Let me gently lick your wife's pussy, and suck her sweet clit...

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I am a good looking 35 year old married man and I love to lick pussy. I just love it. I'm very good at it, and have had considerable experience and compliments over the years.

Sadly, my wife doesn't like oral sex. She is very sexy in all other ways, but for some reason she has never liked having her pussy licked.

It seems tragic - there must be thousands of ladies out there who love to have their pussies licked, but who don't experience it a often as they'd like. And here I am, very good at it, and my wife doesn't appreciate my skills or enthusiasm!

So I'm looking for sexy ladies who would love for me to kneel before them, and to gently worship their sweet pussy and clit with my lips and my tongue until they cum, screaming in pleasure...

I'm not looking for a relationship, and if you want nothing more than a good oral-orgasm-or-three then that is fine. I just really enjoy feeling a lady bucking in pleasure as my lips and tongue caress her clit... There is no better feeling.

I am available mid-week late evenings with notice, and mornings during the working day with notice (fancy a mid-morning licking and orgasm?). I can travel within London.I don't mind if you're single or married. I don't mind if you're cheating or if you want your husband to watch!