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does anyone know of any toilets that have glory holes in the cubicles.....i travel from bolton to london and north wales weekly and used to enjoy having my cock sucked in the service areas of the motorways or they had cubicle walls that you could squat down at and have a hand come under it to wank you off ...but they all seem to have disappeared now...some might think this is a strange sexual habit, but i really enjoy the fact that it is completely anonymous sex. ((im in my 50s) if no one can help with the glory holes, does anyone know of any places toilets car parks etc where i can go to make contact then go back to my car for cock fun, my wife also gets very turned on thinking of me being used by another man and likes a full description of what we do to each other ) if you know of any locations anywhere please get in touch. bye for now
ps im to scared to arrange a proper meet. but if you know of a good place please get in touch and let me know the location and i could just happen by in my car or van and innocently meet up.
- thanks
p.s would tony who i met on the services in wales get in touch, ive lost your number.