaries and a couple of my kinks that I have not had the chance to yet.

I have now moved to Leeds (so ignore my username haha) and looking for naughty and kinky people to make friends and play with!

My two main fantasies I want to explore are being fucked with a strapon and watersports! I'm not really "sub" but have enjoyed a cheeky finger in my ass and want to take it further. So as well as you fucking or playing with my ass I want to play with and fuck yours ;P I also love rimming a lady as I play with her pussy so if you want a nice deep and long rim job i'm your guy!

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Genuine discreet couple looking for discreet meets with genuine people who have read and understand our profile fully

We are a real and genuine married couple from West Yorkshire looking for genuine discreet safe fun.

we are interested in meeting Bi/curious females for Fem/Fem fun only while hubby is present and Bi/curious males for FMM 3 some fun.

We only ever meet and play as a couple on a weekend or when were away. We are interested in meeting people who are able to accomadate or who are local to where we are staying when away (location will be put in status when away) so if your not local to where we are staying please don't contact us as there is little point.

We Don't do daytime meets and we have a family life so we like to plan our meets, we would need to see a face pic before we would decide to meet.

Please don't send cock picks as a first contact, its people we are looking to meet not just cocks x

People who contact us who obviously have not bothered to read our profile as to what we are looking for will be ignored.

Please unless we have talked please don't send friends invites

We prefer people to contact us by email not winks, if we have not been contacted and have not spoken by email prior to friend requests they will be deleted

West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom


We’re an attractive, outgoing, professional couple looking to meet youngish (25-40) couples for nights out and maybe something more.....

We've been to some fun parties, some good clubs (and one downright scary one!!), and had a couple of meets with great couples we have met on here.

I enjoy playing with other girls (with Mr101 watching of course!). And I love it when the boys join in and and we (soft) swap.

As well as the physical attraction, the social aspect is really important to us and we're looking for couples who we hit it off with and are up for a laugh.

Mrs101 xxx

Leeds, West Yorkshire
First time experimenting would like to be joined by female -
We have been together from age 17, now 34 we have just started watching videos of young women playing, while we play together. We are curious to find the right girl who wants to play with us. I like the female body, and occasionally think about playing with another girl, my husband of course loves this idea too. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first and my sex drive is really high, my bump is very tidy ;-). I am also really keen to squirt, or watch you squirt, I have never done this and need teaching. If you havn't squirted maybe we could practice together. We are quite keen to meet someone else who is new to this, were not sure we will continue with threesomes, but do want to try. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1


Are you free to play? Richard and Anne here, happily married with permission to play on our own and we would be interested in meeting up with with a couple. M is a smart professional man in early forties and able to offer absolute discretion if necessary.

Very open minded and just love the company of a lady. Particularly would enjoy meeting up with a lady and taking her for a drink or a meal before retiring to have some fun. More than happy to accommodate your fantasies so why not drop me a line and lets see how we go - if you want to know anything else then just ask.

Mrs is a little older and homemaker who enjoys a bit of fun on her own too. Both need absolute discretion.

Best wishes.

Richard and Anne

Not Set
Hi to anyone who reads this. I am absolutely a first timer and found this site by chance whilst browsing so decided to give it a go and see how I get on. I will upload pics in due course if I become a . I am not looking for crude people but for people who are in a position to at least string a conversation together. I will therefore take time reading replies and will get back to you in due course. This is about testing the water, having sexy fun and possibly playing out your suggestions and seeing how it all goes. So here's hoping. I am a 49 year old female looking for fun. I like to think I look and feel younger. Noticed lots of winks please read the bit about stringing a few words together. MJ
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
Hi to everyone. We are Steve and Jenny and we have reached an age where we have decided to have some sexy fun and games with clean and sexy people. We are open to offers and Steve is more voyeuristic when Jenny is involved but likes to be part of what Jenny is looking for. Jenny has always wanted to have group fun ideally with at least one vwe black man involved. We have a little outdoor experience and have come across a few good places for fun times although only together. Photos will be on the site soon but we will say we don't rush into things and take it at our pace. Looking forward to hearing from you and we will look for early phone contact to prove genuine. S & J
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1
Attractive & Sexy couple -
Hi, We're a happily married couple who would like to meet an attractive (yes, ok, so we're shallow but hey, this meet has to be nerve-tinglingly sexy, or what's the point ?) fit fun couple. Meet in a wine bar, have a few drinks, sexy conversation, loads of flirting, and if the lust is there all round, maybe back home to play ? She- 43, beautiful, slim size 10 but with curves just where they should be - you'll both love her.. He-53 (but behaves like he's 25!)Slim, fit, good body. We're happy to send our happy face pics, and would like to see yours before chatting on the phone. Thanks for reading our ad, if you think we may all get on, get in touch and we'll see how it goes. Foxy & Him xxx
West Yorkshire, LS1
Hotblooded male ready to let off some steam! Here comes that train girls, get ready for the ride!!!! -
Attractive, fun, outgoing, up for trying new things and like to party! If you become my friend I can show you all what I have to offer, just try it you might like it? Look forward to seeing some girls getting in touch. I enjoy going out drinking and for evening meals, I am a laid back and relaxed guy with plenty to talk about and I have more than enough experience to rock the bed! I am educated, interesting and caring, and I know how to treat and respect a lady. If you are looking for a night of romance or just plain dirty sex then I'm your guy. I always say "You don't know until you've tried it" So come on girls give me a shout you might be in for something special! :-) x x x
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

Hi, I'm a young professional living in Leeds. Very open minded, like trying new things and pushing boundaries.

Looking for a similarly minded female or couple to have casual fun with. Sometimes I can accommodate, don't mind travelling, and hotel sex is always a turn on. Ideally I'd like to meet someone that I can have a regular amazing sex with! Not too much to ask!

People tell me I'm not bad looking, and I like keeping myself in shape. Not posting any face pics for now though. Non smoker, nice and clean and looking for the same. In the bedroom I like being dominant, I don't mind getting rough If you like that and I love to watch. If you want to know more just ask!

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1

Hi thank you for reading our profile we are a married couple who have been together for over 20 years & we are looking for some additional fun , we are early 40 yr old fun adventorous flirty & very easy going .

we are now looking for a sexy similar age couple / single guy to have fun & frolicks with

we both have in mind we are looking for a similar aged couple / single guy .... we are up for meeting at hotel / club for a guarenteed play date

note if vwe bonus just what the wife is looking for

Genuine meets only please

Horny Blonde wanted to join us -
Ben's fantasy is to see me and another girl together then for him to join in, I haven't had a bi experience before but Ben and i promised to try each others fantasies... We are looking for a sexy blonde, 20-32 and size 14 max (sorry for being fussy) for 3sum fun. We can travel, accom or share hotel costs. Please contact us with pics if you like our ad and think you could give us a night to remember !!
Leeds, West Yorkshire
young male Leeds or London -
Young loking, good looking male. Im ideally looking for some one proper nic on here for a long term thing but untill that happens I wana have as much descrete but sexual fun as I can. I have my own place in the center of leeds and can accomodate. During non term times im in london and accomodating is harder unless your a single female and I can blag that were friends to my family...very exciting. I am up for most things, im good at female oral and love it in return. 69 would be amazing with me making you come while you try to suck my dick. I have lots of other pic but cant put them on here because there too small so get in contact and ill reply as soon as possible.