Want to be sucked, fucked, and to come all over a gorgeous, stunning, sexy Oriental lady?

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We are a fit, athletic, good looking, respectful, intelligent, genuine couple who are into "wife watching". We seek fit, genuine, good looking, respectful, intelligent men aged 36 and over who would love to be sucked and masturbated, and to come all over a gorgeous, stunning, sexy Oriental lady whilst the husband listens and maybe watches discreetly (we will explain what we mean by this if and when we reply to any responses we receive to this advert). We are very keen for sexual intercourse to be involved. However, we must stress that this depends on the size of the penis, which cannot be large for the Asian vagina. Men with a larger than normal penis size should not reply to our advert. We ask all potential candidates to provide suitable photographs of themselves (full body and face pics). We cannot proceed without these; basically, no pics, no meeting. We also plead: NO TIME-WASTERS PLEASE! On more than one occasion now, we have invested considerable time and effort (and money) preparing for what we know (from previous events)to be a highly erotic experience for all concerned, only to be let down by 'no shows'. Often, we invest time and effort through this site in arranging meetings with suitable candidates, only for the person to eventually and simply 'disappear' without trace. All this is so frustrating and annoying. We are now trying to be even more discerning in our choice of man/men. To make life easier, we simply ask that if you are a time-waster and/or if you feel you may pull out at the last minute, then simply do not reply to our advert; just go right away!!! We are a genuine couple who are extremely keen to fulfil our fantasy with the right man or men. We can do most weekends (and possibly weekdays). We will not respond to winks, and our sincere apologies, but we often cannot reply to every one of the messages received. If you are really keen and genuine, and if you meet our criteria, you will definitely get our attention if you supply face pics with your reply. And please remember: you must be 'old enough' (i.e. at least 36) and small enough (penis size). If you meet both these criteria, we can offer an extremely erotic encounter: the lady is very gorgeous and extremely sexy!