No name-No number , i,m mysterios !!! :))) Master-piese funny!!!!@@@ ( PRINCE ITAL-JOE )

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I am not perfect but I like to go all the way down ! ! ! My first meeting would be an unforgettable sensation. . .I have an affinity on women older to me is excluded are the most intelligent, powerful, who know what they are independent, with extensive experience . . . We hope that we'll have fun together, as are a romantic, sensual, in a pleasant . . . I like to have sex on ambient music or the sound slowly, I like to gently massage ladies , I like new things and look forward to meet you ladies.I,m very romantic , sensual and if you like safe sex, oral, anal, massage, tender , sex outdoors / outside let's be together. (I like to fuck pussy wet , your big ass into my cock and kiss nipples , can fuck long, hard and well and they are filled and how many 2 orgasms per day ..)We have one life ! ! ! Let's let our fellowship and have fun together. I'm a calm guy, safe , clean , professional , well educated with filthy mind ) , sometimes emotional, introverted, mysterious, sensitive, energetic, and give soul from me, you convince yourself. . . You'd like to spend time together, they are by nature too romantic for today the woman should be satisfied to the fullest ! ! !I leave your appreciation if you want to have fun with a handsome boy, quiet and you open and more mysteries of sex, can we meet somewhere together an appetizing dinner and dessert, or in pubs for a drink something good and later on dance music in clubs , how about that ???Check my profile and let, s go and come let the freedom and no monotony.I will make feel like in paradise, all your pleasures, and I promise can tie a long term relationship together, you never know ??? :)))My Ideal Person The best person to have sex with is the person who cares for you as much as you do them. You can have spur-of-the-moment sex, gentle sex, hot and sweaty sex. Any sex you both want. Any time you both want. Anywhere you both want. Alone or with others if that floats your [removed] can cuddle afterward or go to work or share an intimate moment. What ever you both want to do.The important thing is that your personal feelings for each other will enhance the sex you have and the sex you have enhanced your feelings for each [removed] is intimacy and you can't get anymore intimate than physical sex while you are totally and deeply into each other emotionally and intellectually.Sometimes you want to fuck a stranger women behind a bar while the dogs howl and sometimes you want to spend a sleepy morning with someone you madly [removed] isn't one size fits all..,I guess if you held my feet to the fire I'd say someone who isn't going to send you home with an incurable disease.I'm traveling alone and meet the women at the hotel bar. She comes up to my room, and we start kissing and undressing each other. There's a lot of foreplay, and I'm excited because I can be anybody I want and do whatever I want-I'll never see she again !!!IN YOUR HEAD : You're free! Stranger fantasies Satisfy the desire to unabashedly express yourself and get your Needs met, no strings attached. You do not get bogged down in Need to worry about she tag or feelings, or what you should not be shouldnt doing or what she thinks of you-all the things you hold ,,That almost back slightly in the real bedroom,, Bader [removed] YOUR BED : "Meeting" your mate in the hotel bar to role-play apr feel contrived. Besides . You want she to have fun, too. A better way to re-create the strangers-in-the-night thrill: Sprinkle your lovemaking routine (and let's face it, monogamous sex of can get routine) with unpredictability. "Anything that will surprises she excite you both" Herbenick says. It can be as simple as flicking on the lights if you usually do it in the dark or swapping positions or the order of how things usually progress.The only white cream I want on your face is pore cleanser. Sure, I have an affinity to ejaculate on the breasts, navel or women, I really like to keep me hand dick and sperm partner to handle popping out This is ON-LIMITS ,kidding ;